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Ringbelles Retro: Before she was Alpha Female…

To the right is a picture of the Alpha Female, who we know and love/fear. She is an unstoppable beast who destroys, rather than defeats opponents. The 29-year old, 11-year veteran is the number one challenger to the Pro Wrestling: EVE title and will have her crack at the belt on February 18. However, before bleaching the hair blonde and teasing it straight up, before donning the black and gold, and before calling herself the Alpha Female, she was Jazzy Bi, and the difference between the two is stark, to say the least…

Jazzy was nimble, quick footed and agile, preferring to dazzle with headscissors and dropkicks rather than pulverise with slams and clotheslines. The difference – and look – between the two characters is so vast that you could almost believe that they were two separate people.

The match for this week’s Retro comes from December 2005 in Italy, where Jazzy Bi takes on the Croatian Panther and ChickFight VIII winner Wesna Busic, who retired in 2009 due to injuries sustained in part due to her hard hitting ring style. We at Ringbelles miss Wesna – she was a wonderful lunatic, though is more than happy with her life these days as a mother. Still, we’ve got the memories (and videos) of her time in the ring, so let’s take a look… (more…)

WOW Podcast #23 with MsChif

Episode 23 with MsChif

When “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif agreed to come on The Women of Wrestling Podcast, she had one request. She didn’t want the “same old questions” she gets asked by every other two-bit interviewer. So… no pressure, then. Join us on a free-ranging discussion taking in her accumulated injuries (including just how she did her current knee injury), brief chat on Daffney‘s lawsuit against TNA, how her debut match almost exactly ten years ago “should never have happened”, working IWA:MS back in the day, international travel ranging from the UK to Japan, and meeting people ranging from The Great Muta to Dustin Diamond, her brief flirtation with TNA, thoughts on ROH going forward and a discussion of some of MsChif’s greatest moments in SHIMMER history. Oh, and smelly bacteria. Well, she *is* a biochemist. Would we be sufficiently entertaining for ‘Chif? Or will this be the final Podcast we ever do? Find out by clicking that link!!

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