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BBC Documentary to feature WAW wrestler

An interesting looking documentary is due to air on BBC3 tomorrow (Monday) evening at 8:30pm featuring the story of Danielle Hoffman aka “Amy-Lee Krammer”. Entitled “Wrestling With Motherhood”, the programme tracks the story of Danielle’s pregnancy and return to the ring, and the potential conflict between the baby’s father Alex (“Alex Young”) and Danielle’s new man Scott (“Scott Fusion”) – both pro-wrestlers, as they prepare to face off in the ring.

From the BBC website:

At 12 Danielle discovered the identity of her father, professional wrestler Karl ‘the Barbarian’ Kramer, and decided she wanted to follow in his footsteps. But aged 15 her wrestling career plans were forced on hold when she discovered she was pregnant. The baby’s father is 18 year old fellow wrestler Alex and though the couple are no longer together he’s determined to be in his baby’s life. Danielle’s new boyfriend Scott ‘Fusion’ is also a pro-wrestler and a close friend of Alex and they are facing each other in the wrestling ring. How will the men in Danielle’s life cope when the baby arrives? Will Danielle’s career break jeopardise her wrestling future or will she, as planned, be back in the ring just weeks after the baby is born?


Ringbelles Roundup (7 June 2011)

The future of women’s wrestling in Britain was looking bright. In May 2010, Pro Wrestling: EVE debuted with a lot of fanfare, announcing a working relationship with World Association of Wrestling, meaning Sweet Saraya and her daughter Britani Knight would be part of the proceedings, along with other WAW talent Destiny and Amazon (and later, Liberty and Melodi). The partnership seemed to be working well, with training seminars being held with WAW, and EVE making Britani its first Champion two months ago.

Fast forward 13 months, and things are looking much muddier.

Last Saturday, less than two hours before Britani would defend the EVE title against Jenny Sjodin at an XWA Wrestling show in Morecambe, Saraya took to her Facebook to say that the relationship with WAW and EVE was being permanently severed, and would not be healed. In addition, it also said that WAW talent would no longer be on EVE shows.

While our Twitter exploded with requests for information, both from fans and wrestlers themselves, I was sat in the crowd at Morecambe unaware, much like EVE promoter Dann Read and the participants in the match. As it turned out, not even Saraya’s daughter knew that this decision was going to be made, nor that it had been made public and was being discussed.

There was no massive incident that caused the split, but more of a lot of little niggles that eventually became too much. Britani travelled to Morecambe against the wishes of family members as she was ill, with swollen legs and voice gone, presumably still suffering the after-effects of the glandular fever that she wrestled with on the EVE Championship weekend. According to Saraya, she did so because of promises made by Dann Read that he wanted to get her booked all around the country and get a number of successful defences under her belt – thereby increasing EVE’s national exposure. It seems that when Saraya learned that Britani would be dropping the title that night, it went against what they were told would be happening with Britani, and saw it as a betrayal of trust. We must point out that it isn’t down to Britani being upset with the booking decision and refusing to drop the title – it apparently is down to promises being made then then reneged on.

Saraya also went on to say that she would be reviving World Association of Women’s Wrestling – a promotion which promoted a number of cards between 2006 and 2009. (more…)

Saraya Knight severs ties to Pro Wrestling EVE (now with interviews, EVE statement and more fallout)

So, we at Ringbelles had decided to go big with coverage of Britani Knight‘s big EVE title defense in XWA this evening – so Lee’s up in Morcambe as I write this, patiently awaiting the much hyped bout between Knight and Jenny Sjodin for the belt… when all of a sudden, Saraya Knight pops up on facebook with a status update that throws the future of British women’s wrestling into question.

Please note: I nor any WAW female wrestlers are to be associated with Pro-wrestling Eve, We WILL NOT BE APPEARING on any up and coming shows. The business relationship is over and it will NOT ever be reconciled!

For those who know the history between Saraya and EVE Promoter Dann Read, the fact that they ever worked together with EVE is an astounding turnaround from the bad blood that had run between them after a vicious falling out back in the ChickFight days. The uneasy alliance seemed to work well, but this latest status update suggested that something had gone south very quickly. I got on the phone to Saraya. The entire contents of the conversation we had are, for reasons that will become obvious at a later time, not for public consumption right now – but it seems that the relationship has been going downhill for a while. Minor incidents on top of minor incidents… and all it needed was a straw to break the camel’s back. That came today.


Unearthed: Sweet Saraya vs Allison Danger in 2007!

Ringbellesonline is proud to bring you a match that hasn’t seen the light of day for over four years, but after the events of last month’s SHIMMER tapings, is strangely relevant once again.

Nobody would even begin to argue that the debut of The Knight Dynasty (Sweet Saraya & Britani Knight) was one of the major talking points coming out of the tapings at the Eagles Club in Berwyn, with people breathlessly talking about how they’ve never quite seen anything like the Knights before. One person who knew pretty much exactly what to expect was the promotion’s co-founder Allison Danger, who tangled with Sweet Saraya just over four years prior as part of her extended UK tour in early 2007 – and in fact, Danger and Saraya found themselves on opposite sides of a heated tag team match on Volume 40 as Danger and partner Leva Bates took on Saraya and her daughter Britani.

The following match is from Saraya’s home promotion of WAW on March 23rd 2007 and is notable for featuring the traditional British “rounds” style of wrestling. Few promotions still keep the rounds style alive, but WAW are certainly one of those who still keep that tradition strong – having all their titles defended in rounds matches, as well as hosting many challenge matches under those rules. Here, the match is competed across six rounds of three minutes, two falls, two submissions or a knockout to decide the winner. Enjoy!

Great thanks and full credit go to our buddy Rob Brazier of Last Chance Photographs for finding the footage, dusting it off and uploading it.

WOW Podcast #19 with Saraya & Britani Knight

Episode 19 with Saraya & Britani Knight

The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns with what could be the greatest interview we’ve ever done as we chat exclusively to British wrestling legend Sweet Saraya and her daughter Britani Knight on the eve of their US debut for SHIMMER this weekend. We had limited time with Britani to ask her about what it was like growing up in a wrestling family, and a discussion of the major points of her career to date, including whether women need to work harder than the guys to get the same amount of respect. Britani then passed the phone to her mother, Saraya, for one of the most incredible hours of audio you’ll ever hear. Saraya’s wrestling “war stories” are amazing, including how she was nearly beaten to death in a riot, the full story of having her kneecap ripped off during a match, and – incredibly – the story of her being blinded for six and a half weeks following a kick to the eye in the mid 90s. That’s not all. There’s a ton of advice here for any aspiring wrestlers and great reminiscences about some of the people that have come and gone in her two decade career. To say we’re proud of this one would be an understatement. If you’ve never met or seen Saraya before, you’re in for a treat.

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Ringbelles Roundup (22 February 2011)

The Big News

Lots of Tough Enough stuff, so let’s go chronologically…


Former Monday Night Raw guest host and current Miss USA Rima Fakih has been announced as the first participant in the reboot of Tough Enough, starting on April 4, the night after WrestleMania XXVII.

The 25 year old’s only appearance on any wrestling show was on November 29, 2010 when she crowned Sheamus as King of the Ring.

That WWE announced Miss USA as the show’s first participant is a decent media coup for the promotion, as it’s got crossover appeal. However, when you consider that WWE put out press releases asking for independent female wrestlers to apply for the show – Mercedes Martinez, Roxie Cotton, Anne Social, Brittney Savage and Sara Del Rey all had a crack – and none of them made the cut while an untrained model did is a little galling to a female wrestler who drives hundreds of miles to wrestle in a dirty ring in front of 40 people for little money. (more…)

Pro-Wrestling EVE’s Championship Tournament takes shape

Details have started to emerge on the specifics of the tournament that will crown the first Pro-Wrestling EVE Champion, in a two night tournament on April 8th/9th as EVE’s Star Wars inspired trilogy ends with “Episode VI: Return of the Jetta”

The two night tournament will feature first round and quarter-final matches at the Royal British Legion in Norwich, Norfolk on the 8th, followed by the semi-finals and finals at The Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk on the 9th. (more…)