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DVD review: JoshiMania

I sit here, having watched 21 matches as part of the three JoshiMania events which took place at the start of December 2011. As I watched the three DVDs, I jotted down notes of the big moments and key incidents in the matches. I now have EIGHT pages of bullet points to go through, and one thing because blatantly obvious: doing a match-by-match review of JoshiMania would be incredibly laborious, repetitive and dull for you, the good reader.

So instead of going through JoshiMania chronologically, what this review will be about is the best matches, the standout stars and moments, and which shows were the best if you absolutely, positively can only by just the one DVD…

The shows had a bumpy road leading up to the first event in Philadelphia on December 2. Meiko Satomura, Madison Eagles and Command Bolshoi all had to pull out due to injury, leading to replacements such as Ayako Hamada, Kaori Yoneyama, GAMI and Portia Perez and a fair bit of rewriting to the matches, as the trio who didn’t make it would likely have been part of the matches at the higher end of the card. Hamada was the biggest beneficiary, as she ended up in two of the three main events (against Aja Kong on night 2, and taking on Sara Del Rey on the final show).

However, nothing can take away from the huge amount of organisation that took place to bring JoshiMania to fruition. As Mike Quackenbush revealed to us on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast the week before the shows, the introduction of Manami Toyota to CHIKARA came about thanks to retired Jumping Bomb Angel Itsuki Yamazaki. From there, it was thanks in part to Toyota’s reputation and contacts that facilitated stars from across Japan to come together for the shows, effectively closing down the joshi scene while tars from promotions like JWP, WAVE, OZ Academy, Union Pro and more came together for a series of interpromotional contests. Indeed, a lot of potential issues were circumnavigated and resolved to come to the point that these shows even took place. So how were they? Well, let’s see… (more…)

Hatred loses JWP title; Yoneyama doesn’t retire

It was a dramatic night of JWP action, that’s for sure…

Earlier today in Tokyo’s wrestling mecca, Korakuen Hall, Hailey Hatred lost her JWP Openweight Championship to Tsubasa Kuragaki, ending Hatred’s six month run as the top female wrestler in the country, signified by her being in possession of Japan’s oldest active women’s championship. It was also the first time that a non-Japanese wrestler had ever held that title. Hatred fell to a Falcon Arrow after earlier kicking out of a Liger Bomb.

This is Kuragaki’s second run with the Openweight crown, having previously held the title between September 2005 and May 2006, and is one of only a select few to have held all of JWP’s championships – Openweight, Tag and Jr belts. The result is also a turnaround from their contest in April, where Hatred got the pinfall on Kuragaki en route to earning an Openweight title shot.

Speaking afterwards on her Facebook, Hailey said:

Lost the JWP Championship. My best friend decided not to retire. Taking the good with the bad. I can’t feel disappointed because of all the possibilities the future holds. I look forward to the new year, new challenges, and the inevitable new successes.

Ah yes, her best friend… (more…)

JoshiMania Night 3, Manhattan, NY live results

Tonight (or this afternoon, to be more accurate, considering it’s a 4pm EST start) is the final JoshiMania card, emanating from Manhattan, NY. You can check out the results from night one and night two to see how things have gone down so far. In the final main event, Sara Del Rey - who so far has defeated Aja Kong and Tsubasa Kuragaki – will take on SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Ayako Hamada – who is 1-1 after teaming with Cherry to beat Mayumi Ozaki & Mio Shirai on night one, and was defeated by Kong last night.

Click after the jump for the matches that will be taking place, and keep hitting refresh to see the latest results… (more…)

JoshiMania Night 2, Everett, MA live results

Following a successful first night in Philadelphia, PA, JoshiMania rolls into Everett, MA for night two of the three day extravaganza. As with last night, bell time is 7.30pm EST, and we will be bringing you results as they happen, with the main event being joshi legends Aja Kong (who was defeated last night by Sara Del Rey) taking on current SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Ayako Hamada. Click after the jump for the results… (more…)

JoshiMania Night 1, Philadelphia, PA live results

Good evening everybody, it’s Night 1 of Chikara‘s JoshiMania this evening at The Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Belltime is 7:30pm, and we’re hoping to bring you live results of the show as well as any news coming out of the shows. Click through to after the jump and keep refreshing the page for results as they come in. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: History of Hatred

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Hailey Hatred may right now have an absolute shitload of championships and accolades – as we have covered thoroughly during in the June 28 edition of the Ringbelles Roundup and our latest episode of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast – the most prestigious of which is the JWP Openweight Championship, but she didn’t start out as a superstar. She had to toil for years in small buildings for few people to learn her craft and gain the skills needed to become the first non-Japanese woman to win the oldest active joshi championship. Luckily, a few of these matches are on YouTube, so we can see how Hatred had to pay her dues – and it should also offer hope to women stepping through a curtain to be greeted by fewer people that are getting ready in the locker room she just left… (more…)