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Ringbelles Roundup (20 March 2012)

Almost five years ago, Sweet Saraya was injured in a match against Cheerleader Melissa where her kneecap was severed – an injury so bad that not only was she told she may never wrestle again, but she may lose her leg. Showing the same sort of guile and determination that saw her endure brutal attacks while as a valet, and become clinically blind, she returned to the ring four months later – probably earlier than she should have, but nobody is going to stop Saraya when she sets her mind on something.

Saraya and Melissa didn’t share a building again until a year ago when the British veteran debuted in SHIMMER alongside her daughter Britani. The fact that she even made it to the promotion in the first place was a big unlikelihood, as she believed her time for wrestling in the US had passed, and in her own mind, was only tagging along as part of a showcase for her 18-year old offspring, who was well on the radar of WWE at the time – she’s now signed, as has been renamed Paige, making her FCW TV in-ring debut last week – but something happened. Instead of being in the background, Saraya ended up right in the spotlight due to her surly demeanour, violent tendencies and venom-filled promos – so much so that when Britani turned babyface and they wrestled on SHIMMER Volume 44 last October, the pair brutalised each other with Britani getting the win, and the wicked witch was vanquished. Some thought that would also be the last we would see of the red-haired menace in SHIMMER.

They were wrong. (more…)

People power saves NWA Women’s Title match

Looks like petitioning on social media can work after all.

Reigning three-time NWA World Women’s Champion Tasha Simone and former titleholder Tiffany Roxx were scheduled to compete in a title match at an NWA: Main Event charity show tomorrow night, though a spanner was thrown into the works on Tuesday when the match was inexplicably pulled from the card. Naturally vexed, Simone made a post on her Facebook asking for her fans to campaign for it to be reinstated to the lineup:

ATTENTION ALL WRESTLING FANS AND WRESTLERS: I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!! It is not often that I ask for help, but I need wrestling fans and wrestlers alike to band together for this, whether you love me or hate me. I was scheduled to defend my NWA Women’s World Title against Tiffany Roxx this Friday for the Wounded Warriors Project at NWA Arena located at 1056 E. Trinity Lane at Gallatin Rd. Due to cirmcumstances that Tiffany, nor myself are involved in, I have been informed the ladies match has been removed from the card. This is card is important to me not just as a wrestler, but as the grand daughter/ niece of highly decorated veterans who served our country unselfishly and with great pride and sacrifice. I proudly represent the NWA as the World Champion and can’t think of a better place to defend my title. I ask of all of you to make one simple post on Mike Porters fb page and the NWA: Main Event page if you want to see a ladies match…. simply post “LET THE GIRLS FIGHT!” Thank you in advance.

Love, Peace and Pain,

Tasha Simone, NWA Women’s World Champion


New NWA World Women’s Champion crowned

The NWA World Women’s Championship is now being held by Tiffany Roxx, and former champ Tasha Simone must have mixed feelings about it. Obviously, the two-time champion must be disappointed that she is no longer the titleholder, losing it a day shy of her one year anniversary, but on the plus side, it means that she won’t have to carry around the equivalent of a car door mounted onto leather. I mean, look at the size of that thing – it would probably bury Big Show, let alone any female wrestler.

Roxx won the belt at Saturday’s NWA Top Rope show in Lebanon, TN, after coming as a replacement for the injured Malia Hosaka, who was meant to be challenging Simone for the belt. Tasha, who had been using underhanded tactics to hold onto the title, was told that the match would be a no-DQ affair with promoter Mike Sircy acting as the special referee. Of course, with this being a no-DQ affair, you would expect run-ins, and that’s exactly what happened… (more…)