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Fight Like A Girl: Amber Gertner

We’ve been letting you know about K&S WrestleFest’s A Hot Summer Night since the lineup started to be revealed back in May. Well, the time is upon us, and female wrestlers from the past and present are descending on Philadelphia on Saturday for the show. From recent stars like Candice Michelle, Shelly Martinez, Amber O’Neal and Annie Social to stars of the Monday Night Wars era such as Debra, Stacy “Kat” Carter, Torrie Wilson and Terri Runnels, all the way back to stars of the 80s and early 90s like Wendi Richter, Madusa, Heidi Lee Morgan and Mike McGuirk, they’ll all be there.

Someone else who will be there is SHIMMER‘s resident interviewer Amber Gertner, who granted Ringbelles some of her time before heading off to the Ramada Philadelphia Airport Hotel in Essington, PA to talk to us about the event. She also discusses how she reverts back to being a fan around the stars of yesteryear, how some of the attendees’ appearances are as rare as rocking horse-guano, and also talks about Highspots TV, a new project which Highspots is looking to promote. Listen in to get the opportunity to receive a free two-week trial, so you can see what you think of it…

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The Pocket Volcano Erupts: Substance or Style?

In the world of professional wrestling, especially in WWE and Impact Wrestling/TNA, you see women as ring announcers, managers, valets, or wrestlers. In the wrestling category, there are women with a wide variety of experience. You have women who were signed from independent promotions to women who were selected out of a catalogue. You have women who can perform a superb double-arm suplex to women who can barely manage a clothesline. There is, however, one consistent factor in the women you see in the two companies.

Almost all of them, in some way or another, have altered their body and/or appearance.

Now, a disclaimer before I go on. I have nothing against plastic surgery. That’s a personal choice and I don’t judge anyone (male or female) for doing it, if it’s their own choice. However, I have a big problem with the presumption that if a woman wants to succeed in a particular profession, she must change herself. This isn’t restricted to the realm of professional wrestling, but that’s the area I’m going to focus on. Further, as their policies on hiring women are not as well known (apart from Sara Del Rey being encouraged to look more like a member of the Beautiful People), I will not be writing about Impact Wrestling in this column.

For years, it was rumored that to be signed or pushed in WWE, a woman had to get breast implants or change her appearance if it was found to be displeasing to those in charge. In a recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast, Malia Hosaka said that she was told more than once that if she was willing to get breast implants, she would be under contract and on TV every week. Personally, I found this incredibly disheartening. (more…)