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In Video: Paige turner

The former Britani Knight has been part of the Florida Championship Wrestling roster for about five months now (read about her move here), having been repackaged as the Anti-Diva Paige, and establishing an Anti Barbie Army alongside Sofia Cortez and Raquel Diaz. In that time, she has become an integral part of the FCW female roster, and has been engaged in an ongoing battle with the likes of Audrey Marie and Summer Rae.

However, before heading to Florida to revolutionise the way that women wrestlers are perceived as part of the next chapter in her life, there were some loose ends to tie up as Britani, by taking on her mother Saraya. It all came to a head last October on SHIMMER volume 43, following Britani’s loss to Jessie McKay, continuing a run of losses by the younger Knight that was infuriating her mother. Needless to say, the pair didn’t settle their differences by sitting down with a mediator over a number of sessions, or with giant mugs of tea and lemon drizzle cake. No – they elected to beat the living bejeezus out each other… (more…)