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Fight Like A Girl: Team Recovery’s Sarah Robertson on wrestling and eating disorders

Team Recovery

Around a year ago, WWE developmental Divas Raquel Diaz and Skyler Moon hastily vanished from our screens – and while the reasons for Diaz’s departure were shrouded in mystery at the time, Moon revealed that she was getting help for an eating disorder. Just before her return to WWE, Diaz revealed that she had been going to Eating Disorder Anonymous meetings in Houston, TX, though did not outright say that she had a disorder.

In order to shed more light on the subject on eating disorders involving women in sporting environments, we got in touch with Sarah Robertson who campaigns for greater awareness for knowledge on eating disorders, and is recovering from one herself. She spends around half an hour discussing the stigma behind talking about it, the pressures on women in wrestling, health implications and what wrestlers, promoters and fans can do to help. It’s worth a listen to get a better understanding on the internal battle some women in sports and performance can go through.

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Ringbelles Roundup (22 January 2013) – Mia Yim, TNA’s reality hits and misses, and more

mia yim Gilda PasquilThere are many interesting prospects in North America. One which has been simmering for a while is Mia Yim, who has been honing her skills and gaining more experience by partaking in a number of extended trips to Japan to wrestle for REINA x World. Domestically, she has had some interesting matches which have been of a good quality, and was a beneficiary when one of her kicks broke Allysin Kay’s nose last January leading to a number of well-received matches between the two with greater stipulations reflecting the development of the programme, culminating in a cage match at Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out 7. She had a fine outing against Jessicka Havok at SHINE 3 last September, and also enjoyed outings against the likes of Kana and Yumi Ohka in SHIMMER in 2011.

However, there is one major sticking point when it comes to her work in the US – barring the original nose-breaking match against Kay at GNO5, Yim has lost most of those high-profile outings.

Despite that, she has the opportunity to claim a really big scalp at SHIMMER volume 53 in Secaucus, NJ on April 6, and spoil the homecoming of one of its biggest stars at the same time. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (15 January 2013) – Kaitlyn, Eve Torres, Women Of Wrestling and more

Kaitlyn WWESo Kaitlyn is finally the WWE Divas Champion. A week shy of five months after (accidentally) winning a battle royal to challenge for the title at Night Of Champions – a shot which never happened after she was written out so Eve Torres could vie for the belt like was originally planned – the NXT Season 3 winner reached the top of the pile, defeating Torres on the 20th anniversary episode of Raw. We’ll get to the new champ in a moment – but firstly, let’s discuss the noise which preceded the match…

Yesterday, PWInsider reported that last night would be Eve’s final match with WWE before leaving the company, and it would be likely that she would be dropping the belt to Kaitlyn, who she has been feuding with since mid-September. As it turns out, that is exactly what happened, though her title loss came a bit earlier than others were expecting. According to the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Torres handed in her notice a month ago with the agreement that she would stay on to build up the title feud with Kaitlyn and then drop the belt to her, with the internal expectation being that she would lose the title at the Royal Rumble in two weeks, after a series of matches between the two when Eve would use underhanded tactics to retain the title. Instead, the decision was made for the switch to take place on the milestone Raw – which makes more sense, as it means more viewers would see the change and Kaitlyn’s moment of glory would take place in her home town of Houston, TX. It was a smart move, as the partisan crowd was hotter for the match than it would have likely been compared to the audience at the Rumble in Phoenix, AZ. Besides, fans have been conditioned to a certain extent to not be that bothered about the Divas, so it was unlikely that the match would have generated a massive amount of pay-per-view buys. (more…)

Skyler Moon ‘released by WWE’

Skyler MoonWe got the impression earlier today that something had gone on with WWE developmental Diva Skyler Moon. About 5 hours ago, the 23-year old tweeted:

I can finally cuss again in the internet…..FUUUUUUUCK :)

Clearly, this is not something that WWE would be happy about one of their employees doing this, which raised suspicions – and a few minutes ago, PWInsider gave some weight to that suspicion, reporting that the Riverside, CA native had been released from her contract.

The move comes in the same week that Ricardo Rodriguez tweeted a picture of the two of them together backstage at Monday’s Raw in Tampa, FL. The former Buggy Nova had been absent since early autumn while she received help for what she revealed was an eating disorder, and looked like she was getting back into the swing of things.

The release comes at the start of what PWInsider claims is going to be a series of WWE releases, so there may be more women let go – if that should happen, we will let you know.

- Lee Burton

In support of Skyler Moon

Just over a week ago, we reported that Skyler Moon‘s absence from WWE‘s NXT live event shows and on the company’s website was because of her being part of sponsored rehab. Following that, some websites erroneously reported that the rehab was down to drug issues, which the former Buggy Nova took to her Twitter to clarify:

For all the rumors and speculations, I do not have a drug problem, I have an eating disorder. Thank you all for the love and support!! I will b back stronger then ever :) soon!!!!! I love you guys thanks for having my back. I’m not ashamed of my disease, i’m blessed to want to make myself better.

The series of tweets has since been deleted for reasons unknown, but it prompted speculation about whether going into rehab would affect her standing in WWE. I have a few thoughts on that – but first, it may be worth providing some insight on what Skyler is dealing with, and it’s just as serious as any addiction. (more…)

*UPDATED* Shaul Guerrero asks for, receives WWE release – UPDATE on Skyler Moon/Buggy Nova

A number of internet rumours have started to circulate this evening over the disappearance of Raquel Diaz‘s profile on the NXT Roster Page – had she been released from her deal? Was it simply a case of her profile page being taken down for maintenance? Well, word has reached us here at Ringbelles that Raquel Diaz, aka Shaul Guerrero, has been released from WWE at her own request. While we’re not at liberty to expand any further on the whys or wherefores at this time, we can at least confirm that as of now, Shaul and WWE have parted ways.

It’s interesting to note yet another female talent stepping away from WWE at their own request, in the same week that it was confirmed by several sources, including the Observer, that Beth Phoenix would be finishing up in October, having requested her own release also – which theoretically may open up a spot on the main roster. Of the women in the developmental system, it would’ve seemed safe to assume that Shaul would have found herself on the main roster sooner rather than later. A third generation member of the legendary Guerrero family, the 21-year-old daughter of Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero and current WWE heat magnet Vickie Guerrero looked to have it made – while she never seemed to have anything quite approaching her father’s instinctual talent level, Shaul was able to throw herself into her most recent “Ultra Diva” role (as seen on NXT as part of her “Exfoliating Ugliness” Tour) very well and was starting to carve herself out a niche amongst the developmental women.

In other NXT Divas related news, the situation regarding the former Buggy Nova, aka Skyler Moon is still murky. Her profile has been missing from the NXT roster page for several weeks, but we’ve been unable to clarify exactly what’s going on. We’ll keep an eye on the story.

UPDATE: Further to the post earlier, we’ve received troubling word that Skyler/Buggy has, in fact, been checked into WWE sponsored rehab, which would explain her profile being gone from the NXT website and her absence from social media for the last month. It brings us no pleasure to report this news, but we hope she can deal with her issues. Her current status either in her rehab program or with the company at large remains unclear, but we wish her all the best at this time.

UPDATE 2: In an interesting twist to the lead story, today the Observer is reporting that WWE officials are saying that Shaul Guerrero is still under contract after all. It remains to be seen what this means, but for now the company line is what the company line is. Speculating, it could mean that there have been eleventh hour talks to salvage a future in the company for Shaul – with Vickie held in good standing on the main roster, and WWE keen to look after Eddie’s family, it would be unsurprising if that is the case. We shall see.

UPDATE 3: Despite Shaul’s mother Vickie Guerrero tweeting in confirmation of our story, explaining that Shaul “asked to be released from WWE for personal reasons. Im grateful to WWE for the support & love toward my family”, the final update on the situation appears to be that WWE have *not* granted a release in the hope that she will return. From what we understand, Shaul has returned home for personal reasons. There is absolutely no expectation or timetable for anything, and what happens will eventually be up to Miss Guerrero, but it seems that while she and the company *have* parted ways, WWE aren’t cutting off an olive branch for when/if she wishes to return.