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ICW Fierce Females: Coming Of Age live results

ICW Fierce Females Coming Of AgeInsane Championship Wrestling Fierce Females presents its first show of 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland this evening, where a new #1 contender to Kay Lee Ray‘s Scottish Championship will be decided. Viper, Debbie Sharpe, Bete Noire and Sammii Jayne will compete in a four-woman tournament to see who will earn the next crack at the title.

Elsewhere, Kasey and Leah Owens are in singles matches against Carmel Jacob and Sara respectively, with Fiona Fraser taking on newcomer Courtney.

We will be updating results after the jump, courtesy of the official Fierce Females Twitter account. (more…)

ICW: Fierce Females – XX: It’s In Our DNA live results – now updated with thoughts and photos

ICW Fierce FemalesInsane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females has a big take ahead of itself if it wants to better its last show. Luke… Who’s Yer Da? was called our favourite show of year up until that point in May, and it’s still probably our favourite card of 2013. However, this evening’s first anniversary show – entitled XX: It’s In Our DNA – features some mouth-watering contests.

One of the headline matches sees Crazy Mary Dobson return to Scotland following her standout victory against Bete Noire on May 4 by facing one of the country’s best in Carmel Jacob – who, since bitching out the rest of the roster at ICW’s last show – has taken a much darker direction. She’s gone slightly unhinged, and that bodes her well for someone who has the reckless abandon of Dobson – though Jacob is not stranger to hardcore matches.

Elsewhere, Nikki Storm battles Portia Perez in what will likely be a contest where each competitor will look to outfox each other. Neither are known for massive highspots, so the emphasis will be on tactics, psychology and possibly the occasional bending of the rules.

As well as a round robin tournament between Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel & Shanna, the Scottish Championship will be on the line when titleholder Kay Lee Ray – who discusses the match and her career to date in our latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast – defends the belt against Viper and Amazing Kong in a triple threat encounter which will see KLR at a massive size disadvantage.

Ringbelles is at the Classic Grand in Glasgow for what promises to be a big night. Click the jump and keep hitting refresh to get the latest results. (more…)

Fight Like A Guy: ICW Fierce Females promoter Mikey Whiplash

Mikey Whiplash

We were in Glasgow at the weekend for the second ICW: Fierce Females show, and we left calling it “the best women’s wrestling card we’ve seen this year” – so a few days after the show and with time to reflect, we thought we’d better get in touch with the promoter/booker of Fierce Females and get up to speed with what’s going on north of the border – so here’s Mikey Whiplash! Mikey’s a longtime veteran of the European wrestling scene as a performer, so we plot the road map which saw him get involved with Insane Championship Wrestling and eventually into promoting women’s wrestling. We talk about a lot of the talent in Scotland, including but not limited to the two main eventers from last weekend’s show, Kay Lee Ray and Viper, discuss possible TV deals in the pipeline, Mikey’s learning curve on international women’s wrestling, and the promoter problems in the last 24 hours before last weekend’s show. You all know about the last minute change of venue? Well, did you know they almost didn’t have a title belt to present to the winner? We also get an inside track on how regularly these shows are likely to be held, the possibility of future international talent and Mikey’s philosophy of what he wants Fierce Females to be. We’ve already told you that the world needs to pay attention to ICW:FF after last weekend – well, here’s the chance to get all the stories. Check it out.

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

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ICW: Fierce Females – Luke… Who’s Yer Da? results (now updated with photos and thoughts)

20 Kay Lee RayAfter a successful debut show last September, Insane Championship Wrestling‘s all-female off-shoot Fierce Females returns with its second event. Entitled Luke… Who’s Yer Da? (marking the fact that today is Star Wars Day), the card will see the first Fierce Females Champion crowned in the culmination of a tournament which has been running over the last few months on ICW shows across Scotland, though a spanner was thrown into the works a few days ago…

April Davids, who had made it to the semi-finals has been forced to pull out of her match after having an injection into her injured shoulder which means she needs to take some time off to recover. That leaves Viper without an opponent for the evening, and leaves the question hanging about whether a replacement opponent will be found, or if she will advance to the final to face the winner of the other semi between Kay Lee Ray and Rhia O’Reilly.

Elsewhere on the card, Leah Von Dutch – who made her English debut last Saturday at Pro Wrestling: EVE’s Special Edition III show – makes her first appearance in Scotland today, taking on Carmel Jacob. Another woman making her Scottish debut is Crazy Mary Dobson, who is making a flying visit to face Bete Noire.

The Ringbelles team is on hand in Glasgow to bring you results as they happen – click after the jump and find out who’s going to walk away as the first Fierce Females Champion… (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE – Special Edition III results (now updated with photos and thoughts)

Leah Von Dutch Pro Wrestling EVEPro Wrestling: EVE says goodbye to its original home of the Delphi Centre in Sudbury, England today with Special Edition III, a card shrouded in mystery.

With the main advertised draws for the show being the appearances of Tommy Dreamer and the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, the top female attraction has been the UK debut of Leah Von Dutch, who has made a lot of waves in her short time in wrestling, and is the guest of the latest edition of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, which you can download here. What we do know is that apart from Von Dutch, the rest of the roster for the show consists of Kay Lee Ray, Erin Angel, Carmel Jacob, Sara-Marie Taylor, Shanna, Rhia O’Reilly, Amazon Ayesha Ray, Bete Noire, Viper, and Kasey & Leah Owens, with the first match revealed being Ray v Viper in singles action, and the promotion’s Twitter has also made reference to Shanna and Von Dutch being involved in a tag team match.

EVE will also be looking to get things back on track after having to cancel its Special Edition II show in February following a chaotic No Man’s Land 2 show earlier in the month where Taylor won the chance to challenge for the EVE Championship, which was recaptured by Nikki Storm from Emi Sakura on the same show – however Storm is not on this card, as she is competing in Japan at the moment.

In addition, the promotion has also said that it is “trying something new out and redeveloping ourselves in terms of format, structure etc while at the same time going back to our original foundation that people appreciated so much”, which also seemingly involves blurring the face/heel line a little. We’ll see what comes of it during the show – the results of which you can see after the jump…

Shanna to defend ABC Catch Women’s Title on Friday

ABC Catch tournamentRemember Queens Of Chaos? The French promotion launched about six months before SHIMMER in May 2005, and faded away about 18 months later. However, despite a decent enough start, it had its problems.

The wrestling wasn’t much to write home about, there were too many random US imports, the fans were rude and embarrassing, and some of the booking was really weird – for example, there was one match where babyface champion Saraya Knight defended against heel April Hunter with a babyface Christy Hemme as the referee doing her best to screw Hunter, in some of the most bizarre storytelling I’ve seen. It reportedly left such a mess that women’s wrestling in France has been in the doldrums for a long time. However, wrestling is still popular in the country – so much so that fans will go to a show without knowing who’s on or what the promotion is – and the time has arrived for another go at an all-women’s show. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (5 February 2013) – Shanna v Emi Sakura, Rachel Summerlyn and more

Emi SakuraOn Sunday, I sat among 400 people in a hall in a small city in the west of England. The only reason why I had decided to go – well, apart from it being a 15 minute walk from my front door – was that it featured a women’s match that was pretty hyped up about. Unfortunately, the billed contest between Kay Lee Ray and Shanna had to be scrapped because of KLR suffering a broken toe two days previous, then wrestling for about 40 minutes on it the previous day – though as it turns out, her metatarsal had been broken for about a month, which was compounded by the broken toe. As a result, a suitable replacement was brought in to replace Ray, and it would more than compensate.

The fans at Alternative Wrestling World in Wolverhampton had no idea who Emi Sakura was. To them, she was a Japanese woman who wears a lot of fabric, doesn’t show much skin and visually, didn’t look like much to write home about. Around me, I heard some borderline racist jokes about the “Chinese” woman in the ring and some unfunny gags about ordering Chinese cuisine in a mocking Far Asian accent. Her opponent also got the heckles, with a guy yelling “get your tits out” to Portugal’s Perfect Athlete – as if that line has EVER worked. Needless to say, we were dealing with an audience with spectacularly low expectations for the contest, and more than their fair share of xenophobia and ignorance. I’m stunned that I didn’t see anyone get up to go to the bar or toilets. They would have regretted it if they had, as little did they know, but they were going to be treated to a showcase featuring one of Europe’s best against one of the best in the world… (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE – No Man’s Land 2 results – now updated with thoughts, photos & Nikki Storm interview

Shanna & Rhia O'Reilly choke Kirsty LovePro Wrestling: EVE returns today for its first show since its Wrestle Fever iPPV with title controversies to be settled, and the build towards introducing a new championship.

Heading the card is Emi Sakura defending the EVE title against former champ Nikki Storm, who won and lost the belt on the iPPV last November, defeating Alpha Female before losing an impromptu defence to Sakura. The Gatoh Move founder was meant to defend the belt against Carmel Jacob yesterday, but due to a schedule change in her flight, she didn’t make it to the Preston City Wrestling card in time. Instead, Jacob – who presumably will get a title shot in the future instead – defeated Kay Lee Ray, who limped away from the match with a broken toe.

Ray was meant to face Blue Nikita, but that match was scrapped after Nikita suffered head and neck trauma in a car accident earlier this week. As a result, she has been slotted into the match between Alpha and Shanna to make it a 3-way.

Also on the card are three quarter final matches in the EVE Tag Team Championship tournament, with The Lovely Peppers (Kirsty Love & Pollyanna Peppers) facing Kasey & Leah Owens, Ama-Reilly (Amazon Ayesha Ray & Rhia O’Reilly) against She-X (Bete Noire & Viper), and the Glamour Gym (Carmel Jacob & Sara-Marie Taylor) meeting April Davids and a mystery partner. The other contest will be the promotion’s second Three Minute Warning match featuring 15 wrestlers in a mix of a Gauntlet Match and a Royal Rumble.

Lee Burton is at the show in Preston, England, and will be updating the results as they happen, so click after the jump and keep hitting refresh for updates. (more…)

In Video: A taster of Fierce Females

Erin Angel cartwheels out of Sara Marie Taylor's wristlockForget SHIMMER, NCW Femmes Fatales, Pro Wrestling: EVE or any other women’s promotion in the western world – the most attended all-female show of 2012 was the debut card by Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females.

Boasting a crowd of 300 roaring fans, The Arches in Glasgow was filled to its allowed capacity for the event back in September, which boasted a great card of action, and left this writer hungry for more – which is good, as the second show is booked for May 4 next year. Two weeks ago, Stew’s review of the DVD was included in the Ringbelles Roundup, and he also a big thumbs-up. Now, you have a chance to see one of the matches.

ICW has posted the Sara-Marie Taylor v Erin Angel contest, which gives you a great example of the adult humour with Scottish overtones, as well as the atmosphere of the great crowd. Click the jump and check out the match, which is Fierce Females’ present to all of us. Enjoy. (more…)

ICW: Fierce Females results – now with thoughts, photos and an interview with Kay Lee Ray

Britain’s third all-female wrestling promotion debuts today, with promises of it offering a different sort of product to the likes of the World Association of Women’s Wrestling and Pro Wrestling: EVE. Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females is hyping an evening of hard-hitting wrestling action, coupled with burlesque dancers (which explains the poster’s similarities to the one for the film Burlesque) and a more edgy atmosphere.

Emanating from The Arches in Glasgow, Scotland, the main event of the debut show is a Last Woman Standing match between longtime rivals Kay Lee Ray and Carmel Jacob. The pair also managed to gain some pretty good exposure for the show this week when they were part of a two-page spread in The Scottish Sun newspaper. Other matches on the card include England’s Lisa Fury (replacing an injured Jenny Sjodin) and April Davids against twins Kasey and Leah Owens from Northern Ireland, Miss Nicola Storm facing the “Technical Supremo” Fiona Fraser, and the “Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Reilly taking on England’s Holly Rocamora.

Ringbelles is on hand to provide live results, and we’re looking to deliver photos and interviews after the show. Click after the jump and keep hitting refresh to see the outcomes as they happen – in the meantime, have a listen to Storm’s Women Of Wrestling Podcast where she discusses Fierce Females, EVE, Glasgow slang and more. (more…)

Fierce Females is coming to Scotland

Considering the wealth of talent in Scotland, this is a move that makes a lot of sense…

Glasgow-based promotion Insane Championship Wrestling is launching its own all-women off-shoot called Fierce Females, with its debut show scheduled for September. Already announced as being part of the roster are Scots Kay Lee Ray and Viper, as well as former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin, April Davids, Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel, Holly Rocamora and twins Leah and Kasey Owens. Considering they are also part of the main ICW roster, we should also expect to see Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor, and also Nikki Storm, who recently returned to the promotion as Miss Nicola Storm, looking to clean up the promotion and remove the violence and strong language associated with the product.

Fierce Females had a rocky start last week when it was announced under its original name of ICW: Femmes Fatales, though it was asked to change its moniker by the already-established Canadian promotion with the same name, and ICW agreed. It was a good idea, as some fans on the Facebook page it had set up had incorrectly assumed that the two promotions were connected. It was also a positive that the two groups could reach an amicable position, instead of it breaking down into a petty argument, so thumbs up to Fierce Females for handing the situation in a professional manner. (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE – No Man’s Land results (now updated with photos and thoughts)

It’s Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s first show in 2012, with a new number one contender being crowned and the EVE Championship on the line in the main event.

Titleholder Jenny Sjodin has held the title since last June and has five successful title defences under her belt, defeating Aurora Flame, Rhia O’Reilly, April Davids, Emi Sakura and Shanna & Davids in a triple threat match. She meets Alpha Female , who has a four match win streak in the promotion, teaming with Super Janey B to beat the Glamour Gym, then seeing off Hikaru Shida and Sara-Marie Taylor in singles action, before defeating Viper & O’Reilly in a three-way in October. In total, Alpha has only lost one contest in the promotion, falling to Nikki Storm in the semi finals of the original EVE title tournament last April.

Speaking of tournaments, eight women will meet to determine a new top contender for the title. In the quarter finals, Nikki Storm meets Hannah Blossom, while Hannah’s sister Holly takes on Sara-Marie Taylor. In the other bracket, April Davids faces Rhia O’Reilly, while Kay Lee Ray wrestles fellow Scot Carmel Jacob.

We will bring you results as they happen, so click after the jump and keep refreshing the page to keep up to date with all the goings-on live from the Delphi Club in Sudbury, England… (more…)

Queen to be crowned at EVE’s “No Man’s Land”

Pro-Wrestling EVE has announced the the crowning of a Queen as part of the supporting card at “NO MAN’S LAND: SJODIN vs ALPHA” event at Sudbury’s Delphi Club on this Saturday. The promotion will present an eight woman elimination tournament, to be dubbed Queen of the Ring, and will result in the crowning of a new #1 contender for the EVE Championship.

The full brackets were completed overnight, and we can now bring it to you. Click after the jump for a look: (more…)

IN DEFENS: A look at Scotland’s finest

Scotland has given the world a great many things. Whisky, penicillin, the telephone, the television, Sean Connery and deep fried pizza are all up there. Not bad for a country with a tiny population (as of the last Census, it was a shade over 5 million). However, this harsh environment (the average maximum temperature is about 64 degrees Fahrenheit) may be one of the main reasons why it has such tough people, both mentally and physically.

Some of that toughness is making its way into women’s wrestling in Europe. At the last Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon event, close to half of the EVE talent emanated from Scotland. Therefore, it’s worth a quick introduction to the uninitiated as to who some of the names are that you should expect to see more of in the future.

Possibly the hottest prospect of the lot is Nikki Storm, the mouthy 22-year old Glaswegian who we have spoken to on a couple of occasions. Debuting in 2008, the current World Wide Wrestling League Women’s Champion was trained by names including Mikey Whiplash, Johnny Moss, Damian O’Connor and Fergal Devitt, and has warred with the likes or Carmel Jacob and Sara-Marie Taylor in the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Premier British Wrestling and Scottish School of Wrestling.

South of Hadrian’s Wall, her career has involved Jetta for the most part, either wrestling her at adult-oriented promotion Triple X Wrestling, or being her protege in EVE’s European Empire faction. The two have also tangled north of the border, with the roles reversed from TXW and seeing Storm as the babyface and Jetta in her more recognised heel persona. Having said that, Storm is a fine heel and follows in the footsteps of Coventry’s Loudest by spending a lot of the time arguing with fans, but uses a wider repertoire than her manager/former rival. In addition to Jetta, Storm lists Erin Angel, Lisa Fury and Saraya Knight as being great influences on her. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (12 April 2011)

The Big News

Two big stories coming out of the UK this week…

It was a rough yet rewarding weekend for Britani Knight. Suffering from what she thought was tonsillitis, the 18-year old member of the Knight Dynasty wrestled 5 matches in 28 hours on route to becoming the first ever Pro Wrestling: EVE champion. However, she was bedridden the next day with what turned out to be glandular fever, causing her to miss a date with her home promotion, World Association of Wrestling. We at Ringbelles wish her congratulations on her title win and also a speedy recovery from a nasty illness.

EVE’s title tournament turned out to be less complicated that the brackets would have led you to believe. Starting with FIVE four corner matches and a Last Chance Battle Royal for the losers to determine the quarter finalists, they were hurried through relatively quickly to leave us with singles matches which varied from fine to good – the standout matches of the first night featured Erin Angel v Nikki Storm and Britani v Jenny Sjodin in the quarters, and Sweet Saraya taking on Blue Nikita in a Last Woman Standing match. The return of Blue Nikita was something of a surprise after her relationship with EVE went sour after the first show – so when she ran in to attack Saraya in the opening match of the evening, it took many by surprise. It also meant that both voluntarily took themselves out of the tournament – Saraya was eligible for the Battle Royal and Blue Nikita never got to compete in her four-way contest due to brawling with Saraya before the bell – to compete in the Last Woman Standing affair, which Saraya won with a sunset powerbomb.

The Project nightclub was a makeshift venue after the Royal British Legion was pulled as a host due to licensing issues and complaints – somebody even called up the local radio station pretending to be EVE management to say the event at the Project had been completely cancelled – but as an environment for the audience, it was great. It was cosy, yet sat the fans comfortably with plenty of space, and felt safe yet anarchic. Apparently it was a little too cosy backstage, as there wasn’t much room for the wrestlers – of which there were around 20 – to change, but that could be changed if EVE decides to return to the venue – something the owners were pretty receptive to. (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE title tournment – Night 2 live results

Photo credit: Sarah Barraclough,, used with permission

Ringbelles is live at night two of Pro Wrestling: EVE’s title tournament, and will be bringing you results as they happen. Keep refreshing the page to keep up to date…

April Davids, Jenny Sjodin & Shanna beat Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel and Blue Nikita (who was in a tweener role).

Super Janey B beat Pollyanna with a top rope crossbody, then challenged either Carmel Jacob or Sara Marie Taylor for a match later.

Destiny beat Sweet Saraya with an avalanche and big splash.

Sara Marie Taylor & Carmel Jacob beat Kay Lee Ray and Liberty with stereo DDTs.

Semi final: Britani Knight beat Jetta with a Knight Light.

Semi final: Nikki Storm beat Alpha Female with interference from April Davids, Jenny Sjodin, Shanna, Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor.

Jenny Sjodin & April Davids beat Destiny & Amazon in a tornado tag match. All four carried on brawling afterwards.

Shanna beat Sweet Saraya with a top rope crossbody.

Erin Angel beat Blue Nikita with a moonsault.

Rhia O’Reilly beat Em Jay with a crucifix.

Super Janey B and Alpha Female beat Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor.

Britani Knight beat Nikki Storm with a Knight Light from the second rope to win the Pro Wrestling EVE Championship.

In quick notes from the show… The first contest was scheduled as a singles match between Blue Nikita & Erin Angel. Before the two could touch, The European Empire, led by Jetta, came out to ringside. Jetta explained that she had hired Blue Nikita yesterday to dispose of the Knights, and that she had failed – and was therefore of no use to the Empire any longer. Rhia O’Reilly then made an appearance, still hot at the Empire’s attack yesterday in Norwich which in her mind cost her a shot at the EVE gold. Jetta ended up explaining that as there were three of them (Angel, Nikita & O’Reilly) and three of her Empire not in tournament action (Shanna, Davids & Sjodin), they should have a trios match. The match was very fun and heated. Miscommunication between Blue Nikita (who displayed little interest in tagging with her “enemies”) and Erin Angel led to the Empire picking up their first victory of the night at Angel’s expense by way of an ankle lock submission… Super Janey B and Pollyanna had a simple and effective singles match. Both have unique characters in the promotion, which will bode well for them both going forward… Destiny and Sweet Saraya have had wars for *years* in WAW, so unsurprisingly this was Destiny’s best outing in an EVE ring yet. She bathed in the jeers of the crowd, and the finish – which was spotlessly clean – shocked everybody… The Glamour Gym were predictably entertaining in their tag match with Liberty and Kay Lee Ray, but massive kudos go to Liberty, who looked the absolute business. She will come out of this weekend with a lot of credit… Britani Knight vs Jetta was based around Jetta trying to turn Britani to join the Empire, but Britani refusing. Jetta worked her typical match with lots of interaction and interplay and minimal bumps. It was nice to see her work. We at Ringbelles have missed her… I think everybody expected heavy Empire interference in Nikki Storm vs Alpha Female (which did happen), but Nikki and Alpha wrestled a match too, and shockingly won by pinfall after additional run-ins from the Glamour Gym. This was Alpha’s first loss in EVE competition… The Northern Shooters of Sjodin & Davids and Team WAW of Destiny & Amazon was a simple continuation of their bad tempered brawl in Episode V… Shanna’s win over Saraya came via cross body on a woman who was still heavily selling rib injuries from her earlier match… Erin Angel vs Blue Nikita was fun, though with that result, it’s difficult to see where Blue Nikita goes from here (if anywhere) as she’s a woman without a gym affiliation and seems neither to be a full babyface nor full heel…. Rhia O’Reilly and Em Jay had a solid outing… The Glamour Gym vs Alpha Female & Super Janey B was a lot of fun, and to a certain extent, Alpha and Janey make very complementary tag team partners, with the tank-like Alpha Female and the sympathetic Janey B… The main event was exactly what it needed to be with the mouthy Storm (accompanied by the equally mouthy Jetta) and the focussed babyface Britani eliciting really strong and visceral reactions from the crowd even after eleven previous matches this evening. When Jetta eventually got physically involved, Sweet Saraya turned up to run off Jetta and leave the match as a one-on-one affair. With the sides evened, Britani scored with a second rope Knight Light for the emotional three count. Knight was joined in the ring by the majority of the locker room, including her mother who wrapped the EVE title belt around Britani’s waist. A fine end to the first phase in EVE’s life (and the end of the Star Wars inspired trilogy). The championship finals was the match of the night, as it should be… Big congratulations to all at Pro Wrestling: EVE and new champion Britani Knight – it was a pleasure to be able to bring the tournament to the world.

Below you’ll find quick chats with Britani Knight, the Glamour Gym and Jetta. Left click to play them in your browser, or right click and hit “Save Target As” to store them to your hard drive.

Britani Knight on her title victory
Sara Marie Taylor and Carmel Jacob of the Glamour Gym talk to Stew, and Jetta speaks on her final FINAL match

SHIMMER 35 and EVE DVDs available

Pro Wrestling: EVE has released its latest DVD in its series – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Final Chapter – priced at £9.99 including delivery (that’s about $16 for any Americans without a calculator to hand) and features another new EVE concept.

The Three Minute Warning match does not feature Rosey nor Jamal. Instead, it works like a mix between a Gauntlet Match and a Royal Rumble, with the winner earning a pair of byes in the Championship Tournament taking place on April 8 and 9 in Norwich and Sudbury respectively – tickets for which you can still buy here.

But back to this DVD – as well as the Three Minute Warning contest comprised of Britani Knight, Saraya Knight, ‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna, ‘The Dynamite Princess’ Nikki Storm, Carmel Jacob, Sara-Marie Taylor, Rhia O’Rielly, Becky James, Jane Beatrix Dunn and a Mystery EVE Professional, Alpha Female takes on Destiny, Em Jay meets Sammy Hope, and there’s footage from the EVE potentials show too.

Like with the previous DVD, there’s a shedload of extras including a biopic of Britani Knight, pre-show chats with presenter Chloe Dale, as well as a post-show interview with Nikki Storm, conducted by Ringbelles’ own Lee Burton.

Also today, SHIMMER: Women Athletes has released the 35th volume in its DVD series for pre-order, with shipping expected to take place on March 21.

Among the standout matches on the card, Serena Deeb and Portia Perez battle after Perez accused Deeb of selling out to WWE; Sara Del Rey carries out a very unique attack on Rachel Summerlyn during their match; Kellie Skater’s open challenge run hits another hurdle when it’s answered by Amazing Kong, and former tag team partners Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay fight over the SHIMMER championship in one of the best matches in the promotion’s history.

Show your support for women’s wrestling by picking up these DVDs – every single one that you buy is more valuable income for two promotions that survive on these sales.

Follow Pro Wrestling: EVE at their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter

Follow SHIMMER: Women Athletes at their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter

New Pro Wrestling: EVE DVD pre-orders being taken

The latest edition in the Pro Wrestling: EVE DVD series is now available for pre-order (deliveries will begin on March 8).

Check out the match listing for Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back – Final Chapter: (more…)

Pro-Wrestling EVE’s Championship Tournament takes shape

Details have started to emerge on the specifics of the tournament that will crown the first Pro-Wrestling EVE Champion, in a two night tournament on April 8th/9th as EVE’s Star Wars inspired trilogy ends with “Episode VI: Return of the Jetta”

The two night tournament will feature first round and quarter-final matches at the Royal British Legion in Norwich, Norfolk on the 8th, followed by the semi-finals and finals at The Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk on the 9th. (more…)