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RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 3

RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 3: w/ Leva Bates
Courtney Rush returns with another edition of RUSH HOUR… and she’s joined at the wheel by fellow geek and “Queen of Cosplay” Leva Bates for an hour (or so) of banter. Amongst the topics up for discussion include a catch-up session as to what’s been going on since March with Sara Del Rey and the SHIMMER Tag Titles situation, and whether there’s any heat from Courtney that Leva appears to be jumping the queue for a shot at the Canadian NINJAs. There’s quite a bit of chat about this recent column, including female wrestling as a fetish, whether it’s OK to remark on someone being hot without being labelled a pervert, and whether we should really be against models in wrestling (which gives Leva a chance to espouse her idea of wrestling as Jambalaya.) There’s a look at some of the best (and worst) examples of models turned wrestlers, and to finish, Courtney calls out fans who blindly support *all* women’s wrestling and are scared to give negative feedback for bad matches. Note: don’t tell her that she’s “good for a girl” if you value your continued health.

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RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 2

RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 2: w/ Kellie Skater
It’s taken a while to get Episode 2 of RUSH HOUR together, but time zones and various international jet-setting going on since the turn of the year, it’s the best we could do. For this episode, your intrepid host is joined by fellow Spoontopian and Japanese roommate, “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater. Rush & Skater talk their time in Japan together earlier in the year before getting down to the big questions regarding the mystique of wrestling. What’s wrong, what’s right and what’s fake? Courtney asks whether the pro-feminist push in wrestling has become ever so slightly sexist in the other direction, the dynamic duo touch on their respective SHIMMER weekends last month, and finish up with more “Chaos in Japan” talk, including drinking games with Yumi Ohka. As Yumi would say… “No problem!” Oh, and Courtney reads out the best bit of feedback she’s ever received. Get behind the wheel for RUSH HOUR 2, exclusively here on!

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New Podcast: “RUSH HOUR” with Courtney Rush

RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 1: w/ Cat Power

Courtney Rush was one of our absolute favourite people in 2011 – and her appearances on the Women of Wrestling Podcast (episode 28, and again on the epic Christmas Show) left us wanting more… so what better idea than to give Courtney her own show? Joined by the first of her rotating guest co-hosts, friend and retired rival Cat Power, Courtney and Cat break down all manner of things, including how Cat has been adjusting to wrestling retirement, their last match together and yes, even stoke the flames of the small hope of a Cat Power comeback. Momma Power lays down the lessons to the young girls in the Ontario scene, and Courtney discusses her ongoing feud with Cherry Bomb, including calling us to arms for the “Rush Revolution” at Neo Spirit Pro-Wrestling. Also up for discussion is the DVD release of Monster Brawl, love and good wishes sent out to Britani and Saraya Knight on Britani’s FCW debut, last week’s Chelsea Handler/Beth Phoenix twitter kerfuffle (and what you need to say to Cat Power to have her shoot on you). Oh, and there’s a never before told story about a proposed gimmick for Cat & Courtney before they were Cat & Courtney. It’s so packed, it doesn’t even fit in an hour!

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