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Ringbelles DVD Review: PWWA Last Woman Standing

The PWWA Last Woman Standing tournament took place on July 3, 2010 in Liverpool, Australia and while there are a few women on this DVD whom will be unfamiliar with, there are a few who you will definitely recognize from SHIMMER.

The first match of this very solid tournament belongs to then PWWA Champion Madison Eagles and Shazza Mckenzie. The match started off with some great mat wrestling. You would think Madison Eagles would easily have the advantage due to her finely tuned wrestling & mixed martial arts background, but Shazza did a great job keeping up with the veteran. Madison seemed to be gaining all the momentum and looked like she was on her way to a somewhat easy exit on to the second round, but that was altered when Shazza countered one of her signature moves into a neck breaker. By this point the tables are completely turned and Madison actually looked like she could be taking a very unexpected early exit. She mounted a comeback, eventually getting Shazza up for the “BRAIN BUSTA!” but it’s countered. Shazza then attempted to deliver a move of her own to Madison, but is hit with “Hell Bound” for the three.

Next up we have the Lady Gaga-lite Harley Wonderland sashaying out to the hit song “Paparazzi” for her match against Savannah Summers. The match started off with Harley bullying Savannah and pushing her to the mat twice during both attempts to lock up. The tide quickly turns when Savannah gives Harley a piece of her own medicine with a couple of nice shoulder blocks. Savannah started to pump up the crowd, but her momentum was temporarily stopped when Harley knocked her down with a drop kick. Savannah eventually found her streak, but got herself in trouble yet again, though as the old saying goes “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again” and it works for Savannah as she picks up the win with a roll up. (more…)

Ringbelles iPPV Review: WSU – The Last Chapter

Women Superstars Uncensored’s second venture onto internet pay-per-view is the big push towards its flagship show of the year, the 4th Anniversary Show on March 5. Essentially, even though it featured a stacked card and a title unification bout in the main event, think of The Last Chapter as the equivalent of a WWE b-show like Elimination Chamber, in that it is designed to be a three hour commercial for WrestleMania.

Nevertheless, with two triple threat matches, an Uncensored rules match and a ladder match, this was shaping up to be a pretty varied night of action. So after throwing down $10 to GoFightLive for the privilege, this writer sat down to experience his first ever iPPV. (more…)