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WOW Podcast #46 with “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater

Episode 46 with Kellie Skater

We’ve been meaning to get Kellie Skater back on the Podcast for some time, and with PWWA‘s next show coming up very soon and her being announced as returning to SHIMMER in October, what better time? This will be her eighth trip over for SHIMMER, and we talk favourite memories of her stateside adventures so far, and future plans in SHIMMER. We discuss her three month Japanese trip from earlier in the year in great detail, including Christmas in Japan, training, friendships, drinking, networking, drinking, getting kicked in the face and more drinking – and we get a crash course in conversational Japanese (and swear words). We also talk Australia, and recent goings on Down Under, including the recent interim PWWA Title tournament – and Skater calls out her preferred opponent for PWWA on October 6th. Plus more!

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Eagles hoping to soar in Quebec

Tomorrow evening at the Centre Sportif St-Barthélemy in Montreal, Quebec, SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles steps foot in the ring to make her Canadian debut in a match with Winningpeg, Manitoba’s Courtney Rush. It’s been a rollercoaster couple of months for the Australia born and Philadelphia based performer – one of dizzying highs and crashing lows (quite literally), and one that has left the usually super-active Eagles kicking her heels on the DL following a freak automobile accident on April 19th. The comedown was doubly painful as it came a mere two days after Eagles accomplished a professional goal of wrestling joshi legend Manami Toyota in a well received bout at the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia on the final day of CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2011 series. Although she admits that she “had butterflies” and wished they had longer to work than the 11 minutes they were given, she also knows that if she ever had any lingering doubts over her ability as a pro-wrestler, they are forever blown away in the wake of the compliments she received from Toyota post-match in the locker room.


Alternative ways to spend your PPV money

Okay, let’s be honest, if you’re a fan of women’s wrestling, the “Big Two” haven’t exactly been doing much of late of any note or value. The Divas Champion didn’t even get to defend her title at WrestleMania, and last night at TNA’s Lockdown PPV, Madison Rayne’s record-breaking 188 day reign as Knockouts Champion came to an end with a whimper as a clearly seriously injured Mickie James squashed her in 35 seconds. If you paid for that, you have our sympathies. However, as we always like to remind people here at, there’s a lot more out there than just WWE & TNA, and we’d like to draw your attention to a number of alternate ways to spend your hard earned money that will offer you far more bang for your buck.

We’ll start with Chikara’s annual King of Trios tournament, which happened this past weekend at The Arena (formerly the ECW Arena) in downtown Philadelphia, PA. For fans of women’s wrestling, you need look no further than the woman who has often been termed as the greatest female wrestler who ever lived, Manami Toyota. Toyota competed in the KOT tournament alongside male partners Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw in the sixteen team tournament, and on the final day, wrestled a dream match against the woman who many call the best female wrestler in the world today, Madison Eagles. In addition, the BDK combination of Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze took part in a gauntlet match on Night 3. Smart Mark Video have done a double quick turnaround on these DVDs, and they are available already, ONE DAY after the final. In a world of depressingly predictable and dull professional wrestling, Chikara is an oasis in the desert, and we fully endorse checking out what many people are already saying will be hard to beat as show(s) of the year. (more…)

nCw Femmes Fatales V results from last night

nCw Femmes Fatales ran its fifth show last night at the Centre St-Barthelemy in Montreal. In results from the show in front of a reported sell-out crowd

In combats preliminaire (dark matches)

a. The Sherbrooke Connection (Kira & Loue) def. Missy & Xorphia Vexx with a double rollup
b. Angie Skye def. Xandra Bale by pinfall after a Hard Goodbye (Killswitch)

In main card action

1. Sweet Cherrie def. “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater via pinfall after a combination suplex/stunner
2. Allison Danger def. Anastasia Ivy via submission
3. La Parfaite Caroline def. Karen Brooks via pinfall
4. Le Defi De La Punk Rock Princess: Cheerleader Melissa def. Mary Lee Rose & She Nay Nay in a triple threat match when Melissa pinned She Nay Nay. Following the match, the Canadian NINJAs (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) challenged Cheerleader Melissa to a match on June 4th. Video footage here.
5. Combat De Rue: Courtney Rush def. Cat Power
6. Anna Minoushka def. Mistress Belmont via pinfall following a spear
7. Mercedes Martinez def. Kalamity via pinfall after her fisherman buster.
8. Femmes Fatales International Title: LuFisto (c) def. Ayako Hamada via pinfall to successfully retain the belt in what was reported to be an excellent match with a Burning Hammer

Notes from the show:
Femmes Fatales will be associating themselves with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, with $3 from every ticket price being donated to them from the Femmes Fatales VI show on June 4th. SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles was announced as appearing at on June 4th by way of a video package. Video here.

Cat Power wrestled her last match in defeat to Courtney Rush (the former PJ Tyler). You can listen to Cat talk about her career in the most recent Women of Wrestling Podcast right here on Naturally, the entire team thank Cat for everything she’s done, and wish her all the best.

Cherry Bomb was unable to make the show due to transport issues brought on by the weather, however former SHIMMER talent Tiana Ringer was backstage visiting friends, as she now lives in the Montreal area.

We’ll update this post with any other news or opinion coming out of the show during the course of the day.

WOW Podcast #17 with Cat Power

Episode 17 with Cat Power
What better way to launch the brand new Ringbelles website than with a brand new PODCAST? After a quick rundown on what’s going on (clue: a lot), we’re thrilled to be joined by Canada’s finest feline export, Cat Power, who will be participating in a “Combat De Rue” on this weekend’s Femmes Fatales show in Montreal. We talk about Cat’s real name (it really *is* Cat Power) and why it took a lot of getting used to, making the cat gimmick work, working in SHIMMER, her first wrestling memory (aged 3), training at the Can-Am Wrestling School, how Momma Power made Scott D’Amore sweat bullets, this weekend’s Femmes Fatales feud-ender with PJ Tyler, young stars to watch in Canada, boxing, beating up film directors for real, and how Cats can kill deer.
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WOW Podcast #15 with Sassy Stephie & Madison Eagles

Episode 15 with Sassy Stephie & Madison Eagles
The Women of Wrestling Podcast returns with a double dip of distaff delights as we present extended interviews with both SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, and recently well-travelled international star Sassy Stephie. First up is half-an-hour with the Sassy one, discussing her trip to England last month where she had the chance to wrestle European legend Sweet Saraya in an old-school British rounds match, her recent shoulder injury, and her recent trip to Montreal to wrestle for NCW Femmes Fatales. Hear how she and Roxie Cotton ended up in entirely the wrong Canadian province and managed to cross the border three times trying to get into Canada, as well as thoughts on the show from the perspective of a wrestler on the card.

Then it’s onto 45 minutes with SHIMMER’s standard bearer, Australia’s wrestling matriarch, Madison Eagles. Madison also has to discuss a recent injury (as in, this happened last week), being a lifeguard on Bronte beach, dancing at the 2000 Olympic opening ceremony, her OVW tryouts in 2003, training with Georges St-Pierre (yes, really) and all about the PWA back home in Australia, including thoughts on Jessie McKay, and whether she has any good Kellie Skater stories. We had an absolute blast recording these interviews, so we hope that sense of fun comes across as you listen. Enjoy!
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