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Ringbelles Retro: Early Hikaru Shida

Who said you can’t train an actor or model to be a wrestler?

Well, there’s a caveat to that – they have to be trained hard, treated the same as anyone else and not given free passes. As discussed at the start of the year in relation to former model, singer and dancer Yuzuki Aikawa, there is no reason why someone who came from a showbiz background can’t become a great grappler, as long as they are taught the same respect for the business as the average Joanne who decides to get into it. As we also discussed in that piece, the same could be said for former actress and current Ice Ribbon ICEx60 Champion Hikaru Shida.

Aikawa was viciously beaten at the start of her career to make sure that she knew that wrestling is physical, and her status and beauty would not be enough for her to get by – in other waords, she paid her dues – however she achieved success quickly, winning the Wonder of Stardom and Goddesses of Stardom titles in rapid fashion. Conversely, Shida’s rise to the top was more traditional, having to wait 9 months after her debut in July 2008 until she started picking up regular wins. That’s where we go for this week’s Retro – April 5, 2009, in a match against Chii Tomiya as part of the promotion’s Itabashi Spring Festival. While it may be short and a little messy, both give it the beans, and you can tell that both are on their way to being something pretty special. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Micro memories

We at Ringbelles adore Chii Tomiya. The pint-sized little hellraiser of Ice Ribbon put smiles on our faces with her mischievous actions, coupled with great skill and a demeanour that meant that no matter how badly behaved she was – and she really l’enfant terrible of the roster – you couldn’t hate her. Not even slightly.

After departing Ice Ribbon last August to work as a freelance competitor, Tomiya changed her name to Micro out of respect to her trainer Emi Sakura who gave her the Chii Tomiya name, and wanted to keep it associated with her original home promotion. Debuting under her new name in the Happy Hour! promotion in September, Micro lost to Keiko Aono, then wrestled sporadically for JWP while naming Pro Wrestling Wallaby as her new home – a curious decision, hanging her hat with one particular company after intending to be a freelancer, but people are entitled to change their minds. Her matches were few and far between, but last week, Micro’s career hit a valley, as PWW publicly fired her for “unprofessional behaviour” and “inappropriate remarks”, though there has been no elaboration on what that could be.

Hopefully Micro can pick herself up and thrill and entertain us as she did at Ice Ribbon, as we miss her dearly. So for a bit of a trip down memory lane, we take a look at her match from June 1 last year, where she challenged then-IW19 Champion Hikari Minami at 19 Pro‘s first anniversary show. Minami has only won the championship five days before, though as we know from Ice Ribbon, titles can change hands at any time… (more…)