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SHINE 17 live results: Tag Team Title tournament; Ivelisse Velez defends SHINE Title against Mercedes Martinez

SHINE 17 posterAfter crowning a singles champion at SHINE 11 last June, SHINE adds another title to the promotion by establishing Tag Team Champions. Eight teams are vying for the gold – some established, some new, some who are relatively fresh-faced and some who have years of ring time. We have taken a look at the more viable contenders, though it is really anybody’s guess as to who will walk out of SHINE 17 with the championship.

Elsewhere, new SHINE Champion Ivelisse Velez puts her belt on the line against Mercedes Martinez, though the titleholder is likely to have an eye on the other non-tournament match on the card where the woman who replaced her in ValkyrieSerena Deeb – takes on Angelina Love.

You can order the event by clicking here, but you can also keep up with all the results after the jump – and we’ll also offer our thoughts on the event too… (more…)

Bunch of Fives – 1st SHINE Tag Team Champions?


We now have the eight teams announced for the tournament at SHINE 17 on February 28 to crown the first SHINE Tag Team Champions. They are Made In Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made), the SNS Express (Sassy Stephie & Jessie Belle Smothers), the West Coast Connection (Su Yung & Tracy Taylor), Leva Bates & Mia Yim, Brandi Wine & Malia Hosaka, The Buddy System (Solo Darling & Heidi Lovelace), the Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb) and MsEerie (Christina Von Eerie & MsChif). Most of the tandems certainly have viable chances of winning, but I reckon that there are five that have a greater chance of prevailing… (more…)

SHINE 12 Live Results: Rain defends her title against winner of Three Way (Updated with thoughts & pictures)

shine12_08232013_ippvTonight, one month removed from their first anniversary show (and the crowning of the first SHINE Champion in the shape of Rain), SHINE Wrestling returns to its home base at The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL for SHINE 12. A bit of a curious card this, as other than the situation surrounding the title – where Jessicka Havok, Mia Yim and Ivelisse Velez will battle in a three way match for a shot at Rain’s title on the same night – much of the rest of the show seems to have hit a reset button, with no real issues to be settled on the rest of the show. However, with a highly rated debutante in the shape of Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna and the return of the always show-stealing Kimber Lee (along with the first showing of Daffney‘s A.S.S. as a unit), there’s plenty of potential for a good show. Oh yeah, and two of independent wrestling’s biggest and most talented names get it on as Mercedes Martinez renews her old rivalry with Amazing Kong.

Has that whetted your appettite? You can order the show either live, on demand, or even with an accompanying DVD of the event from, but otherwise, click through past the cut and follow along with our live results. (more…)

Malia Hosaka’s career covered in HONOUR

Malia Hosaka‘s decision to hang up the boots ints the big story in the latest issue of HONOUR Magazine. Using some quotes from our write-up of her career last month which stemmed from our interview with her from the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, it’s a solid write-up of the “Modern Day Moolah”, and a fitting acount of her career.

Also in this month’s issue, there’s a piece on Natalya‘s farting gimmick and a look at the Divas-to-be in Florida Championship Wrestling. There is also a look at two shoot interviews featuring Terri Runnels and Jillian Hall, with more praise for the former than the latter, as well as thoughts on SHIMMER Volume 29, Jersey All Pro Wrestling‘s Women’s Division from years gone by, and a review of Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s latest show.

There is also a roundup of the month’s news and results, and have a look at the back cover to see how you can get involved with HONOUR. Just click the picture to jump through to the magazine.

Ringbelles Roundup (21 February 2012)

Eve Torres turned full blown heel on Raw when she admitted she used Zack Ryder then said that she planned to use John Cena. Her plan came unstuck seconds later as Cena had overheard everything and then insulted and blew her off. Essentially, she turned and received her comeuppance in the first 11 minutes of the show. However, the biggest problem was the misogynist views that were purported by Cena and consequently, the fans in the arena in Minneapolis, MN.

After calling her a “hoeski”, Eve was treated like a wanton harlot or a gold-digging whore, and then was having a breakdown in the ring. Cena couldn’t help but throw her an insult before leaving about being disease-free and he’d like to keep it that way (because, women have to be carrying a sexually transmitted infection), leaving Eve to be escorted from the ring in tears. Cena could have been more compassionate and tell her to re-evaluate her life, but instead, led the crowd in chanting insults at her, belittling and humiliating her in public.

John Cena is meant to be a role model and head cheerleader for taking the high road these days. So why was it OK for him to verbally destroy a woman for 5 minutes in front of the world – ostensibly saying that you can still be a nice guy but treat someone who is vulnerable like shit. No question, this was bullying, and totally went against everything that Cena, and WWE’s BA STAR(D) campaign stands for.

In the first segment of Raw, Eve Torres went from being a confused soul to a prick-teasing, manipulative, gold-digging hussy, and then made to look small, pathetic and broken. Clearly, WWE didn’t know where they were going with the story when they started it, found an out and got rid of it before allowing Cena to focus of his match with the Rock. She was cannon fodder to get Cena over as a babyface. The question is: considering the backlash this has received online (and the meatheads saying that “all women are the same”), was it really all worth it? (more…)

Malia Hosaka retires from wrestling

Former NWA World Women’s Champion Malia Hosaka has decided to hang up the boots after close to 25 years in the business.

Making the announcement on her Facebook page, the 42-year old Hawaiian said:

It has been a great 25 years, and I am grateful to all the fans who have supported me thru the years! but I am officially retired from the wrestling industry as of today. Thank you to all who supported/employed and believed in me thru the years!

This presumably means that the proposed triple threat match with Malia taking on Cheerleader Melissa and Mickie James in Traditional Championship Wrestling on April 7 will be scrapped, considering the retirement has already started.

Hosaka leaves behind a huge body of work, dating back to 1987 when she was trained by Killer Kowalski and former NWA United States Women’s Champion Misty Blue Simmes, before debuting on August 7 of that year, teaming with Simmes against Mad Dog Debbie Irons and Linda Dallas in Holyoake, MA. Speaking to us last year on one of our most frank Women Of Wrestling Podcasts ever, Malia discussed how she perceived wrestling before she started training:

I think I knew that the end was fixed – I didn’t know if the moves were actually real.

She would learn. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Malia Hosaka in ECW… sort of

Believe it or not, ECW featured more women’s action than just rolling around on the mat while Joey Styles yelled “CATFIGHT!” or the bloodbath that was Beulah McGillicutty tangling with Bill Alfonso. However, we’re cheating slightly, as while this week’s Retro features action from ECW, it’s not Extreme Championship Wrestling – instead, it’s women’s action from Eastern Championship Wrestling, the precursor to the wild craziness that followed.

On October 1 and 2, 1993, ECW presented a pair of shows called NWA Bloodfest – see, the names are a precursor already – with the fourth match on the card being Molly McShane taking on Malia Hosaka.

Many of you reading this will already be aware of Hosaka. SHIMMER veteran, former World Championship Wrestling talent in the mid-1990s, part of the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association a few years earlier, a gnat’s hair from becoming part of the World Wrestling Federation at one point, and also a past guest on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, where you can hear her talk at length about all of those topics, as well as her feelings about Madusa and Molly Holly. It’s a great listen, so feel free to check it out. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse

Sometimes you have to fall on your face to become as good as you can be.

That’s what happened to Katarina Waters. Before her days as Winter in TNA or Katie Lea in WWE, Waters was Nikita in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance based in the south of the UK. Back in May, we featured Nikita in another Retro from 2003 leaping from the balcony at York Hall in London as part of an intergender tag team match. However, the year before, Nikita had been part of the biggest British show of the young millennium – a big-time show on British satellite and cable TV, the first televised wrestling programme in the country for 14 years. Nikita would take on Lexie Fyfe – one half of former SHIMMER tag team The Experience with Malia Hosaka and the boss of Florida-based customs promotion SLAMmin Ladies.

Nikita had been put on the card despite some reservations about whether she was ready for the biggest stage that British wrestling had seen for half a generation, but the dice were rolled, and after the jump, you can see what happened. (more…)

The Pocket Volcano Erupts: Substance or Style?

In the world of professional wrestling, especially in WWE and Impact Wrestling/TNA, you see women as ring announcers, managers, valets, or wrestlers. In the wrestling category, there are women with a wide variety of experience. You have women who were signed from independent promotions to women who were selected out of a catalogue. You have women who can perform a superb double-arm suplex to women who can barely manage a clothesline. There is, however, one consistent factor in the women you see in the two companies.

Almost all of them, in some way or another, have altered their body and/or appearance.

Now, a disclaimer before I go on. I have nothing against plastic surgery. That’s a personal choice and I don’t judge anyone (male or female) for doing it, if it’s their own choice. However, I have a big problem with the presumption that if a woman wants to succeed in a particular profession, she must change herself. This isn’t restricted to the realm of professional wrestling, but that’s the area I’m going to focus on. Further, as their policies on hiring women are not as well known (apart from Sara Del Rey being encouraged to look more like a member of the Beautiful People), I will not be writing about Impact Wrestling in this column.

For years, it was rumored that to be signed or pushed in WWE, a woman had to get breast implants or change her appearance if it was found to be displeasing to those in charge. In a recent Women Of Wrestling Podcast, Malia Hosaka said that she was told more than once that if she was willing to get breast implants, she would be under contract and on TV every week. Personally, I found this incredibly disheartening. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (17 May 2011)

The Big News

Hide your kids, hide your wife – Wrestlicious is back.

On Monday, it was announced that the second season of TakeDown would be shown on a cable network owned by Viacom. That could mean it could be hosted on Comedy Central, an MTV channel, VH1 or even Spike – the channel which currently hosts TNA TV.

In the official press release, Union Square Agency, with whom Wrestlicious has formed this partnership, says it will provide sponsorship sales, television production, syndication, media sales, event extensions, venue selection, strategic partnerships and manage licensing and merchandising.

Wrestlicious launched on TV in the US and Canada last year, two years after host and producer Johnny Cafarella and Jimmy Hart teamed up with Jonathan Vargas, a 19-year old who won $35.3 million on the Powerball Lottery. The original concept for Wrestlicious was dreamt up in 2003 when Hart produced a pilot for Crush, which was exactly the same as what Wrestlicious is – a mix of cartoony wrestling with comedy skits spliced in. Featuring wrestlers like Melina, Lacey, Rain and Cheerleader Melissa, it had proper wrestlers as well as models who would be trained up – sound familiar? Some of the characters were even recycled – the Felony character was originally played in Crush by Melissa, but seeing as she was contracted to TNA at the time, Felony was played by Rain in Wrestlicious. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Malia Hosaka in WCW

Earlier today, we unleashed our latest Women Of Wrestling Podcast with Malia Hosaka, where she talked about cosmetic surgery, meeting Luna Vachon, being messed around by the WWF and a range of other topics. But two of the spikier subjects that Malia discussed was her feeling on Madusa and Molly Holly.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, go and check it out, but also make sure you have a watch of these two matches from Hosaka’s time in WCW, which includes a rare win over Madusa in the summer of 1996, and a loss to Holly (then wrestling as Starla Saxton and still in her first year in the business) from 1998.

Enjoy them both after the jump. (more…)

WOW Podcast #21 with Malia Hosaka

Episode 21 with Malia Hosaka

The Women of Wrestling Podcast is proud to bring you an interview with 20+ year veteran Malia Hosaka. We’re working with a broad scope on this show, because frankly, Malia has worked *everywhere* at least once. From training with Killer Kowalski & Misty Blue Simmes in the mid 80s to thoughts on the current WWE product, Malia’s not short of an opinion. We discuss comparisons and contrasts between early female promotions like GLOW, LPWA, LMLW and the like (including how she felt as a relative rookie walking into the LPWA locker room for the first time), and reminisce about her “wrestling mom” Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri. Malia also shares her thoughts on her time in WCW, including her opinions on how Madusa Miceli ran the division, how she was treated there, and a surprising falling out with Starla Saxton (Nora Greenwald, better known as Molly Holly). She talks signing a WWF “Developmental” deal after 12 years in the business, and how two opportunities were whisked away while under that contract. She has words of advice for youngsters like Tenille Tayla, who has just finished up her indy dates and is heading for FCW on the expectations laid on WWE Divas, and general thoughts on SHIMMER, respecting your veterans, and news on her forthcoming book – including how close she is to the final chapter in her career. Clear yourself some time for a history lesson from the Modern Day Moolah!

Malia Hosaka on facebook | Malia Hosaka official website

(left click on picture to stream, right click and “save as” to download)

LPWA founder passes away

It has been announced that the founder of the Ladies Pro Wrestling Association (LPWA) has passed away. John Thurston “Tor” Berg was 72.

Dave Meltzer covers this comprehensively in this week’s Wrestling Observer:

John Thurston “Tor” Berg, who promoted the Ladies Pro Wrestling Association (LPWA), a more wrestling oriented offshoot of GLOW from 1989-1992, passed away on 3/4 due to a ruptured colon from a bowel obstruction that was never treated. Ken Resnick, who announced for the group and remained friends with him, noted he would mention having horrible stomach pains but never got it checked out. Berg was 72. (more…)