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Serena Deeb wins the WNC Women’s Championship

Serena Deeb WNCWhile nobody wants to see a wrestler injured, it has reaped rewards for Serena Deeb, who turned a negative into a positive to snare the Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship today after making history for the wrong reasons late last month.

That history was because she became the first woman to challenge for either the SMASH or WNC women’s belts and not walk away with the title, as she was defeated by Lin Byron. However, Byron’s celebrations were short lived as she was forced to vacate the championship the following day due to breaking a bone in her left foot.

As a result, Deeb and former champions Syuri and Makoto were booked to take part in a round robin to determine a new titleholder. Serena took the first victory by beating Makoto a week ago in Yokohama; Syuri also notched up a win against Makoto on Wednesday in Hakata, and Deeb then defeated Syuri the following day in Kumamoto. As a result, Syuri and Serena were deemed eligible to fight for the vacant belt as they had the most victories, with Deeb gaining the championship earlier today in Kagoshima with her trusty spear. (more…)

Lin Byron vacates the WNC Women’s Championship

Lin ByronIn 280 BC, Greek King Pyrrhus of Epirus’ army defeated the Romans during the Pyrrhic War. The following year, they fended off the Romans again, with the Italians suffering more casualties. However, their army was larger, which left the Greeks at a disadvantage, despite winning. Such occasions since then where the price of victory was too great are now known as Pyrrhic victories, and it seems Lin Byron experienced one on Thursday.

We reported on Byron’s win over Serena Deeb at Wrestling New Classic‘s Tokyo show where she successfully defended the Women’s Championship – becoming the first female champion in either WNC or previous company SMASH to do so – but during the match, she suffered an injury which turned out to be a fracture in her left foot. The break will force her onto the shelf for at least a month – therefore, the decision has been made to declare the championship vacant. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (13 November 2012) – EVE’s iPPV, WAWW free show, Amazing Kong & more

In a move that nobody anticipated, Emi Sakura left Pro Wrestling: EVE’s second iPPV as the promotion’s Champion, after successfully defending her JWP Openweight Title earlier in the night, then challenging new EVE titleholder Nikki Storm in an impromptu match which saw the founder of Gatoh Move hit a quick 450 splash for the pin.

Now, I get the reasoning for putting the belt on Sakura. On an immediate level, it offers a happy ending for the show, and the visual of the JWP and EVE titles together is pretty striking. Longer term, it means that the belt is now associated with the oldest active women’s title in Japan, and considering how good Sakura is at garnering publicity, there is a lot of opportunity for joshi fans to find out about Pro Wrestling: EVE because people will inevitably ask about this other belt that she’s holding. In turn, it could lead to more international recognition and possibly more DVD sales and iPPV buys from Japan in the future.

However, the circumstances in which she won the title seems to be a big sticking point among some fans who both attended the show and watched online. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (7 August 2012) – Wrestlers Rescue, Dawn Marie, BLOW & more

Former WWE and ECW personality Dawn Marie seems to have a good heart. Setting up Wrestlers Rescue in 2008 (and the subsequent Pro Wrestlers Relief) in 2009, her goal was to make life easier for wrestlers with medical issues to help them pay their bills – a common problem for wrestlers outside of WWE who may not be able to secure the proper insurance needed to cover their ailments.

In the last week or so, her charity has received a battering from James “Kamala” Harris, who has had both of his legs amputated due to complications stemming from diabetes and high blood pressure. He claims that Wrestlers Rescue and Boston-based independent wrestling promotion the Millennium Wrestling Federation promised to help him out financially, and never did so, calling Dawn Marie “no good” and accusing her of keeping the money that was raised for him.

Wrestlers Rescue has not had the best of reputations in its short existence, but following this high-profile attack on her work, Dawn Marie decided to go public with all the details. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (3 July 2012)

Opportunities. Some have them, enjoy success and then they are lost; others don’t get them when they feel they’ve been patient, done all the right things and are continually overlooked. One WWE Diva has left the company due to a lack of chances, while one TNA Knockout has also departed after seeing herself slipping down the ladder after being the most decorated women on the roster.

The first one to leave was Maxine (Karlee Perez) who has spent the bulk of her WWE tenure in either Florida Championship Wrestling or on NXT, where she debuted as part of the all Diva season 3 run, or on NXT Redemption, which was the show that would never end. While I was never that impressed with her on season 3, her antics on Redemption involving the love triangle with Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman showed that she had some range as an entertainer. As a wrestler, she was really nothing to write home about, but she had potential as a manager or authority figure – like she was in FCW, before she was relieved of her duties. (more…)

SMASH replacement announced; joshi match booked

There had been some speculation about the future of a number of joshis following the closure of SMASH on March 14, as wrestlers like Makoto and Syuri had made it their home promotion, and others like Kana, Serena Deeb and Tomoka Nakagawa had enjoyed success there too. As it turns out, SMASH founder Tajiri moved fast to announce a replacement, which was unveiled today.

Wrestling New Classic has already announced its first two shows – the first on April 26 at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan, with the follow-up a month later on May 24 at Korukuen Hall. The first show already has a joshi match booked featuring Makoto and final SMASH Divas Champion Syuri taking on former Divas titleholder Kana and her Triple Tails S partner Mio Shirai, in a match that actually took place in SMASH in Osaka on October 26 last year – for the record, Kana and Shirai won…

This announcement is particularly good news for Syuri and Makoto, who considered SMASH their highest profile exposure. Makoto had started to keep herself busy, securing her in-ring debut for Union Pro, while Syuri seemingly did not have any more wrestling bookings on the horizon, though she could always have gone down her other avenue of interest, shootboxing and kickboxing. Kana did not have such quibbles, as she regularly works for other promotions including Dramatic Dream Team and Pro Wrestling WAVE. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Early Ice Ribbon

Last week, Ice Ribbon held a show in Shimouma, Japan, which was fought on a tarpaulin-covered set of mats – a throwback to its early days in 2006. At the time, Ice Ribbon didn’t even have a ring, so running the ropes and hight-flying was out of the question. Instead, the wrestling was technical and more focussed on the fundamentals – though there were always exceptions.

Back then, the roster was made up of youngsters who were learning, and wrestlers who joined founder Emi Sakura from her previous promotion Gatokunyan – one of whom was an introverted 16-year old called Makoto.

Makoto’s early character was based on her real life persona – a socially awkward and somewhat reclusive teenager – who would eventually overcome her phobias to win the ICEx60 Championship and International Ribbon Tag Team Title. However, as is customary for new wrestlers, most of their first year is spent losing so they remain humble and learn their craft. Part of doing that could mean being in some pretty silly affairs, such as this different match from Ice Ribbon’s early days.

Makoto – who debuted just three months previously – takes on a character called Mecha Mummy, who is armed with a giant drill and huge gauntlet. Not your normal kind of match, but this is Japan, where things are a little different. Dive in after the jump and watch something a little more unconventional. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (14 February 2012)

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, how about a look at two of the romances running in WWE that involve two of the biggest storylines going on at the moment?

On Raw this week, the relationship between Zack Ryder and Eve Torres ground to a halt when Eve decided to kiss John Cena after he helped to rescue her from the clutches of Kane. Unfortunately, a crushed Ryder saw the whole thing, though Torres claimed it was a heat of the moment thing, then called things off with him, hoping that they can remain friends.

On the plus side, this storyline is the best opportunity that Torres has every had to show some personality in her near five year WWE tenure, even though it has caused her to experience derision from the audience for knowingly or unknowingly screwing over one of the favourite wrestlers in the promotion right now – someone who has captured the hearts and imagination of fans by standing up to his bosses with his YouTube Z! True Long Island Story, getting over in spite of his booking (or lack of it) and then being sucked into one of the most asinine and ridiculous storylines in years, that being Cena v Kane, by being the whipping boy who is the real life equivalent of Kenny from South Park being murdered on every show. By screwing over the guy who has the sympathy of fans, Eve is positioned as a heel… for now. (more…)

Review: ICE Ribbon “RibbonMania” (25 Dec 2011)

This is a new review style for Ringbelles, and one that I’ve adopted (with blessing) from Thomas Holzerman on The Wrestling Blog. I’ve never seen the need for huge swathes of play-by-play recapping, so this format appeals to me. It hopefully will tell you all you need to know about the show, and what I thought about it in an easy to read and digest format. It’s my first time reviewing a show like this, so feel free to offer any suggestions or opinions… thanks.

“Just Starting Out In The World Of Pandemonium”
(show subtitle)

• The opening video of Emi Sakura walking along the painted lines on a road, and being joined on her journey by various members of the Ice Ribbon roster was quite lovely. Whimsical, carefree and actually quite cinematic. Emotional too, as Sakura wiped tears from her eyes over her imminent departure from ICE Ribbon (she would wrestle her last match for the promotion on January 7th, citing “personal reasons”)
• To fit the 2hr time block, some of the undercard matches are clipped/joined in progress, but there’s more than enough to enjoy about each of them, from Aoi Kizuki’s happiness, a fairly inconsequential elimination tag match (which includes over-the-top-rope elimination rules) and the bizarre nature of the Ice Ribbon vs UMA Corps match.
• The first ever ICEx60 Champion Seina retired on the show in a match with her little sister Riho.
Minori Makiba also retired, having been special referee for Seina vs Riho.
• Both Makiba and Seina had apparent farewell speeches read to them by friends from the past, each complete with dipped lights and background music. Former IR competitor Makoto returned to read Makiba’s sendoff, while Hikari Minami was apparently overcome and unable to read the her speech for Seina. Riho read it instead, and the speech apparently called for one final match between Minami & Seina.
• Seina therefore had two “retirement” matches back to back, essentially – Neither the match with little sister Riho nor the impromptu match with Minami were particularly long, but both were dripping in emotion.
• The semi main event was a three way mixed tag match – which seemed quite storyline based, and was unfortunately fairly incomprehensible to me. There was dancing. A lot of dancing. Shenanigans too. A lot of shenanigans.
Hikaru Shida overcame her peer Tsukasa Fujimoto to become the ICEx60 Champion for the first time.

Click through for the meat and potatoes of the review


Tomoka topples Kana at SMASH.23 (now with video)

With the WWE Championship having changed hands a near inconceivable nine times since May this year, wrestling fans in the West have gotten used to hot potato title changes. Thankfully, such quick swaps are far from the norm in Japan, but in what one hopes won’t be a regular thing, one of the more “Americanised” puro products (Yoshihiro Tajiri’s SMASH) followed up crowning first ever champions in both the male and female divisions by having both champions lose their titles on their first defences at today’s SMASH.23 event at Korakuen Hall.

While former WWE wrestler (and Divas trainer) Dave “Fit” Finlay captured the SMASH Title from the Lance Storm trained Starbuck, former SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Tomoka Nakagawa took her opportunity and lifted the SMASH Divas Title from the inaugural champion Kana in a fairly brief 8:53 match, avoiding a kick and rolling up the “Most Dangerous” one with a schoolgirl. Quite a surprise, then, to see SMASH’s most prominent and vocal female competitor lose her title on her first defence – but you can’t argue that it’s great to see Tomoka win a major singles title. Somewhat underappreciated by the masses, Nakagawa is long overdue a spotlight. The question is – what sort of a reign will she get? The next main numbered SMASH show will be SMASH.24 on December 30th – and you’d imagine that Kana will want her title back pretty damn quickly.

Click after the jump for a shot taken seconds after Tomoka’s victory, video of the match, and other related results from today. (more…)

HONOUR: Danger/Leva interviews & Trish part 2

HONOUR magazine returns for issue 14, with a slew of interviews, reviews, news and opinions.

The cover is dedicated to the interviews with the ReGeneration X tag team of Allison Danger and Leva Bates, though the magazine also chases down Mia Yim for a chat, and there is the second part of their giant interview with former WWE Women’s Champion and Tough Enough trainer Trish Stratus.

If that wasn’t enough, there are pieces on Kalamity‘s nCw Femmes Fatales title win, Velvet Sky winning the TNA Knockouts Championship, and the struggles which used to haunt SMASH Diva Makoto.

Throw in reviews of ACW’s American Joshi Queen of Queens 2011 and AIW’s Girls Night Out 3, and you’ve got 46 pages of great reading. Click the picture to get stuck in.

Show Review: Ice Ribbon “Ice’s Adventures In Wonderland 2011″ (21 August 2011)

It’s fair to say that we at Ringbelles have become quite the fans of Ice Ribbon – on the back of their weekly, free to air 19pro Ustream show, the easily accessible English information about the product (on twitter, tumblr and facebook) and the fact that their wrestlers are just really fun to watch – so when I got the chance to watch Ice Ribbon’s most recent Korakuen Hall show a mere two weeks after it happened, I jumped on it. Ice Ribbon usually run shows at their small Warabi Dojo in the Saitama area, but every so often they run Korakuen Hall in Tokyo (one of seemingly hundreds of promotions that run there regularly), and this most recent edition, entitled “Ice’s Adventures in Wonderland” promised the most enticing IR lineup at Korakuen this year.

The ethereal intro video introduces the main stories running into the show – Manami Toyota mentoring and encouraging Tsukushi, Sayaka Obihiro returning to face the challenge of JWP’s Kaori Yoneyama, Makoto’s final appearances (for now) with the company before heading off to SMASH, the feisty Riho challenging SMASH’s head man TAJIRI and the ICEx60 Title defense of Tsukasa Fujimoto against the dynamic Hikari Minami.

Ringbelles Roundup (30 August 2011)

After three weeks of leading with Melina, let’s have something different…

A report by Power Slam Magazine claims that former WWE Divas Mickie James and Christy Hemme are earning around $100,000 in TNA, while everyone else is unlikely to be earning much more than $38,000, and that’s only if they’re booked on a regular basis. As they’re only paid on a per appearance agreement, there’s a strong chance that it could be a considerable amount less. It’s likely to be acts like Velvet Sky – who is in favour with TNA – who is on that amount, while others will be on less.

If you factor in that they need to pay their own expenses for things like road transport and accommodation during house show circuits, and then tax needs to be paid on their earnings, that’s a really shitty wage for wrestlers in what is supposed to be the number 2 wrestling promotion in the United States. In the past, we’ve heard of female wrestlers in TNA having issues with their income – Gail Kim left because of it, Kharma pointed it out after she was released from the promotion, Taylor Wilde admitted having to work at Sunglass Hut while as Knockouts Champion to make ends meet, and Madison Rayne was reportedly unable to work the house show circuits at one point last year because the income wouldn’t have covered her costs.

If that is the case, good for James and Hemme – you’re getting a good amount of money for the work that you do. In fact, the biggest praise must go to Christy herself, who would be getting that much for being a ring announcer, and doesn’t have to take any punishment in the ring. I support them getting as much money as they can. After all, we live in a capitalist society – unless you’re reading this in China, Cuba or North Korea… (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (16 August 2011)

So it’s official; Melina’s return to indie wrestling will be on November 19 at Women Superstars Uncensored’s Breaking Barriers II iPPV where she will wrestle fellow ex-WWE employee Serena Deeb. WSU made the match official in its press release yesterday, where it claims “Melina, who has a very storied career in WWE, wants to prove to the world that she is not just a diva, but a full-fledged womens wrestler. She will get that opportunity on 11/19. Serena is calling herself “The Best in the World”. We’ll find out if that rings true on 11/19 in this first time ever one-on-one clash.”

In theory, this is will be a comfortable return for Melina to a different style of action than you normally see on WWE TV, as she and Serena can work a half WWE, half indie style. It’s a decent idea, considering she has not been on the indie scene since 2004, a mere three years into her wrestling career. It’s also Melina’s best opportunity to create a new first impression…

32-year old Melina Perez has a reputation for being troublesome behind the scenes, with a number of reports from a number of different sources – some of them could be true, some of them could be phoney. However, after a number of reported incidents, it becomes ever more likely that the next incident will be more readily believed, regardless of its validity. Melina polarises opinions – some think she is excellent, others think she is more trouble than she is worth – but she has a chance to sell herself to a fresh set of eyes on November 19. In essence, she has an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and give us the chance to see that she is taking wrestling seriously, and is willing to muck in and work towards presenting a better product for women’s wrestling fans. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (9 August 2011)

Most of you reading this will already know the main details about Gail Kim and Melina’s departures from WWE – Melina was released on Thursday after a number of controversial incidents, while Kim “quit” on last Monday after eliminating herself from Raw’s battle royal. The situation since then is that both are still somewhat tied to the company, be it by choice or circumstance.

Despite walking out of WWE last week, Gail Kim is still yet to have been officially released. Instead, she’s breaching her contract – which may have as little as a month or two left on it – in the hope that the deal will be terminated and she will be free to do whatever she wants with her life. The two most obvious possibilities to this strategy were that either Kim would get what she wanted – which was unlikely, as why would they roll over for someone who has behaved unprofessionally in just walking out of the door – or that WWE would sue her for breaching her contract. However, they decided to choose option three – keep her on the payroll. (more…)

Thoughts on last week’s CHIKARAsaurus Rex

It’s been a busy couple of days in the women’s wrestling world, so this is a little later than we had planned – but, as they say, better late than never…

We have received thoughts on last weekend’s CHIKARAsaurus Rex: King of Sequel events in Reading and Philadelphia, PA. In what has been described as an impressive pair of shows, there featured joshi, lucha, British and US styles of grappling, which would likely satisfy fans of most genres of wrestling.

One person who got in touch with us with his thoughts was joshi enthusiast David Falcon, who was keen to share with us his feelings and photos from the four matches involving women that took place over the two days.


The sole women’s match of night one was the trio match pitting Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze and Makoto against Tsukasa Fujimoto, Portia Perez & Mima Shimoda. What blew me away was the amazing quality of the match product itself.  Let’s be honest, we have all been to wrestling events where what happens in the ring doesn’t live up to the hype – the proverbial anti-climax.  What amazed me about this match was how fluid and “perfect” it was for 20 minutes. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (2 August 2011)

Sara Del Rey beat Claudio Castagnoli at CHIKARAsaurus Rex: King Of Sequel, night 2 in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Billed as BDK v BDK, the co-leader of the faction was taken down by a crucifix as part of the round robin tournament known as the 12 Large: Summit to crown a CHIKARA singles champion. The main story about it is that Del Rey and her buddy Daizee Haze are starting to recognise the contributions that they bring to the table of Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes and refuse to bow down to their so-called superior. Castagnoli and fellow BDK leader Ares urged Del Rey to “do the right thing” and lay down last Sunday so Claudio could get the easy win and put himself in a better position in the tournament. Refusing to dampen her strong spirit for competition, Del Rey fought for 13 minutes before getting the pinfall, putting her in a strong standing, considering she beat Icarus last month in Chicago.

Please note: NOWHERE in that storyline does it once mention that Del Rey is a woman fighting a man, and that this is a battle of the sexes. This is CHIKARA – where men wrestle women, and nobody bats an eyelid. It’s a showcase of the best athletes – which is why Del Rey is part of the tournament in the first place. She has proven that she is one of the most skilled grapplers in the promotion, and has earned her spot not due to (or in spite of) her gender, but because she is excellent at what she does. Likewise, Haze beats up the guys on a regular basis, and she is treated as a threat because of how she is presented. Her gender is irrelevant in the promotion, as the guys have no problem throwing her about just as much as she lays into them.

The problem I have is when it’s claimed that Del Rey’s win on Sunday is a victory for women over men, as it isn’t. It’s a victory for one wrestler over another. (more…)

Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel results; Manami Toyota and Aja Kong coming in for JoshiMania

CHIKARA is presenting its second annual Chikarasaurus Rex supershow, and expanding on last year’s edition (which featured Dragon Gate participation), this year’s “King of Sequel” is split across two shows and features stars from three Continents. As far as the ladies are concerned, C-Rex has participation from Ice Ribbon stars Tsukasa Fujimoto & Makoto, CMLL’s Mima Shimoda, Chikara regulars Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze, and making her first appearance for the promotion in several years, Portia Perez. By now, we hope you’ve had a chance to check out our primer on Shimoda, Fujimoto & Makoto. And without further ado…

In results from Night One:
Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel, Night One @ Reading, PA, July 30
- Mima Shimoda, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Portia Perez def Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze & Makoto when Shimoda pinned Haze after a Death Lake Driver (tiger superplex).

Early reports from Mako Reco indicate that the match was well received, though birthday girl Fujimoto made a few errors before settling down into the contest.

In results from Night Two at the Asylum:
Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel, Night Two @ Philadelphia, PA, July 31
- ICEx60 Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto beat Makoto in a non-title match with the Venus Shoot (step up enzugiri).
- Daizee Haze pinned Mima Shimoda after reversing a German suplex.
- Sara Del Rey pinned Claudio Castagnoli in their “12 Large:Summit” meeting via crucifix. After the match, Castagnoli attacked Del Rey. Del Rey’s BDK partner Daizee Haze stood up for her, but got chokeslammed for her efforts.

Chikara had several blockbuster announcements to make too – firstly that the DVDs of the Chikarasaurus Rex shows will be available for order tomorrow on SmartMarkVideo (much like the King of Trios shows from earlier this year); secondly, that they will make their iPPV debut on November 13th, and finally, that they will present a show called JoshiMania in December, featuring the Chikara return of Manami Toyota, the debut of Aja Kong, and presumably much more!

Congratulations to all at Chikara for what sounds like a truly amazing weekend. Not only were the ladies front and centre, but you had the amazing Johnny Saint and Johnny Kidd bringing the British style, and the unannounced appearance from CMLL luchadors Atlantis & Rey Bucanero. Unbelievable!

Get to know Mima Shimoda, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Makoto before Chikarasaurus REX: King of Sequel

Mima Shimoda, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Makoto - all up in your area this month at CHIKARA!

As many may or may not know, Chikara is bringing over two of Japan’s finest young Joshi talents in Tsukasa Fujimoto and Makoto on July 30th & 31st. They’re also bringing in the veteran, Mima Shimoda, all for their Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel weekend. This will be all three lasses’ U.S debuts, and they’ll start off in a six-woman tag match with three of North America’s top stars in Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, and Portia Perez. July 30th in Reading, PA, Fujimoto and Shimoda will team with Portia to face off against Del Rey, Haze, and Makoto, in what I expect to be a thrilling match-up. The following day, July 31st in Philadelphia, PA, we’ll be treated to Shimoda vs. Haze, while the Ice Ribbon girls square off in a singles match. But who are these international talents and what do they bring to the table? Let’s investigate!

Ringbelles Roundup (19 July 2011)

Thursday, July 19, 2001 was a pretty humdrum day in world history. As a frame of reference, the most newsworthy thing was the Code Red virus taking hold of a massive number of computers after being released online 6 days previously.

In the world of wrestling, Steve Austin was on SmackDown, showing “the old Stone Cold” was back when he stunnered everyone in the ring ahead of the WWF Invasion pay-per-view, which was to take place in three days. It would intrigue wrestling fans who wondered what would happen if the WWF and WCW ever clashed on one show. As it turned out, it would be a decent – and high grossing – show which was followed by months of killing the WCW image to the point that it was worthless by November.

However, also on this very day ten years ago at Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, MO, a young lady by the name of Christine was handed her first ever defeat in a mid-card contest at the hands of a debuting wrestler to Gateway Championship Wrestling. That wrestler was MsChif.

Rachel Collins had been asked by her colleague at her human genetics job – the role she had before going into microbiology – what she would love to do more than anything. Concluding that it would be to learn to wrestle, she decided to train at at GCW under the tutelage of Johnny Greenpeace (who was the tough trainer) and Jack Adonis (who was the comic relief), with the black-metal-banshee character naturally evolving while she was learning her craft. Even though she never believed that she would wrestle outside of St Louis, MsChif would go on to win a shedload of top championships including the SHIMMER title, the NWA World Women’s Title and the NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women’s Title – which she held all at one time during 2008 and 2009 – as well as winning ChickFight IV and being ranked 4th in the PWI Female Fifty for 2009.

When asked for comment, MsChif told Ringbelles: “It’s crazy to think I’ve been wrestling for 10 years now. It doesn’t feel like it’s been so long. Wrestling has brought on some very amazing times, places and people. I couldn’t imagine life without wrestling.” (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (12 July 2011)

After withdrawing from CHIKARA and moving back to Australia, many would have expected SHIMMER and PWWA Champion Madison Eagles to rest up her injured shoulder and prepare herself for the return of PWWA on September 3 for her next SHIMMER title defence against both Nicole Matthews and former tag team partner Jessie McKay.

But this is Madison Eagles we’re talking about. This is the woman who perforated her eardrum during her #1 contenders’ match against Cheerleader Melissa in SHIMMER and came back the next day to wrestle MsChif and win the title. This is the woman who fractured her wrist and elbow last year and carried on training through it. This is the woman who had racked her shoulder up in a car accident in April and still went balls to the wall against Courtney Rush at nCw Femmes Fatales VI less than two months later.

So when she returned unannounced to her home fed of PWA in Liverpool, Australia on Friday after living in the US for six months, she wasn’t there to stand and wave at the fans. Instead, she turned heel by kicking Jessie McKay in the face and delivering a Hellbound (Death Valley Driver over the knee) to Robbie Eagles, setting the stall for the SHIMMER title match Before the turn, it would have been heel Matthews against babyfaces McKay and Eagles. Now, the pressure is on Everybody’s Favourite Girlfriend, who has her longtime SHIMMER rival in Matthews, and former tag team partner and regular opponent Eagles gunning for her. (more…)

CHIKARAsaurus Rex: Trios match signed, Claudio issues threats

Two big pieces of business have surfaced as it pertains to CHIKARA‘s weekend of shows at the end of July.

The first is a trios tag team match on July 30 as part of CHIKARAsaurus Rex: King of Sequel night 1 featuring joshi tag team specialist and current CMLL star Mima Shimoda, Ice Ribbon‘s ICEx60 Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto and Canadian Ninja Portia Perez taking on BDK members Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze linking up with Ice Ribbon’s next challenger to the Chii Tomiya‘s IW19 Championship and semi finalist in SMASH‘s women’s title tournament, Makoto.

This news confirms that Makoto will be back to fitness ahead of her US visit after suffering a neck injury on June 8 before an Ice Ribbon card. She’ll return at the SMASH show on July 15 and will apparently be ready to go in Reading, PA. The match also marks the return of Perez to CHIKARA after a 3 and a half year absence. She has had two matches in the promotion – her debut being a loss to Haze on August 20, 2006; her other was a loss to Shane Storm on November 16, 2007. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (21 June 2011)

In last week’s Roundup, I posted a bit of a rambling vent about the booking of the Divas and (mostly) the Knockouts. While it received support, it also received criticism, saying that it implied that all the fault of the poor state of women’s wrestling in TNA and WWE was entirely down to the writers and promoters, and didn’t take into account the actual wrestling ability – or in many cases, lack of it – of the performers involved. So for the sake of fairness, I’m going to put the actual wrestling skills of WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts under the microscope…

Before we go on, there’s going to be a lot of criticism here, and names will be named. I’m just calling it as I see it, and it’s just one man’s opinion. If you don’t agree, that’s fine – I’m not saying that my word is gospel, and you may enjoy what’s presented to you. If that’s you, great, and more power to you. However, we at Ringbelles have committed to being honest, even if it’s not a popular opinion.

And for anyone who may say that I’m in no place to comment as I’ve never been in the ring before, that also means that my compliments are not valid either, as I’ve clearly never been in a ring – unless you count a few ring announcing gigs. (more…)

Mima Shimoda added to CHIKARAsaurus Rex

A third joshi name has been added to the lineup for the weekend of CHIKARA shows at the end of July.

Mima Shimoda will join Ice Ribbon’s Tsukasa Fujimoto and Makoto in participating at CHIKARAsaurus Rex: King Of Sequel, taking place in Reading, PA on July 30, and in Philadelphia the following day.

Standing at 5’6″ and weighing 143lb, 40-year old Shimoda made her name wrestling in her native Japan, winning singles and tag team titles in AJW, WWWA, NEO, ARSION and JWP. She began her career in AJW in 1987 alongside Manami Toyota – who made her CHIKARA debut last year and competed at the King Of Trios in April – even teaming together as “The Tokyo Sweethearts” in their formative years. Shimoda’s now in her 24th year of wrestling, and has been wrestling on a freelance basis since 2005, sharing her time between Japan and working in Mexico for CMLL.

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