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In Video: Four way fun in Kansas City

Now, we were sure that we had posted this match for you at some point, but a look through the archives shows that we hadn’t. So, here it is.

Founded in 2010, Metro Pro Wrestling is a neat little organisation in Kansas City, KS, which has syndicated TV across Kansas and Nebraska with good production, slick commentary and some fine wrestling. It’s a promotion that should be very proud of itself considering the short time that it has been around, and it also boasts a fun women’s division. As well as rising names like Lucy Mendez and Stacey O’Brien, it also boasts 12-year veteran Miss Natural – who worked at SHIMMER for a couple of tapings – as well as former SHIMMER Champion MsChif. Sure, there is the occasional silliness with costumes, but at the forefront is wrestling, which is commendable for a promotion with a TV show that could just take the low road with the women and have them for titillation and nothing more.

The featured match for today comes from MPW’s show in June last year, when MsChif – returning from an injured knee – took on Natural, Mendez and O’Brien in a four-way elimination match. If you overlook the colour scheme issues – everyone seems to be wearing a combination of green, black or both – it’s a fun contest with some memorable spots. Keep an eye out for O’Brien’s attempt to make MsChif quit with an over-the-knee backbreaker… (more…)