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Ringbelles Retro: Serena Deeb in OVW

Serena Deeb Gilda PasquilConsidering that Serena Deeb‘s return was announced yesterday, let’s have a Retro featuring her days in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Serena uprooted herself from Virginia to Kentucky in March 2005 at the tender age of 18 to follow her dream of wrestling, and stayed there until May 2009 when she signed with WWE. Success came relatively quickly, as less than a year after her debut, she uprooted ODB to become OVW’s second ever Women’s Champion, and was the first women to win the belt on six different occasions – Josette Bynum pipped that achievement in 2011 with seven reigns.

Speaking of Bynum, it is she who Deeb faces in this Retro from May 23, 2008, under her former moniker of Josie. It is a match which took place at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom with Josie’s Women’s Championship on the line, and sees Serena vying to win the belt for a second time – though the commentators say it’s the third. Click after the jump to watch.

Ringbelles Roundup (28 February 2012)

It’s that time of year again.

March is almost upon us, and women’s wrestling in North America is coming out of hibernation, all invigorated, revived and ready to unleash a shedload of matches upon us, the wrestling fan. Coming up later this month, we have nCw Femmes Fatales and SHIMMER, as well as matches in promotions like POWW, AIW, RCW, NWA Houston, NWA Ring Warriors and more, but we start off on the east coast this Saturday with Women Superstars Uncensored’s 5th Year Anniversary in Deer Park, NY…

Among some of the undercard matches worth noting include two J-Cup qualifiers for April featuring Annie Social against April Hunter and Leva Bates meeting Athena in a rematch from last year’s WSU Anniversary show – which was won by Athena with her O-Face top rope stunner. Elsewhere, Lexxus pulls double duty for the second iPPV in a row when she faces rival Rain in a singles battle, but also has to select a new Tag Team Championship partner to face Jana and Luscious Latasha, after her Boston Shore teammate Amber bowed out of wrestling because of “personal demons” – a phrase which wrestling fans are ever so familiar with. In addition, the former Tag Team Champions Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio do battle after months of circling around each other in a storyline that actually began a year ago when Tina was “attacked” before the 4th Anniversary, only for it to come out months later as being a big fake, while Belle chose Jazz as a partner to win the vacant championships.

The big undercard contest pits two thirds of the Midwest Militia – Sassy Stephie and Allysin Kay – meeting Brittney Savage and Alicia in a continuance from their War Games match at Breaking Barriers 2 last November, but the figureheads of both the Militia and Team WSU are the meat and potatoes of the show. (more…)

In Video: OVW’s Femmes Fatales

With OVW being named earlier this week as the new Developmental Territory for TNA Wrestling (which we covered in this week’s Roundup), it’s probably apropos that we dedicate this weekend’s “In Video” segment to a few of OVW’s women’s division. It remains to be seen whether TNA will actually pick new Knockouts from this existing talent pool or they’ll “sign” indy prospects and assign them to OVW for training – but for the last five years or so, Danny Davis and OVW have had a Women’s Title that can claim former champions such as Beth Phoenix, Serena Deeb and Katie Lea (now TNA’s Winter) as former champions. Lee’s Roundup shone the spotlight mostly on the STDs and the Blossom Twins (including biographical details on all four), so where better to start than a tag team match featuring those two teams?


ArenaChicks results from Gathering of the Juggalos

It was always going to be a pretty ambitious start, but it seems like it has paid off for Amber O’Neal’s ArenaChicks project.

Throw together the elements of a midnight start, the fact that it was on the first evening of the Gathering of the Juggalos festival at Cave-In-Rock, IL featuring tens of thousands of visitors, and that it was the first real card that the promotion has ever put together, and the makings were there for it to fall over. However, it appears that everything went according to plan, and the best part about is that we won’t have to pay to see it. (more…)

Izza Belle Smothers wins the OVW Women’s Title

It’s been a pretty successful 8 days for Izza Belle Smothers. After winning the AIW Women’s Championship last Friday at Girls Night Out 4 as her alternative character Mickie Knuckles, Smothers went into Ohio Valley Wrestling‘s Saturday Night Special to challenge Lady JoJo for the Women’s Championship that she had held since August 28 last year. It was being billed as a big deal, as OVW was pre-selling the show with the main hype being Izza Belle v JoJo, though you can still pick up an autographed copy if you’re fast.

Presented to a sold-out crowd in Louisville, KY – so packed that extra chairs had to be brought in – Ringbelles‘ Jennifer Logsdon also swung by to see the match.

In Izza’s corner was her sister Jessie Belle, and in Lady JoJo’s corner was Taryn Shay. The match saw Izza getting the upper hand at first but after interference from Taryn, JoJo dominated for the most of the match. The crowd was hot the whole time and there were dueling chants for both women. Finally Jessie took out Taryn and Izza capitalised with a pump handle slam into a sit out power bomb to get the three count. Solid match.


ArenaChicks announces Juggalos card

ArenaChicks promoter Amber O’Neal has revealed the card for the promotion’s first ever show, which is due to take place at midnight on Thursday August 11 as part of the Insane Clown Posse’s 4-day long Gathering of the Juggalos 2011 event at Cave-In-Rock, IL.

Throughout 2011, O’Neal has worked a number of the Juggalo Championship Wrestling shows, and has formed a strong working relationship with the ICP, which has led to her gaining a slot at a festival which pulls in an average of more than 100,000 fans every year.

Previously, the matches compiled for the debut volume of ArenaChicks were amalgamated from a number of different shows hosted by CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, based in Burlington, NC. This will be the first full-blown card put together by the promotion, with five matches announced for the twilight show, and it looks to be a strong lineup:

Amber O’Neal v Jessicka Havok
Sassy Stephie v Brittany Force v Allysin Kay
Angel Orsini v Josie (Sojo Bolt in TNA, and Lady JoJo in OVW)
Epiphany & Jenny Star v Taryn Shay & CJ Lane
Jazz v Izza Belle Smothers


Ringbelles Roundup (2 August 2011)

Sara Del Rey beat Claudio Castagnoli at CHIKARAsaurus Rex: King Of Sequel, night 2 in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Billed as BDK v BDK, the co-leader of the faction was taken down by a crucifix as part of the round robin tournament known as the 12 Large: Summit to crown a CHIKARA singles champion. The main story about it is that Del Rey and her buddy Daizee Haze are starting to recognise the contributions that they bring to the table of Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes and refuse to bow down to their so-called superior. Castagnoli and fellow BDK leader Ares urged Del Rey to “do the right thing” and lay down last Sunday so Claudio could get the easy win and put himself in a better position in the tournament. Refusing to dampen her strong spirit for competition, Del Rey fought for 13 minutes before getting the pinfall, putting her in a strong standing, considering she beat Icarus last month in Chicago.

Please note: NOWHERE in that storyline does it once mention that Del Rey is a woman fighting a man, and that this is a battle of the sexes. This is CHIKARA – where men wrestle women, and nobody bats an eyelid. It’s a showcase of the best athletes – which is why Del Rey is part of the tournament in the first place. She has proven that she is one of the most skilled grapplers in the promotion, and has earned her spot not due to (or in spite of) her gender, but because she is excellent at what she does. Likewise, Haze beats up the guys on a regular basis, and she is treated as a threat because of how she is presented. Her gender is irrelevant in the promotion, as the guys have no problem throwing her about just as much as she lays into them.

The problem I have is when it’s claimed that Del Rey’s win on Sunday is a victory for women over men, as it isn’t. It’s a victory for one wrestler over another. (more…)

All women’s wrestling convention in Philly this August

K&S WrestleFest is building up towards another of its wrestling conventions this August, but in a twist, this one will feature just women.

Four names have been announced for “A Hot Summer’s Night” at the Ramada Hotel at Philadelphia Airport on Saturday August 27: former WWF and AWA Women’s Champion and WWE Hall Of Famer Wendi Richter, reigning OVW Women’s Champion Lady Jojo (formerly known as Sojo Bolt in TNA and Josie in SHIMMER), former WWF Women’s Champion and Cauliflour Alley Club’s recipient of the 2011 Women’s Wrestling Award Rockin’ Robin, and the 6’9″ Isis The Amazon.

Tickets will go on sale in July, and more names are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, though t’s already been confirmed that Highspots and RF Video will also be there for all your merchandise needs. If you’re in the area or can get there, don’t miss this – Wendi Richter doesn’t make many public appearances, so take advantage of this opportunity to meet one of the most popular female wrestlers of the 1980s in person.

Click here for more information on K&S WrestleFest’s A Hot Summer’s Night.