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Ringbelles Retro: Lacey & Rain brawl around the building

Lacey Rain Gilda PasquilThey terrorised the wrestling world as the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew – and later as the International Home Wrecking Crew – but before they teamed up to run roughshod over rosters, Lacey and Rain fought each other. A lot.

Their careers ran parallel with each other from the start, with the pair scrapping in promotions including Mid American Wrestling, Steel Domain Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, IWA Mid-South and more. The contest for this week’s Retro comes from Neo Pro Wrestling in April 2004, and it’s a fight which spills outside the ring and into the fans due to its Falls Count Anywhere stipulation.

One thing which may surprise you is that Rain is wrestling babyface. Considering her nefarious antics in SHINE and SHIMMER, it feels really… foreign. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: First SHIMMER Champion crowned

Sara Del Rey Gilda PasquilIt was right around the time that SHINE Wrestling was crowning its first champion that SHIMMER posted up the deciding match to determine its first titleholder.

The first weekend in June 2007 saw SHIMMER hold a 16-woman tournament, with Sara Del Rey and Lacey making it to the finals. The American Angel made it to the last match by beating Cindy Rogers, Alicia and Dark Angel Sarah Stock, while the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew member got there by turning around a pretty crummy win-loss record up to that point to defeat Eden Black (remember her?), Nikki Roxx and Daizee Haze.

Of course, it was Del Rey who emerged victorious to become the first SHIMMER Champion, though if you don’t have volume 12, you can watch the final here – which also sees involvement from Rain, Allison Danger and Roxx. Click the jump to watch the full contest. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: A look back at Lacey

LaceyFor some reason, I thought of Lacey today, so that’s why we have her in this week’s Retro.

It’s been some five years since the mouthy heel from Minnesota bowed out of wrestling (barring a brief comeback for a solitary match in 2010) to continue with her studies – a vocation which would see her resettle in China – but she was instrumental in forwarding the women’s wrestling scene in the US. She was part of the women’s divisions in both Ring Of Honor and IWA: Mid South – the latter of which would see her win the IWA: Mid South/NWA Midwest Women’s Championship in the Volcano Girls tournament – and was in the main event of the first volume of SHIMMER: Women Athletes. No doubt, Lacey is a pioneer, and should be celebrated as such.

The match we have after the jump is from just before the start of SHIMMER on June 23, 2005 where Lacey took on future TNA Knockout – and current singles champion – Velvet Sky under her former guise of Talia Madison. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Before they were stars

Talia Madison with a sleeper on Mercedes Martinez. Photo: WEWWhen you’re starting out, you’re working everywhere you can to get experience and build a reputation for yourself. While you may not be so keen on the ethos of the show, if you can square it with yourself, then that’s all that matters.

Women’s Extreme Wrestling may not have the best of reputations – and we’re not keen on the sexual overtones on their shows – but in its defence, it was holding regular all-women’s shows in front of enthusiastic crowds and were shown on pay-per-view and released on video and DVD. As a result, it was a great place for aspiring female grapplers to get some more exposure – the good kind.

The video we have for you as part of today’s Retro is the full WEW Return of the PWO show from May 7, 2005, featuring a number of names who have gone on to bigger and better things. As well as established names like WEW Champion Jazz and Tammy Lynn Sytch, you can see women like Mercedes Martinez, ODB, Lacey, Amber O’Neal, Krissy Vaine and Simply Luscious. In addition, there are a couple who found fortune under different names such as Talia Madison (who is now Velvet Sky) and Cle-Ho-Patra (AKA Shelly Martinez, Ariel or Salinas). As mentioned – you may not agree with the ethos of the promotion, but it gave aspiring wrestlers the chance to do their thing, and for that, it may be worth giving it a chance and watching the video after the jump. (more…)

DVD Review: WEW Nude War Games (22 May 2007)

Women’s Extreme Wrestling hosts a five match card at New Alhambra Arena (ECW Arena) in Philadelphia, PA. Two championships are on the line – with one being a guarantee of seeing a title change due to it being vacant – as well as a Blindfold Match and a Hardcore Street Fight.

1. Lucy Furr defeated T.H.A.I. in a Blindfold Match when T.H.A.I. passed out in a “smother”.
2. Jazz made Christie Ricci tap out to an STF.
3. Annie Social & Sumie Sakai beat the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (Lacey & Rain) to win the vacant WEW Tag Team Championship. Sakai pinned Lacey with a schoolboy.
4. The Hardcore Street Fight between Amy Lee & Butch went to a no-contest.
5. Talia Madison pinned Angel Orsini with a tornado bulldog headlock to win the WEW Championship.

Lucy Furr (AKA Daffney) cheated in her Blindfold Match to beat T.H.A.I. Lucy took off her blindfold to attack her opponent, and nobody could admonish her as the ref is “blind” and doing a Stevie Wonder send-up. Lucy smothered T.H.A.I. with her bosom until she is unconscious, and even though she’s on her front, the ref counted her down.
Jazz beat Christi Ricci with an STF, which was apparently the same move she used to win on the previous WEW show.
Annie Social and Sumie Sakai won the vacant WEW Tag Team Championship by beating the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew. Sakai and Social are painted as a real odd couple with a real language gap.
Amy Lee and Butch (who is Canadian Jaime D, AKA Sirelda in TNA) go to a no-contest in their Hardcore Street Fight when the ref is sandwiched between them as they go through a table. Another ref throws the match out.
Talia Madison (AKA Velvet Sky) won the WEW Championship from Angel Orsini thanks to an assist from her manager Noel Harlow. Jazz then came out to stake her claim to the belt. (more…)

SHIMMER volumes 45 & 46 results (now updated with live observations)

We’ve had WSU; we’ve had Femmes Fatales, and now it’s the turn of SHIMMER as part of wrestling’s March Madness.

Cheerleader Melissa walks into these four DVD tapings as the SHIMMER Champion, while Ayumi Kurihara and Ayako Hamada hold the Tag Team Championship. Although no matches have been announced, we offered some thoughts about what could happen, but they are just musings and nothing more. We will all find out together how things will unfold.

Stew is in Berwyn, IL watching the shows live, and will offer up thoughts on the tapings later on. For now, we will bring you results as they happen, so keep refreshing the page to keep up with all the developments.

Click after the jump to dive in. It’s going to be a busy one. (more…)

Retro DVD review: SHIMMER volume 1

This retro DVD review is all ass-backwards. Instead of us doing a review of a show from days gone by, instead, it is the review which is old and it is of the (then) newly-released SHIMMER: Women Athletes volume 1 – a show that you can still buy as part of the Collectors’ Edition.

Back in February 2006, Stewart Allen decided to pick up a DVD of this new SHIMMER thing – based on Beth Phoenix v Allison Danger – and wrote a review for Figure Four Weekly. So let’s jump in the time machine and go back five and a half years to see what Stew’s first impressions of SHIMMER really were…


I was initially attracted to the idea of checking out the new SHIMMER promotion for the sole intention of being able to see Beth Phoenix in competition. I’ve been a fan of Beth’s in OVW for some time (where she works as the valet to Aaron “The Idol” Stevens) and while she’s quick to get physically involved in his matches, I’d never seen her wrestle a proper match. It was a further bonus that on this Volume 1 release, she happened to be facing Allison Danger – one of the relatively few other women I know from the US indy circuit. So, the promise of some Phoenix/Danger action coupled with the fact that the promotion name was based on a song title by one of my favourite bands (“Shimmer Like A Girl” by Veruca Salt) meant that I actually laid down some dollars and ordered a DVD from Yay me.

I’ve got to say, I was very surprised to hear that the DVD is reportedly one of ROH’s fastest selling DVDs of all time. “Why??” asked a friend of mine when I told him this piece of information. I honestly didn’t know. I know why *I* bought a copy – but what was the attraction for everyone else? Either way, I unwrapped the DVD with some excitement tonight and stuck it in the machine. Fingers crossed it won’t suck. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: The Women of Honor

OK, first off, as a Brit, it hurts to write “Honor” without a “u”, but there we go. Anyway, to business.

Ring Of Honor is an utter sausagefest these days. Daizee Haze and Sara Del Rey, who were featured on a semi-regular basis on ROH on HDNet, have been removed from the roster page, with only Mia Yim still there, and she is a valet for the Embassy, so she isn’t even wrestling. Coupled with the distancing of the promotion from SHIMMER, it seems as if you’re cursed with having two X chromosomes, you’d better go and wrestle elsewhere.

It hasn’t always been this way though. As previously mentioned, Del Rey and Haze regularly wrestled on ROH TV, usually against talent who had been brought in such as Nikki Roxx, Rachel Summerlyn and Taeler Hendrix, but even that was a shadow of how things were five years ago, when ROH’s Women Of Honor – comprised of Del Rey, Haze, Allison Danger and Lacey. Each was associated pretty closely with a male wrestler (Bryan Danielson, Delirious, Christopher Daniels and Jimmy Jacobs respectively) and in some cases, were the female foil – Del Rey used the same music as Danielson, and Danger had the same entrance pose as Daniels, for example. However, when they got into the ring, they would not just put on 4 minute squash affairs or pointless exhibitions – they knuckled down and got on with wrestling. (more…)