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Ringbelles Roundup (6 September 2011)

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. – Warren Buffett

On Sunday, the Bella Twins must have over-indulged as part of Labor Day weekend. They decided to take .357 Magnums, aim them square at their own feet and pull the triggers until they went click. writer Katie Raymond wrote an article about the Divas of Doom, asking if they were a solution or foil to what is perceived as the Diva-norm portrayed by the likes of Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and the Bella Twins.

In the article, Raymond wrote:

Stinkfaces. Booty poppin’. If you’re a purist about a woman’s place inside the WWE ring, you might be wondering what Fabulous Moolah is thinking looking down on the Divas division. Would the iconic figure chalk up the current flux of the division on changing times, or would she say, “Someone needs to save this”?

Beth Phoenix and Natalya, the “Divas of Doom,” think so. However, are The Glamazon and third-generation Diva just the two women to call “saviors”?

So does the Divas division need to be saved? Not just yet. But Beth Phoenix and Natalya are certainly doing their share to rejuvenate it.

Taking this as some kind of personal insult, Diva supporters took to Twitter to bombard Raymond with vitriol, insults and threats for writing a KAYFABED article on the company’s KAYFABED website. The number of filters that this would have had to have gone through is ridiculous, yet fans got all butthurt about it, seeing it as a personal insult against the girls, instead of as a piece to fluff up the storyline between the Divas Of Doom and the rest of the roster – and it really needs it, as the storyline has lost so much steam since SummerSlam’s Phoenix v Kelly match that it makes you wonder if WWE had a plan for after the match. While the reaction of the fans was silly, it was expected to a certain extent. However, everything went into meltdown when the Divas themselves started talking about it like it was real. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (16 August 2011)

So it’s official; Melina’s return to indie wrestling will be on November 19 at Women Superstars Uncensored’s Breaking Barriers II iPPV where she will wrestle fellow ex-WWE employee Serena Deeb. WSU made the match official in its press release yesterday, where it claims “Melina, who has a very storied career in WWE, wants to prove to the world that she is not just a diva, but a full-fledged womens wrestler. She will get that opportunity on 11/19. Serena is calling herself “The Best in the World”. We’ll find out if that rings true on 11/19 in this first time ever one-on-one clash.”

In theory, this is will be a comfortable return for Melina to a different style of action than you normally see on WWE TV, as she and Serena can work a half WWE, half indie style. It’s a decent idea, considering she has not been on the indie scene since 2004, a mere three years into her wrestling career. It’s also Melina’s best opportunity to create a new first impression…

32-year old Melina Perez has a reputation for being troublesome behind the scenes, with a number of reports from a number of different sources – some of them could be true, some of them could be phoney. However, after a number of reported incidents, it becomes ever more likely that the next incident will be more readily believed, regardless of its validity. Melina polarises opinions – some think she is excellent, others think she is more trouble than she is worth – but she has a chance to sell herself to a fresh set of eyes on November 19. In essence, she has an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and give us the chance to see that she is taking wrestling seriously, and is willing to muck in and work towards presenting a better product for women’s wrestling fans. (more…)

SummerSlam: Kelly beats Phoenix

Over the last few days, this website asked if Kelly Kelly v Beth Phoenix at SummerSlam would match up to Alundra Blayze v Bull Nakano at SummerSlam 1994. It didn’t, but it did not disgrace itself either.

We also proposed that one of the likely outcomes would be for Kelly to squeak out a win after suffering a beating during the match… and that’s exactly what happened.

The ending came when Kelly reversed Phoenix’s Glam Slam by rolling through for the victory roll (pictured) after a spirited seven minute contest that was a million times better than the farce at Money in the Bank.

So let’s dig a little deeper into the match and decide what was gourmet food, what was fast food, and what was dog food… (more…)

Will Beth/Kelly match up to Blayze/Nakano?

OK, the title is probably a silly question, but there is always a chance.

If you have never seen Alundra Blayze (AKA Madusa) v Bull Nakano from SummerSlam 94, you HAVE to take 11 minutes out of your life before tonight’s pay-per-view to watch this. The match came about after the late Luna Vachon had failed in trying to wrest the WWF Women’s Championship from Blayze’s grasp, so decided that if she could not do it, she would bring in someone who could – the 220lb Nakano, who had fought with Blayze when she was predominantly wrestling in Japan earlier on in the decade. (more…)

Plan B(eth)

Beth Phoenix meets Kelly Kelly with the latter’s WWE Divas Championship on the line this Sunday at SummerSlam, in a match that is more of a feud starter than a feud ender. After all, the pair have only been at each other’s throats for two weeks, so it’s hardly like there is bad blood involved. However, played correctly, this is a storyline that could involve a large number of the women of WWE, and create some longevity for a division that was rudderless and floundering, and had been that way since May.

It was late in that month when WWE’s plans for the Divas went totally awry because of the unexpected pregnancy by Kharma, which scuppered the planned storyline with her ploughing through the competition en route to winning the Divas belt, before coming up against some opposition – most likely from Kelly herself, who would get battered, come back for more, get battered some more and eventually defeat her to win the championship. After all, the storyline was going in the direction that Kharma wanted Kelly, but would let her stew while she demolished through the rest of the division. However, when that could not happen, there was no backup plan put into effect for a while, except to get the belt onto Kelly as soon as possible. She had been looking likely to win the belt since her programme with Vickie Guerrero earlier this year on SmackDown, and successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title for Edge during a mixed tag team match.

In all honesty, WWE was probably a little late in putting the belt on Kelly, as she was white-hot in February, but had cooled slightly by the time that she was drafted to Raw. Still, she was due a run with the belt, and won it from Brie Bella after being chosen by the fans to face her as part of the Power To The People episode of Raw on June 20. A successful (yet terrible) defence at Money In The Bank just highlighted that if Kelly was going to be taken seriously she needed a proper challenge, and for fans to believe her reign was in jeopardy. WWE needed an intimidating wrestler to take on the champion and push her outside of her obvious comfort zone.

Enter Beth Phoenix. (more…)

Kelly retains at Money in the Bank

It was the worst match at Money in the Bank by a long way, and nobody would have bought the show to see it, but Kelly Kelly retained the WWE Divas Title over Brie Bella in the second match of the show.

Brie spent much of the match working over Kelly’s abdominals after faceplanting her on the arena floor from the apron before Kelly fought back and claimed the victory with her K2 finisher.

Eve Torres accompanied Kelly to the ring after the angle on Monday’s Raw where she was beaten down by the Bellas after Kelly defeated Melina, but had absolutely no impact on the content of the match or the outcome.

It seems pretty redundant, as it was a fairly throwaway contest, but let’s look again at what was thumbs up, what was thumbs down, and what was thumb in my arse then into my mouth… (more…)

Melina’s doomed

Anyone see Raw this week? I mean besides the awesome stuff with CM Punk? I mean, the Divas match in particular between Kelly Kelly and Melina, with a post-match beatdown by the Bella Twins on Kelly and Eve Torres? Anyone see how Melina joined in with the beatdown? No?

That’s because it didn’t happen. The two-time Divas Champion and three-time Women’s Champion was left in the shadows after being defeated in 100 seconds by Kelly, having only got in three moves, and two of those were kicks. It could be claimed that the match was short – so short that Melina was introduced in the ring and din’t even get to do her signature entrance with the paparazzi and the splits – because the show was overrunning. Some would say it’s a big push for Kelly, given that she is the Divas Champ right now, and that she has a title defence this weekend on the Money in the Bank pay-per-view against Brie Bella - and that’s all true. However, Kelly could have beaten any number of women on the Raw roster in what was effectively a squash match – Maryse would have been perfect for that role. It is telling that WWE chose to send out Melina – its former golden girl, the woman who was the figurehead of the division for years and the woman who has seemingly been in the Diva doghouse for all of 2011 – to lie down… (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (5 July 2011)

Nanae Takahashi could have chosen to wrestle anyone in her 15th anniversary match. After all, she is one of the founders of STARDOM – a promotion formed in late 2010 to help season the younger generation of aspiring joshi stars and train up new ones from different aspects of the entertainment industry, such as Yuzuki Aikawa, who had been a model, ballet dancer, and girl group singer. Takahashi could have picked any woman from any promotion in Japan, seeing as many promotions share and exchange talent these days. However, the 32-year old decided that instead of picking a domestic star to take on, she would select someone who has never wrestled in Japan before – the Women Superstars Uncensored World Champion Mercedes Martinez.

We’ll get to Martinez in a moment, but first, a quick biography of her opponent on July 24 in Tokyo, and the promotion that is her current pet project.

Takahashi debuted in 1996 at the age of 17, and shot out of the blocks, winning two All Japan Women tag team titles in two years. Taking the bull by the horns in the previous decade, Nanae started 2000 by winning the AJW singles gold on March. She followed it up over the next 10 by winning the WWWA singles and tag titles (her first WWWA solo title win was over Ayako Hamada on May 11, 2003), and was the singles champ when the promotion folded in 2006.

During that year (which was also her 10 year anniversary, in case you weren’t keeping track) announced her intention to start her own promotion. That promotion was Pro Wrestling SUN, which still exists to this very day, under the handling of one Allison Danger and is based in the US. At the time, the promotion recognised the AWA Women’s Championship and had Takahashi as its champion, though she lost it to Amazing Kong, who then entered a war with then-NWA World Women’s Champion MsChif.

After SUN entered inactivity in 2008, Nanae won the NEO singles and tag titles, the Ice Ribbon Triangle Ribbon and International Ribbon Tag Team Titles, and even the JWP Openweight championship. As you can tell, this is a woman who has had her fair share of success. And other people’s share. And on July 24, Takahashi could add another title to that list of accomplishments – the newly created World of STARDOM championship. (more…)

Randy & Kelly: What YOU can do

It seems many people have an opinion on this radio interview that Randy Orton was a part of where he went into details about Kelly Kelly’s sex life and how many colleagues she’s allegedly slept with. Much of the debate is about equality and whether Orton should be reprimanded for his actions, regardless of a limp-wristed Twitter apology which he issued yesterday. Others are talking about how WWE won’t punish Orton because he’s one of the company’s draws, but if the roles were reversed, then Kelly would have been de-pushed. The thing is, a lot of what has been said is the equivalent of shaking your fist at the sky. If you really don’t like the Boys’ Club nature of WWE, you, the viewer, do have an option – stop consuming WWE.

Buying a ticket to go to a SmackDown show to boo at Orton for what he said is counterproductive. He doesn’t care that you’re booing him for a couple of reasons – most notably, your voice is going to be drowned out by the cheers of people who have heard nothing about this episode, or don’t care about it; and you’ve already paid to get in, so you’ve put more money in his pocket. Likewise, watching the show on TV and shouting obscenities at the screen or taking to the internet and bitching about him won’t make any difference, other than winding yourself up. WWE is a business, and consequently, you have to attack them in a language that they will understand – dollars and cents. (more…)

Kelly Kelly wins Divas Championship

It’s about a year later than she exclusively told us she wanted it to be, but Kelly Kelly finally won the WWE Divas Championship on this week’s Raw.

As part of the three hour Power To The People edition of the show, Kelly was voted into the title match against Brie Bella with 53% of the vote, beating out out Beth Phoenix (36%) and Eve Torres (11%). Kelly used a victory roll on Brie, which was reversed, but Kelly reversed it back to gain with winning pinfall.

While we’ll have a more comprehensive analysis of the result in the Roundup later, we have mixed feelings about it all. Obviously, it makes sense for Kelly to have the belt – after all, she is the most over woman on the roster. She’s in Maxim’s Hot 100, has been doing the rounds at E3 this month to help promote the new WWE ’12 videogame, and is the kind of company girl that WWE likes, much like Torres. She’s also been in WWE for five years, and everyone eventually get a turn with the belt. Rosa Mendes must be rubbing her hands somewhere…

However, with her being the most popular woman there, would it have not been worth writing a programme for Kelly and the Bellas to lead up to a pay-per-view match? It may not have generated a huge amount of extra buys for the show, but every single buy is worth it, right?

Regardless, congratulations to Kelly. After plugging away for all this time, she deserves a run with the Divas Championship.

Over The Limit: Brie retains, Eve attacks Cole

In what turned out to be a pretty nothing pay-per-view, Brie Bella retained her WWE Divas championship by beating Kelly Kelly. Well, we say Brie, but it was actually Nikki Bella who scored the pinfall after the twins switched places for the finish.

As has become customary for these pay-per-views here at Ringbelles, we break down what was good, what was not, and what was horrid. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (17 May 2011)

The Big News

Hide your kids, hide your wife – Wrestlicious is back.

On Monday, it was announced that the second season of TakeDown would be shown on a cable network owned by Viacom. That could mean it could be hosted on Comedy Central, an MTV channel, VH1 or even Spike – the channel which currently hosts TNA TV.

In the official press release, Union Square Agency, with whom Wrestlicious has formed this partnership, says it will provide sponsorship sales, television production, syndication, media sales, event extensions, venue selection, strategic partnerships and manage licensing and merchandising.

Wrestlicious launched on TV in the US and Canada last year, two years after host and producer Johnny Cafarella and Jimmy Hart teamed up with Jonathan Vargas, a 19-year old who won $35.3 million on the Powerball Lottery. The original concept for Wrestlicious was dreamt up in 2003 when Hart produced a pilot for Crush, which was exactly the same as what Wrestlicious is – a mix of cartoony wrestling with comedy skits spliced in. Featuring wrestlers like Melina, Lacey, Rain and Cheerleader Melissa, it had proper wrestlers as well as models who would be trained up – sound familiar? Some of the characters were even recycled – the Felony character was originally played in Crush by Melissa, but seeing as she was contracted to TNA at the time, Felony was played by Rain in Wrestlicious. (more…)

The Supplemental Draft – all the Diva news

There was precisely zero Diva action when it came to the initial portion of the WWE Draft on last night’s Raw. Eve Torres beat Layla in a complete stinker to earn Raw a pick, which led to Rey Mysterio to be shifted from SmackDown to the red brand, but that was all. As expected, today’s supplemental draft has seen some Divas switch sides.

See all the news after the jump: (more…)

Pack your bags! Predictions for Monday’s WWE Draft

It’s a little sooner than we had expected, but it’s WWE Draft time again – pretty much the only time of the year when the fact that there is separate rosters matters. After all, most of the time, wrestlers are on either show, and it makes a mockery of the whole practice.

But, for the benefit of Monday night, let’s accept that both rosters do their own thing and their paths do not cross, and we will try and do our best to guess what is going to happen (or successfully predict, if the change in Beth Phoenix’s roster affiliation in the address bar on her profile page is anything to go by).

Still, Stew, Jennifer and Lee have picked two Divas who they hope will make the jump – not necessarily predictions, but more reasons why someone deserves a move from the Raw to SmackDown, or vice versa.

Now, bear in mind – none of these choices have been discussed amongst each other. The selections you read below are completely independent, and haven’t been influenced by anybody else’s wants or guesses in any way. So with that said, let’s get to it… (more…)

Ringbelles TV Review (13-19 March)

A bumper week of TV in prospect here, kids. Not only do we have the return of Trish Stratus on Raw and Alissa Flash taking the Madison Rayne open challenge on Impact, we’ve got women’s matches on the secondary shows too (Superstars and Xplosion), so given that these shows actually feature longer matches, I had initially planned to deal with the “B” shows first, but believe it or not, my favourite match of the week was from the next level down, namely Florida Championship Wrestling, as AJ takes on her former NXT buddy Kaitlyn.


Ringbelles Report: Elimination Chamber – Trish returns, joins Tough Enough; Kelly reinstated

While there may have been no Divas match scheduled at Elimination Chamber, it featured a number of angles and announcements involving WWE’s women.

Jennifer watched the pay-per-view and fills us in with the details: (more…)

Ringbelles TV Review (30 January – 5 February)

Big news for TV wrestling this week, as females actually get to headline one of WWE’s two top branded shows, battling over the World Heavyweight Title (albeit in mixed tag action), the Knockouts go for knockouts, and someone, somewhere thinks that Tamina vs Melina would be a good match…

TV match of the week is an easy one, with the Smackdown main event of Edge & Kelly Kelly vs Dolph Ziggler & Laycool (in a handicap mixed tag match with Edge’s World Title on the line) taking top honours, thanks in large part to the performance of one Kelly Kelly…


Ringbelles PPV Review: Royal Rumble

Tonight’s Divas match at the Royal Rumble produced two surprises, but neither one turned out to be what many people expected.

Right as LayCool and Natalya were squaring off, Raw’s General Manager interrupted with a message for all three women. Michael Cole reads that with Teddy Long indisposed, the GM is in charge. This match is now a fatal four way: Natalya vs. Layla vs. Michelle McCool vs. the following Diva…

Perfect chance for Amazing Kong to debut, right? Wrong – instead we got Eve. Seriously? The audience seemed to be as confused as everyone at home. (more…)

WOW Podcast #4 with Kelly Kelly

Episode 4 with Kelly Kelly
So where in the world has the Women of Wrestling Podcast been for these last couple of months? Good question, dear listener… but while we ponder that one, why not sit back and enjoy a stopgap chat with WWE’s very own Kelly Kelly. Yes, you read that correctly. An abbreviated interview, but nevertheless, Lee had a lot of fun. Find out about breaking into the business, where she sees herself now and who her closest friends are on the road. Don’t forget to check out the Royal Rumble, on Worldwide PPV on January 31st. Also on the show, find out about the 2009 match of the year and news of a forthcoming all women’s promotion in the United Kingdom.
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