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Ringbelles Roundup (3 September 2013) – Wrestling internationally, Total Divas review, news & more

Savannah Summers AIWFemale Fight Season is creeping up on us and as more talent is announced for the shows, one thing that jumps out is the number of wrestlers who are making this first trips abroad to face new people, venture into new locker rooms and expand their horizons.

Let’s start with the women who are travelling to the United States. As we have mentioned on this website in the past, Nikki Storm is making the trip from Scotland to take bookings for SHINE, Women Superstars Uncensored and Absolute Intense Wrestling in the month of October, and was announced for SHIMMER this evening too. She is certainly making the most of her time in the US by working for as many of the major women’s groups as possible. Networking her way around the country will also help to attain new contacts, connect with new audiences and shift a lot of merchandise. Joining her as another fresh face in the US will be Australia’s Savannah Summers, who will also be part of AIW’s Girls Night Out tapings on October 6. Her announcement was somewhat out of the blue, as this is the first time that the six year pro will venture outside of her native country and ply her trade elsewhere. Considering her experience and character – her heel work is pretty great and she’s also likeable as a babyface – she should create a good impression with the crowd in Cleveland, OH. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (4 September 2012) – Ice Ribbon exodus, Cameron’s woes, WSU & more

As we reported at the weekend, Riho is leaving Ice Ribbon after being with the promotion for the entire existence of the company. She’s leaving following her match against Aoi Kizuki on September 23 to focus on her high school entrance exams. Now 15 years old, Riho debuted at the age of 8 and won the ICEx60 Championship when she was 12. When she returns, she says it will not be for Ice Ribbon but for her trainer Emi Sakura in Thailand.

Riho’s departure is the latest in an expanding list of wrestlers who have left Ice Ribbon in the last 12 months or so. Chii Tomiya (now Micro), Ray, Makoto and founder Emi Sakura have all said their farewells, while Dorami Nagano has been missing since June, Sayaka Obihiro hasn’t had a match since July and Hikari Minami is also taking some time away to prepare for high school. For the most part, none of these acts have been replaced, and precious few have debuted in the last year.

Some have benefited. Kurumi has come on leaps and bounds to the point where she is one half of the International Ribbon Tag Team Champions; Aoi Kizuki returned at Christmas and has been a smiling presence since then; Maki Narumiya has improved too, and names like Hamuko Hoshi and Maeri Naito have also had more attention bestowed onto them. However, the top of the card looks a little sparse these days, with ICEx60 Champion Hikaru Shida and Tsukasa Fujimoto heading things up, names like 14-year old prodigy Tsukushi the next level down (and presumably will also be thinking about school soon), and Narumiya and Kizuki also around there. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (28 August 2012) – the Aussies & Kiwis, April Davids & more

There has been a lot of focus on the continent of Australasia recently, and most of it centres around one kick-happy wrestler from New Zealand.

As we have documented, Evie has been catapulted into everyone’s line of sight, winning both the IPW Women’s and PWWA Championships in the space of seven days – the first in a triple threat match with Megan-Kate and Britenay, and the latter against Jessie McKay just last Saturday.

When approached for comment, the Auckland resident told Ringbelles:

Winning the IPW Women’s Title and then the PWWA Interim Title… words can’t pinpoint the feelings I felt over those nights. I was extremely emotional… a few tears were shed, and it definitely is the highlight of my career to date. I came away from both matches battered and bruised, but it was all worth it in the end… after five years, I finally feel like a champion.

The fans have also been rad… I can’t believe how much support I received through those tournaments, both online and in person. It was amazing!


Ringbelles Roundup (17 July 2012)

I’ve been concerned about the future of Pro Wrestling: EVE, as each show seemed to be becoming a stand-alone production. EVE v Ice Ribbon was a great weekend of action, but didn’t really offer much indication on what would happen next, barring the win streaks of Alpha Female and Nikki Storm. At No Man’s Land in February, there was only one advertised match, which was the title match with Jenny Sjodin defending against Alpha, and that ended inconclusively. Meanwhile in the Queen of the Ring tournament which was set up after the plans to crown new Tag Team Champions fell though, Nikki won, which only reminded us that she was the next contender, and didn’t offer much to speculate about for the next show. Then Alpha won the belt on a non-EVE show, which – while it was the right move – would have been best on the No Man’s Land card. In addition, attendances were less than stellar, which was a shame – doubly so for the EVE v Ice Ribbon shows, which featured some spectacular matches.

However, last Saturday, things slotted into place very nicely. (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE – Special Edition results (now updated with thoughts, Nikki Storm comments and photos)

Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s Special Edition show is about to start, with five women’s matches, interspersed with three men’s encounters from promotions across the country such as the Scottish Wrestling Allianceand Lucha Britannia. Earlier today, we looked at the EVE Championship match between Alpha Female and Ayesha Ray, but there are four other women’s contests on the card…

In what’s billed as a European Dream Match, former Champion Jenny Sjodin meets Blue Nikita, while twins take on twins when Hannah and Holly Blossom step into the ring with Leah and Kasey Owens. Rhia O’Reilly fights Kirsty Love to try and retain her slot on the EVE roster following a number of losses in the promotion, and Nikki Storm has her most high-profile match to date when she takes on TNA‘s Winter, Kat Waters.

We are at the Delphi Club in Surrey, England to see it all go down, so click after the jump for results as they happen, and don’t forget to keep hitting refresh. Also, we welcome your thoughts and comments below on the outcomes. (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE show taking shape

With three weeks to go until Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s next show, entitled “Special Edition”, the bulk of the card has been laid out – the most recent announcement being the EVE Championship match, which will pit current holder Alpha Female putting the belt on the line against Ayesha Ray, who you may know better as Amazon.

The match will be Alpha’s first defence of the title since winning it from Jenny Sjodin in April in London, following their double count-out draw six weeks previously at No Man’s Land. This match will be Ray’s first match in Eve since the title tournament weekend in April last year, and is winless in the promotion, so the declaration of her being the first challenger for Alpha’s title was a curious one among fans. The question was broached on Twitter as well as the SHIMMER forum as to what led to the decision to have Ayesha take on Alpha over other EVE wrestlers like Erin Angel or Shanna, and the promotion responded: (more…)

In Video: A European affair – Shanna v Jenny Sjodin

It’s been a month since “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna had surgery on her torn ACL, and progress has been… well, perfect. She has been rehabbing five days a week since the operation, and is already enjoying more mobility in her knee – going as far as bending it beyond 90 degrees. It seems as if the pioneering surgery which she opted for is paying dividends, and could see her back in the ring in remarkably quick time.

While checking on her progress, we got to thinking about how we don’t feature that many matches from continental Europe, and that should change, so here it is – a match from July last year featuring then-Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin taking on Shanna in French promotion Association Biterroise de Catch in Béziers. Keep in mind, Shanna has needed surgery on her right leg for the past year, so this match would have taken place just after the Portuguese flyer would have been told that she would have to go under the knife. (more…)

Fierce Females is coming to Scotland

Considering the wealth of talent in Scotland, this is a move that makes a lot of sense…

Glasgow-based promotion Insane Championship Wrestling is launching its own all-women off-shoot called Fierce Females, with its debut show scheduled for September. Already announced as being part of the roster are Scots Kay Lee Ray and Viper, as well as former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin, April Davids, Rhia O’Reilly, Erin Angel, Holly Rocamora and twins Leah and Kasey Owens. Considering they are also part of the main ICW roster, we should also expect to see Carmel Jacob and Sara Marie Taylor, and also Nikki Storm, who recently returned to the promotion as Miss Nicola Storm, looking to clean up the promotion and remove the violence and strong language associated with the product.

Fierce Females had a rocky start last week when it was announced under its original name of ICW: Femmes Fatales, though it was asked to change its moniker by the already-established Canadian promotion with the same name, and ICW agreed. It was a good idea, as some fans on the Facebook page it had set up had incorrectly assumed that the two promotions were connected. It was also a positive that the two groups could reach an amicable position, instead of it breaking down into a petty argument, so thumbs up to Fierce Females for handing the situation in a professional manner. (more…)

Alpha Female wins Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship

There is a new woman on top of Pro Wrestling: EVE. Alpha Female ascended to the top of the promotion’s ladder at this afternoon’s BritWresFest free charity show in London, England, which is a collection of matches from various promotions around the United Kingdom.

Described by Martin Bentley – who tweeted us live from the show – as a “really good match”, Alpha ended up securing the win with her Omega Slam finisher to defeat Jenny Sjodin and end her near 10-month reign as Champion.

The rematch came about because of the inconclusive ending at Pro Wrestling: EVE’s No Man’s Land show back in February, where both Alpha and Sjodin were counted out after they went through a table from the apron. The pair left on their own steam, but left uncertainty over who was the better wrestler.

This result also means that EVE’s next show on July 14 will see Alpha Female defend the title against Nikki Storm, the woman who currently boasts the longest winning streak in the promotion, and the only person to defeat the new Champion a year ago at the original title tournament. Storm’s string of victories was also extended today, as she defeated Pollyanna with a diving headbutt in Birmingham. (more…)

Pro Wrestling: EVE – No Man’s Land results (now updated with photos and thoughts)

It’s Pro Wrestling: EVE‘s first show in 2012, with a new number one contender being crowned and the EVE Championship on the line in the main event.

Titleholder Jenny Sjodin has held the title since last June and has five successful title defences under her belt, defeating Aurora Flame, Rhia O’Reilly, April Davids, Emi Sakura and Shanna & Davids in a triple threat match. She meets Alpha Female , who has a four match win streak in the promotion, teaming with Super Janey B to beat the Glamour Gym, then seeing off Hikaru Shida and Sara-Marie Taylor in singles action, before defeating Viper & O’Reilly in a three-way in October. In total, Alpha has only lost one contest in the promotion, falling to Nikki Storm in the semi finals of the original EVE title tournament last April.

Speaking of tournaments, eight women will meet to determine a new top contender for the title. In the quarter finals, Nikki Storm meets Hannah Blossom, while Hannah’s sister Holly takes on Sara-Marie Taylor. In the other bracket, April Davids faces Rhia O’Reilly, while Kay Lee Ray wrestles fellow Scot Carmel Jacob.

We will bring you results as they happen, so click after the jump and keep refreshing the page to keep up to date with all the goings-on live from the Delphi Club in Sudbury, England… (more…)

Queen to be crowned at EVE’s “No Man’s Land”

Pro-Wrestling EVE has announced the the crowning of a Queen as part of the supporting card at “NO MAN’S LAND: SJODIN vs ALPHA” event at Sudbury’s Delphi Club on this Saturday. The promotion will present an eight woman elimination tournament, to be dubbed Queen of the Ring, and will result in the crowning of a new #1 contender for the EVE Championship.

The full brackets were completed overnight, and we can now bring it to you. Click after the jump for a look: (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (17 January 2012)

When I looked at the card for the Bull Nakano EMPRESS retirement show, I was surprised at what I saw. Not the card itself, which looked very appealing, but the order in which the matches would take place. Unlike American shows which have a card, but barring the main event, you probably won’t know the exact order of the matches. When it comes to Japan, the match listing is usually the order in which those contests would take place. Surprisingly, the singles match featuring veterans and legends Ayako Hamada and Aja Kong would OPEN the show, while the final match on the card would be between two women with comparatively little experience – one had just three years under her belt, while the other had debuted just 15 months ago.

Having said that, the match between Ice Ribbon’s ICEx60 and International Ribbon Tag Team Champion Hikaru Shida and Wonder Of Stardom and one half of the Goddesses Of Stardom Yuzuki Aikawa put forth a hell of a contest, and proved that they were worthy of headlining the card. Even more surprisingly, 28-year old Aikawa won the match in front of 3000 fans at the Tokyo Dome City Hall – though that could be indicative of the potential influence that she could have on joshi in the future…

Despite being trained in taekwondo for ten years, Aikawa made her living before becoming a wrestler as a bikini model and a singer in a girl group, selling picture books, DVDs and CDs, mostly down to her beauty and curvy figure. However, she packed it all in just over two years ago to make the transition to becoming a professional wrestler – funny, in the western world, it usually works the other way around. A year after making the switch, she debuted on October 31, 2010 as part of her own card which she produced, taking on Nanae Takahashi. You would imagine that considering that it was her own card, it was her first match and that she is a pretty woman, she would be eased into the situation by a veteran of the business.

No such luck. Takahashi defeated her, and as part of the deal, beat the shit out of her. (more…)

EVE wrestlers on new training academy, plus video

It seems as if the wrestlers involved with Pro Wrestling: EVE, be they champions or rookies, are keen on the promotion’s new training academy which will launch in February, the day after the next EVE tapings on February 18, which boasts a main event of EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin taking on Alpha Female.

EVE will be holding a monthly wrestling school, and monthly live events, in conjunction with the British Wrestling Council in Hackney Wick, East London from February 19, and will run one Sunday per month. The wrestling school will take place during the day, with a live show in the early evening, and will be recorded, possibly for release for DVD. The Project Eden shows, as they will be known, will be separate from the main EVE shows, presumably with different story arcs. Any female wrestlers who want to take part are being urged to email promoters Dann and Emily Read at info@evewrestling to register their interest. (more…)

Pocket Volcano: What’s in a name?

When Beth Phoenix and Natalya turned heel back in August, WWE Diva fans held their breath. They seemed hell bent on turning the division upside down, separating themselves from the “models” like Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox and others. They christened themselves the Divas of Doom, or, alternatively, Sisters of Salvation, claiming that they were out to “save” the Divas division from princesses and perky blondes.

The storyline has mostly gone downhill now, for several reasons. It took Beth three matches to defeat Kelly for the Divas title. Even when she won it, at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, it was only after Natalya interfered by hitting Kelly in the head with a microphone. Hardly a dominant win. Creative also didn’t go nearly far enough with the storyline – Beth and Natalya still refer to themselves as “Divas”, they still do photo shoots, and they have been very selective in who they choose to go after. So far it has only been the faces such as Kelly, Eve, Alicia, AJ and Kaitlyn. If they were after the models, shouldn’t they also target Brie and Nikki Bella, as well as Rosa Mendes? Tamina was never a model, so there is a logical reason why they wouldn’t go after her.

Also, at the start, Natalya was presented as an equally dominant partner. However, her singles wins have been sporadic, at best – any match that she won was when she was in a tag team match with Beth. Lately she has lost out to Alicia on RAW, SmackDown and at the house shows. This weakens the concept of the dominant team they were originally made out to be. Now it seems like they are another version of LayCool. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (22 November 2011)

Since the last Roundup, Allison Danger has received another British stamp in her passport, and her luggage going home was a little heavier, as it contained the World Association of Women’s Wrestling’s World Championship belt. The 34-year old defeated Sweet Saraya for the vacant belt on Saturday – after Blue Nikita was stripped of the title – in the main event of WAWW’s The Return show, which was the promotion’s first card in two years, and its first all-women show in three. Danger won the belt with an armbar with manager Tommy Lee pushing against her for extra leverage out of the referee’s view. It was Danger’s sole win of the weekend, as she was beaten by Saraya the previous evening for the vacant Herts and Essex Wrestling Women’s title and was on the losing end alongside Liberty against Saraya and daughter Britani Knight on Sunday.

That tag team match was also Britani’s last match in World Association of Wrestling – her family’s promotion where the 19-year old made her in-ring debut at the age of 13 back in 2005. Couldn’t tell you what she’s doing next though… (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (18 October 2011)

On October 14, 2007, 10 women competed at TNA Bound For Glory to crown the first TNA Knockouts Champion. That Gauntlet Match was won by Gail Kim, who subsequently engaged in a series of matches with Awesome Kong which cemented TNA as being the place to be for women wrestlers who wanted to knuckle down and graft in the ring. It separated itself from WWE’s Divas division by having a wide range of different-looking women – from your Kongs and Kims to your ODBs, your Jackie Moores and your Roxxi Leveauxs. Most of them have come and gone – in Roxxi’s case, on a number of occasions – but through it all, there has been one woman who has been there uninterrupted. On Sunday, that woman became Knockouts Champion for the very first time.

30-year old Jamie Szantyr started out as a valet back in 2003 under names like Talia, Talia Doll and Miss Talia before settling on Talia Madison, soon forming a tag team with April Hunter, ironically called T&A. Before long, she was being booked around the country, winning her first championship two years later in Afa’s World Xtreme Wrestling in a battle royal. The following years saw her flirt with going to WWE, appearing as an extra on episodes of SmackDown and Heat, as well as wrestling Victoria on the latter show – Victoria was pretty much the test for most women in their tryouts, as Cheerleader Melissa and Mercedes Martinez also faced her in televised matches around the same time. Although unsuccessful in attaining an offer that way, she tried her luck in the 2007 Diva Search (which was won by Eve Torres), though didn’t make it through to the final 8.

By the time 2007 rolled around, Madison had been wrestling for four years, and she got her chance to be part of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s blossoming Knockouts Division. Although BFG was her first in-ring appearance, she featured in a couple of backstage segments and was also at ringside for Kong’s pre-BFG demolition of Kim on the go-home episode of Impact.

Soon after the Gauntlet match, Madison wrestled Kong and was soundly defeated, then changed her name to Velvet Sky so TNA could copyright it. As one of a slew of women who had just arrived, it was difficult for Sky to cut through, as compared to some of the other wrestlers, her skills weren’t as sharp – but what she had going for her was her stunning looks, and along with Angelina Love – who had changed her name from Angel Williams – she set out to carve her own niche in the Knockouts division. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (11 October 2011)

If you’re a women’s wrestling fan living in the western hemisphere, chances are you’ve had your fill of top in-ring action over the last two weeks. In the US, there was SHIMMER (results and thoughts here and here); Canada had nCw Femmes Fatales (detailed results here); and in the UK, Pro Wrestling: EVE collaborated with Ice Ribbon to present three shows over two days (results and photos here and here, and interviews here). While there were big names, such as Cheerleader Melissa, Serena Deeb and LuFisto who achieved or surpassed what fans have grown to expect of them, there have been some wrestlers who have managed to break into that next echelon of success and have opened up a new world of possibilities. In this week’s Roundup, I’ll be having a look at them.

The first to make an impact (lower-case I) was Athena, who turned babyface in SHIMMER as part of a double-turn which saw Mercedes Martinez go heel. In a pretty accurate homage to Steve Austin and Bret Hart flip-flopping sides back in 1997 at WrestleMania 13, Martinez got frustrated by the less experienced Athena refusing to stay down, and used a chair to attack her ankle in full view of the referee, intentionally disqualifying herself. Refusing to be beaten, Athena got on the mic to say she would be back when her leg was 100% again.

I’ve been harping on for a while now that Athena’s athletic, high flying moveset, attitude and look lend themselves to being a flashy yet tough babyface. In most promotions, she is portrayed as a heel, which she does well, but fans still applaud her when she executes some of her aerial moves – such as her springboard attacks, which virtually no other female in America does at the moment, and even fewer do it with such grace and ability. By turning her babyface, those reactions look set to become more passionate cheers, rather than applause of begrudging respect. As long as she keeps calling people hussies, keeps the swagger and tempers the flying to make it mean more when she does it, Athena looks set to be a massive star in SHIMMER. Granted, she is a multi-time American Joshi Champion in Anarchy Championship Wrestling, but the worldwide reach of SHIMMER will see her profile and stock shoot up in 2012. Best of luck to her. (more…)

EVE v Ice Ribbon: Day 2 results

Day two of Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon is underway with a double header, kicking off with a matinee show before the finale this evening.

Matches that we know are taking place on tonight’s card include Shanna challenging Hikari Minami for the ICEx60 Championship – decided after Shanna and Erin Angel‘s loss to Emi Sakura and Minami on last night’s show – and Sakura will challenge Jenny Sjodin for the EVE title after the Female Fight Machine retained the belt by defeating her tag team partner April Davids in the main event.

Speaking of Davids, she is most likely not going to be wrestling on today’s shows after suffering a suspected broken ankle during her match with Sjodin. She originally damaged it while receiving a superplex, and was made worse when she dived from the top rope to the outside onto the champion. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Click after the jump for the results of the matinee show. (more…)

EVE v Ice Ribbon: Day 1 results

The weekend we’ve been waiting for since it was announced back in April: Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon, featuring some of the best wrestlers in Europe against some of the best joshi talent in Japan. Later of this evening, EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin (who became a double champion in August when she defeated Aurora Flame for the NWWA Championship) will defend against her Northern Shooters tag team partner and European Empire teammate April Davids.

However, before the three #EVEvICE (as it is being hashtagged on Twitter) events take place, with the first starting this evening, Southside Wrestling Entertainment are holding a matinee show at the same venue – Gym Combat in Nottingham – with the four Ice Ribbon competitors facing each other in tag team action, with Emi Sakura and Hikari Minami defeating Hikaru Shida and Tsukasa Fujimoto, with Sakura getting the pinfall on Shida following a moonsault.

Click after the jump for more photos from this afternoon’s exhibition tag team match as well as the results and subsequent thoughts of night one. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (4 October 2011)

Well, that’s SHIMMER all over with for 2011 (see the complete results and extra thoughts by clicking here and here), but the flood of quality women’s wrestling doesn’t end there. This upcoming weekend sees two great promotions in two countries – nCw Femmes Fatales have a card on Saturday which sees International Champion LuFisto defending her title against Kalamity, with a distinct possibility of a title change, though instead of explaining it – and the rest of the card here, check out the latest edition of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast which will be online later today.

So let’s focus on the other promotion hosting three separate events over Saturday and Sunday in Nottingham, England.

Pro Wrestling: EVE has undergone a changing of the guard since the last time it ran a full show in April. At that time, Britani Knight became the first EVE Champion by wrestling five matches to win the title tournament, but lost the belt on her second defence to Jenny Sjodin under a series of circumstances that led to she, her mother Sweet Saraya and World Association of Wrestling breaking away. Things have stabilised since that warm June evening in Morecambe – Sjodin has become a double champion by adding the Norwegian Women’s Wrestling Alliance title to her collection by defeating Aurora Flame in a title for title affair, and is pitted to take on her teammate in the European Empire group – as well as her Northern Shooters tag team partner – April Davids with the EVE Championship on the line. (more…)

Faye Palmer; UK wrestling’s best representative?

Faye Palmer is two days into her Big Brother experience, and the good news is that she is not standing out from the pack. In the early days and weeks, that is undoubtedly a good thing; stay under the radar while the loud and obnoxious arses are made to look stupid by the producers putting the show together, are nominated for eviction and eventually kicked out, and then you can come out from the shadows and make a run for the win. Very seldom does someone come in like a ball of fire and make it to the end, as they burn themselves out too quickly.

She has already attracted the attention of celebrity housemate Pamela Anderson, who invited her and four other of the 14 housemates to join her for some VIP one on one time to impress her, with the winner being given special privileges, though we don’t know what perks they will be yet. Each housemate also had the chance to “speed-date” with Pamela, with Faye managing to make it to the 15 minute allotted time without being dismissed by the former Baywatch star.

I got a brief minute to catch up with Faye’s older sister Jemma after her appearance at New Scene Wrestling, where she discussed what she knew about Faye going into the house. The answer; not much.

So, thumbs-up for first impressions INSIDE the house – but what about the impression that she can create OUTSIDE of it? After all, here is a beautiful, driven, athletic professional wrestler on an established TV show that pulls in millions of viewers every day. If there was ever a chance for a representative to show wrestling in a positive and somewhat glamourous light, this is surely it. (more…)

Jenny Sjodin becomes a double champion

Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin is celebrating for two reasons: breaking her duck against rival Aurora Flame and taking the Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance Championship in the process. The “Female Fight Machine” came out on top in the title v title affair at SWS Pro Wrestling in Malmo, Sweden tonight. Sjodin had been 0-2 against Flame, after being defeated in the NWWA Championship tournament final in May, then lost again in the rematch days later. However, Sjodin’s cross-armbreaker submission hold proved to be too much for the Nokia, Finland native, who tapped out and surrendered her title to the victor.

Our first knowledge of the result came via Sjodin’s Twitter account. Judging from her reaction following the event, we’d say that the Swede was pretty happy with the victory:

Yes, yes, yes, I now hold two of the most prestigous wrestling titles in Europe. Best Night Ever :D (more…)

April Davids is training with Ice Ribbon

In what you could call something of an infiltration ahead of Pro Wrestling: EVE v Ice Ribbon in October, April Davids is in Japan to train at the Ice Ribbon school, reporting to Saitama earlier today and catching the 19 Pro broadcast.

The 20-year old from Manchester flew out earlier this week to sharpen herself up over the summer ahead of the big weekend in Doncaster on October 8 and 9. At the moment, it’s not clear what role Davids will play in Ice Ribbon – whether she will be solely training or if she will be wrestling on any of their thrice-weekly cards, for example.

April has been a fan of Japan and their style of wrestling for some time, even naming Akira Hokoto as her dream opponent during an interview with LadySports back in March 2009.

Known as the Lancashire Terrier and standing at a mere 5’1″, Davids is one of the toughest female grapplers in Britain. She has always been into sports, and trains in kickboxing, tae kwan do and boxing as well as wrestling, which has served her well in the Catch Division of EVE. She is currently one half of the Northern Shooters tandem with EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin, and is part of the larger European Empire faction with Shanna, Jetta and Nikki Storm. As well as wrestling for EVE, Davids counts FutureShock Wrestling as one of her home promotions, competing in the gauntlet match to crown the promotion’s first Women’s Champion last month.

She’s also got hollow legs, if this video is anything to go by…

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Ringbelles Roundup (5 July 2011)

Nanae Takahashi could have chosen to wrestle anyone in her 15th anniversary match. After all, she is one of the founders of STARDOM – a promotion formed in late 2010 to help season the younger generation of aspiring joshi stars and train up new ones from different aspects of the entertainment industry, such as Yuzuki Aikawa, who had been a model, ballet dancer, and girl group singer. Takahashi could have picked any woman from any promotion in Japan, seeing as many promotions share and exchange talent these days. However, the 32-year old decided that instead of picking a domestic star to take on, she would select someone who has never wrestled in Japan before – the Women Superstars Uncensored World Champion Mercedes Martinez.

We’ll get to Martinez in a moment, but first, a quick biography of her opponent on July 24 in Tokyo, and the promotion that is her current pet project.

Takahashi debuted in 1996 at the age of 17, and shot out of the blocks, winning two All Japan Women tag team titles in two years. Taking the bull by the horns in the previous decade, Nanae started 2000 by winning the AJW singles gold on March. She followed it up over the next 10 by winning the WWWA singles and tag titles (her first WWWA solo title win was over Ayako Hamada on May 11, 2003), and was the singles champ when the promotion folded in 2006.

During that year (which was also her 10 year anniversary, in case you weren’t keeping track) announced her intention to start her own promotion. That promotion was Pro Wrestling SUN, which still exists to this very day, under the handling of one Allison Danger and is based in the US. At the time, the promotion recognised the AWA Women’s Championship and had Takahashi as its champion, though she lost it to Amazing Kong, who then entered a war with then-NWA World Women’s Champion MsChif.

After SUN entered inactivity in 2008, Nanae won the NEO singles and tag titles, the Ice Ribbon Triangle Ribbon and International Ribbon Tag Team Titles, and even the JWP Openweight championship. As you can tell, this is a woman who has had her fair share of success. And other people’s share. And on July 24, Takahashi could add another title to that list of accomplishments – the newly created World of STARDOM championship. (more…)