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Bunch of Fives – Drafting GFW’s Women’s Division (Part Two – The Rest of the World)

GFW LogoYesterday, we posted the first of a two-part edition of the Bunch of Fives where we looked at women who we believe would be both suitable and valuable additions to roster of the upcoming Global Force Wrestling promotion – wrestlers who have great promise but have never been exposed on either WWE or TNA TV. Part one featured a quintet of grapplers who are based in the United States, but considering GFW is “searching the United States and international ranks in search of undiscovered talent” as the press release asserts, we thought it would be prudent to take a look at five women from outside the US who could make a big impression.

As with yesterday’s piece, these are merely speculative and are no allusion to the search which Jeff Jarrett and wife Karen are currently undertaking, but one who we feel would be prudent selections. You may agree or disagree – and as always, we encourage you to sound off with your opinions in the comments section. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (26 March 2013) – Bellatrix growth, Femmes Fatales XI, WrestleMania

Bellatrix rosterNot making it to Bellatrix 5 in Norwich, England on Sunday may have been unfortunate, but it did provide me the opportunity to utilise the option to watch the show on iPPV. Considering a lot of the changes from Bellatrix 4 last November were being done because of this one being broadcast live, it was interesting to be able to assess if those changes were successful.

They were.

Improvements to aesthetics like giant wall hangings of the roster, an improved entranceway, ringside barriers and more attention paid to start and running times were coupled with the venue being a purpose-built TV studio with full-scale lights and sound systems, the Epic Studios in Norwich looked vastly different to 5 months ago. The benefit of it being a proper studio also made it easier for the show to be streamed online, as the facilities to broadcast were all there, and had been tried and tested with previous unrelated shows. As a result, Bellatrix 5 was one of the slickest women’s wrestling iPPVs produced to date. (more…)

In Video: Allysin Kay atop AIW

Allysin Kay hasn’t done too badly for herself this year – Women Superstars Uncensored Tag Team Champion with Sassy Stephie, riding high in SHINE with Taylor Made, and dominating Absolute Intense Wrestling‘s women’s division as its champion.

Having already successfully defending the pink belt over Mia Yim and Crazy Mary Dobson, it was announced earlier this week that Kay will put her title up against top contender KC Warfield on November 23 in Cleveland, OH.

The match we bring to you today is the first of Kay’s defences from after winning the vacant title in a match against Yim, putting the belt up against Canadian Jennifer Blake. The pair met with the championship on the line on the second night of the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament on May 12. (more…)

Courtney Rush reinstated to NEO

We’ve covered the history between Cherry Bomb and Courtney Rush in the past here on Ringbelles. Their feud in the NEO Spirit Pro Wrestling has been raging for the past year and a half, with the dastardly Cherry getting the edge at the end of last year when she used the power of new owner and boyfriend Derek Wylde to get the Winnipeg native fired from the promotion, something which she covered during our Women Of Wrestling Podcast with her in February.

What followed was Rush’s #occupyNEO campaign, which she covered in the first episode of her Rush Hour podcast in order to politick a chance to be reinstated to NEO, but all her attempts were blocked by Wylde and Bomb to help them maintain control of operations and not rock the apple cart too much. However, Rush was thrown a lifeline at the hands of NEO’s special guest General Manager Bret “Hit Man” Hart, who gave Courtney one shot at redemption. The stipulation was “win and you’re in”, setting up a match for last night’s Hart of Darkness show at the Gale Centre in Niagara Falls, ONT – NEO’s biggest show in its history – with Rush teaming with Jennifer Blake against Cherry and Leah Von Dutch.

A spanner was thrown in the works when Von Dutch was given a chance to wrestle at the rebooted REINA x WORLD show on Saturday, meaning that she would be in Japan on that date, leading to Cherry Bomb being at a 2-on-1 disadvantage as match time approached. However, this being Cherry Bomb, she had a plan up her sleeve. (more…)

Courtney Rush challenges the Midwest Militia

It is probably the most mouth watering prospect in the whole working relationship with Women Superstars Uncensored and nCw Femmes Fatales: the Midwest Militia heading north of the border for Femmes Fatales IX in Montreal, Quebec to take on what Canada has to offer.

Comprised of the WSU World and Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok and Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie, the Militia have had their way in the New York/New Jersey area over the past six months, taking on and getting the best of the promotion’s most popular stars like Mercedes Martinez, Brittney Savage and Alicia. On July 7 – following the arrival of Femmes Fatales in WSU at the Uncensored Rumble V on June 16 when Kalamity takes on Sweet Cherrie – the Militia will work as a triumvirate in what is being described as a 6-Woman Awesome Fight against a team which is yet to be fully revealed, but we know who the captain will be – Winnipeg’s Courtney Rush,.

In a new video released by Femmes Fatales yesterday evening, Rush points out that she was the one who went to nCw to request a match against the trio of terror with a hand-picked team called the Rush Revolution, and said she would be keeping their identities a secret for now, though she does reveal that Sara Del Rey would not be one of them, as her SHIMMER Tag Team Championship partner is taking on Kalamity that night for the International Championship. She also compares herself to a rottweiler, though you should click the jump and find out for yourself what she means by that… (more…)

Review: AIW Girls Night Out 6 (15 April 2012)

Opportunity knocks for Mia Yim & Allysin Kay, promoted to the main event of Absolute Intense Wrestling’s Girls Night Out 6 in a match for the AIW Women’s Championship. Oh yes, and there’s that whole business of a broken nose to settle too.

1. KC pinned Miss Heidi with a Rydeen Bomb
2. Hailey Hatred pinned Leva Bates with a Running Liger Bomb
3. Melanie Cruise pinned Taylor Made with an Argentine Backbreaker faceplant
4. Death Match: “Crazy” Mary Dobson pinned Trash Cassidy with a rollup
5. Cherry Bomb pinned Sassy Stephie with a BSE
6. Taeler Hendrix pinned Annie Social (w/ Sammy Geodollno) with a schoolgirl
7. Jennifer Blake pinned Kimber Lee with a pump-handle Michinoku Driver
8. Sara Del Rey beat Veda Scott via submission to a YES! Lock
9. Hailey Hatred pinned Jenny Rose with a Tiger Suplex
10. AIW Absolute Women’s Championship: Allysin Kay pinned Mia Yim with a back suplex in an unsanctioned, no rules grudge match to win the vacant AIW Absolute Women’s Championship. (more…)

Allysin Kay becomes Champion at Girls Night Out 6

Against a backdrop of reported financial problems (spawning the twitter hashtag of #saveaiw), Ohio’s Absolute Intense Wrestling presented the sixth edition of their popular “Girls Night Out” series from Turners Hall, Cleveland, OH. You can get yourself up to date on what’s going on with AIW’s women’s division with website reviews of Girls Night Out 4 & 5, our exclusive Women of Wrestling Podcast with former AIW Women’s Champion Mickie Knuckles and our recent Fight Like A Girl audio show with debutante Taeler Hendrix.

Main-evented by Allysin Kay and Mia Yim, their rematch stemmed from GNO5′s nose-breaking incident which resulted in an unsanctioned no-rules grudge match for the currently vacant AIW Absolute Women’s Championship – a title held most recently by Knuckles. Click through to after the cut the results, collated courtesy of David Muscarella… (more…)

In Video: A little bit of Blake

Jennifer Blake returns to Absolute Intense Wrestling next Sunday for Girls Night Out 6, after beating Brittany Force then losing to Hailey Hatred at the original GNO on May 15, 2009, and being defeated by Jessicka Havok at GNO2 on October 10 of the same year. In 8 days time, she takes on Kimber Lee, who has gone from valeting at Combat Zone Wrestling to putting on the boots and stepping into the ring.

Girl Dynamite was touted as one of the next big things in women’s wrestling back in 2008 when she travelled from her native Canada to debut in SHIMMER: Women Athletes on volume 17. That seemed like a lot of pressure to heap on someone’s shoulders when they were starting out, and it showed, as nerves seemed to get the better of her in the early matches. However, Blake did have some good outings in the promotion, one of the notable ones being against Rain on volume 25.

As well as the aforementioned AIW bookings, working for Wrestlicious as Autumn Frost and a solitary appearance in Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Blake withdrew from wrestling in the US to try her luck in Mexico for AAA, where she briefly changed her name to Jennifer Blade before reverting back to her standard ring moniker. Starting out as a cohort of Konnan in rudo stable La Legión Extranjera, she hooked up with Christina Von Eerie, Sexy Star and Rain, and formed a splinter stable called Las Gringas Locas. As time passed, Von Eerie and Rain departed, leaving Blake and Sexy Star to cause havoc. (more…)

In Video: A Little Bit O’ Lucha

Last month, we featured an “In Video” post highlighting the cartwheeling Ice Ribbon sensation Ray as she captured the first CMLL-REINA Jr Championship in a match at REINA.12, defeating CMLL‘s own Zeuxis in a three fall match. Since then, the champion was busy, heading off to Mexico almost immediately thereafter for a several week long stay. During the course of the trip, she had cause to defend her newly won championship against another CMLL regular, Silueta. Any excuse to highlight Ray is fine with us – so check it out, why don’t ya?

Click through the link for another uniquely lucha match, this time from AAA, which gives new meaning to the term “Dark Match”

Ringbelles Retro: Was Wrestlicious really so terrible?

Wrestlicious had silly gimmicks, a hokey crowd, poor comedy interludes and the cheesiest commentary known to man.

On the flip side, you could say that it had pronounced and easy-to-recognise characters, an enthusiastic audience, was bright and vibrant, and gave female wrestlers another forum to gain exposure, wrestling matches that were often longer than anything you would see in WWE or TNA. In fact, on some occasions, the best women’s wrestling you would see every week would be on Wrestlicious, and that’s not a backhanded compliment either – the Wrestlicious Crown match between Felony (AKA Rain) and Glory (Christie Ricci) on the May 24, 2010 episode was easily the best women’s match of that week. So the question springs to mind – with things so inconsistent when it comes to the Knockouts and Divas and the standard rapidly dropping – especially so in WWE – did we really give Wrestlicious a fair crack of the whip?

Now, I’m not going to sit here and say everything was perfect – the “comedy” was pretty lame and the matches involving the models trained up to be wrestlers were poor, but when grapplers like Mercedes Martinez, Amber O’Neal, Nevaeh and others were given TV time, the results weren’t bad at all. Granted, it wasn’t up to the level of what you may see in WSU or SHIMMER, but it wasn’t offensive either. It set out to be a bit of bubblegum wrestling, and I reckon it achieved that. (more…)

Mickie James to appear in AAA

Lucha libre promotion AAA has announced that TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James will be appearing at its biggest show of the year, TripleMania XIX on June 18 at the Palacio de los Deportes (“Sports Palace”) in Mexico City, Mexico.

It made the announcement on its Twitter page earlier today:

MICKIE JAMES será la invitada especial en #Triplemanía XIX! Gracias por sus votos!

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, that translates to:

MICKIE JAMES will be the special guest in #Triplemanía XIX! Thanks for the votes!

We told you in yesterday’s Ringbelles Roundup about how AAA was running a fan poll to see which Knockout they would like to appear at TripleMania. Everyone exept Sarita was eligible (she couldn’t make an appearance, as she is contracted to rival promotion CMLL), and the people wanted Mickie.

This is the second year that TNA wrestlers will be appearing at TripleMania – last year, Beer Money, Christopher Daniels and Abyss competed on the show – but James will be the first TNA contracted female to be there. However, last year saw former Knockout Peyton Banks – under her more well-known character of Rain – team with Jennifer Blake and Sexi Star (as Las Gringas Locas) to beat Cinthia Moreno, Mari and Faby Apache.

You can find out more about AAA by clicking here.

Ringbelles Roundup (15 March 2011)

The Big News


Daffney is no longer a part of TNA – she issued a statement to Diva Dirt informing us of the situation:

Yesterday my picture was taken down off of the TNA roster page. My contract expires today and TNA did not renew it. I do not know if it has anything to do with it, but I’ve make a Worker’s Comp against them claim due to injuries I’ve sustained in the ring and my lawyers said to not go into anymore details.

Daffney hasn’t been seen in TNA in 2011. She is slated to appear at Anarchy Championship Wrestling Queen Of Queens on June 26 in Live Oak, TX and at a number of signing appearances over the next few months. Check out the We Want Daffney Facebook page to see if there is one near to you.

This situation does add some credence to this article though, which claims that working conditions in TNA are poor, and that you had better hope you never get hurt under a TNA contract, or you’ll be in trouble:

Angelina Love (who, as leader of The Beautiful People, has been one of company’s established ratings draws for years now) noted in a 2009 interview that she had suffered a very serious concussion at the TNA Lockdown PPV that had just taken place. (This was the in the triple threat cage match with Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde for the TNA women’s championship, in which Love landed wrong, hit her head and was completely out of it for the rest of the match. With things quickly turning into a shambles, Taylor then improvised a finish on the fly, so Love could win the Knockouts title as scripted. Despite the quick-thinking Taylor’s best efforts, the finish still looked awful: Love could barely do anything, and even standing and smiling with the title at the end seemed beyond her.) Love herself confirms this in the interview: “I was pretty much carried by four security guards to the trainer’s office. I was completely blacked out. I don’t even remember winning.” The interviewer then notes that TNA put her in a match two days later. Love, who has a history of suffering bad concussions, confirmed this, as well as noting: “You’ve got to make a living, so I was doing indie shows about 5 days later. It probably wasn’t too safe…” This story threw up several troubling questions in my mind: Why did TNA put her in a match so soon after what was a fairly serious head injury? What doctor in their right mind told her to get back in the ring just two days after suffering such a severe concussion? Did she even go see a doctor? Could she have afforded to see one?

Either way, we wish Daffney a speedy recovery, and good health and fortune for the future. For someone who gave their body to TNA and allowed herself to be put through tables and thumbtacks for our entertainment, she deserves some good fortune.


LuFisto described it as a “dream come true” – a year after they were originally scheduled to wrestle back on February 10, 2010 in the main event of Femmes Fatales II, the Super Hardcore Anime finally got the chance to take on Ayako Hamada at NCW: Femmes Fatales V last Saturday in Montreal. The two engaged in what’s been described a classic encounter over the Femmes Fatales Championship which saw LuFisto retain the title with a Burning Hammer.

Other notable results include Mercedes Martinez beating Kalamity, and Courntney Rush (the former PJ Tyler) defeating Cat Power in a Combat De Rue in what Power later informed us would be her last match. The Windsor, Ontario native is looking to go back to school and is also looking to continue her boxing training. Stew and I talked to Cat last week as part of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast – her final interview as an active wrestler. We at Ringbelles wish her nothing but the best for the future. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (08 March 2011)

The Big News

Tammy Lynn Sytch, known better to WWE fans as Sunny, is joining the WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2011.

38-year old Sytch has been involved in wrestling for close to two decades, and was a mainstay in the WWF between 1995 and 1998 – along with Rena “Sable” Mero and Terri “Marlena” Runnels she ushered in the era of the female valets, which then evolved into the WWF/E Divas.

Sytch started in Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1992 with her then-boyfriend Chris Candido, debuting as Hillary Clinton-idolising heel Tammy Fytch in 1993. She managed Brian Lee to the Heavyweight Title and then represented Candido before the couple jumped ship to the WWF in 1995.

She was teamed up with Candido to form the Body Donnas – a pair of fitness gurus who vowed to get everyone into shape and take care of the “out-of-shape opponents” put in front of Candido (now known as Skip). However, it was Sunny’s promos and manager character that saw her receive the lion’s share of the attention, so when Skip’s star started to fall, Sunny was turned into the “Manager of Champions”, being the only person to guide three consecutive pairs of Tag Team Champions – the Body Donnas (now with Zip partnering Skip), the Godwinns and the Smoking Gunns. Sunny also managed the Legion of Doom in 1998, but by then, she was trying the patience of WWF brass due to no shows and a reported abuse of painkillers and was released in July of that year. (more…)

WOW Podcast #12 with Rain

Episode 12 with Rain
We’ve got Rain on our birthday, but we don’t care~! Yes, it’s the podcast’s first anniversary, and we are pleased to welcome AAA luchadora Rain to the show. You want news? You want rumours busted? Come right ahead and get all the scoops direct from the Radiant one. Rain covers various stories relating to her current status with AAA, and gives the lowdown on the WWE tryout rumours, including who tried out and who didn’t. We talk Sexi Star, Jennifer Blake, which wrestler has hit Rain the hardest in her entire career, wrestling as FELONY~! in Wrestlicious, the full story behind her TNA run as Miss Payton Banks, confirmation on her status with SHIMMER, various upcoming plans, taking money from ringsiders, nut shots and lots of Home Wrecking hilarity. It’s hotter than a toaster, it’s the Women of Wrestling Podcast!!
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