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Faye Palmer evicted from Big Brother UK

Wrestler Faye Palmer has missed out on making it to the final week of Big Brother UK after being evicted on tonight’s live show, being greeted by a mixture of boos and cheers from the fans – not that it’ll be anything new to her, especially as she wrestled primarily as a heel as Darcy Steele.

Faye entered on day one, and was joined by older sister Jemma halfway through the show, though she chose to walk after 19 days.

During her time in the house, Faye struck up a relationship with fellow housemate Aaron, spending the bulk of time with him and occasionally sneaking off for steamy kisses, and admitted in her eviction interview that she was in love with him, though fans and fellow contestants have been sceptical of his true intentions, and didn’t choose him as her favourite to win.

Where Faye goes from here is up for debate. Clearly, the opportunities for her to work the media circuit will be a lure away from wrestling. Given the right exposure, she could be in magazines and on TV for some time. However, should she wish to return to wrestling, she could provide some mainstream celebrity rub if the promoters actually promote her appearance in the right way (as we discussed here). If anything, it may be best to have her work as a heel and have her be the arrogant female version of Hollywood Rock from 2003, believing that she is too big for the grap game. She could be very easily be turned into a hate figure.

Either way, Faye has a world of options available to her right now. We wish her all the best.

Jemma Palmer quits the Big Brother UK house

After more than a week of indecision, UK wrestler Jemma Palmer has decided to leave the Big Brother house, just 19 days after entering as a replacement for another contestant who decided to walk.

Here are the details from the Big Brother official Facebook page:

After days of weighing up her options, and many talks with Big Brother in the diary room, Jem decided that her time was up and made the choice to leave the House. She admitted to her fellow housemates that telling Big Brother she wanted to leave was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, but in the end she couldn’t cope with how her presence was affecting Faye’s Big Brother experience and the mood of the House in general.

As expected, Faye took the news particularly hard and was in floods of tears as Jem explained her reasons for leaving to her in the bedroom. Younger sister Faye sobbed that she couldn’t cope with all of this drama and said that she is seriously considering leaving the House herself.

The departure of the former Gladiator has repercussions for this week’s eviction, as she was one of the people being put up for the public vote, with the decision being announced on Friday. Obviously, that has now been scrapped, but click after the jump to see how this changes things. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (25 October 2011)

It’s been a broken biscuits sort of week – in that there is a lot of little things that have been going on – so instead of a big piece about one topic, this week I’m going to channel the energy of Stephen Colbert and utilise the Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger gimmick from The Colbert Report to pass some musings on some of the week’s stories.

First off, a Tip of the Hat to Eve Torres, who, along with her opponent Beth Phoenix, staged the best Divas match in years at WWE Vengeance on Sunday. Beth had pulled off some minor miracles with Kelly Kelly on the three previous pay-per-views, but none of them were as good as this match. It went to show that Eve has something to her and can hold up her end of the bargain when the bell rings. Admittedly, the crowd in San Antonio, TX didn’t care enough to make much noise during the match, but they did pop for the false finish of Eve countering the Glam Slam attempt and nearly winning the title with a schoolboy roll-up.

On the flip side though, a Wag of the Finger to WWE, who may have something with Eve, but haven’t given her a chance to develop any sort of character. Why should I give a flying fornication about her when I don’t know anything about her? In fact, she has gone from being unnoticed to being a shadow of Kelly’s, when it is patently obvious that she smokes Kelly in the ring. Who cares that Kelly goes into “Beast Mode” from time to time – it still feels phoney. Kelly has had a chance to develop more of a character this year and hasn’t accomplished it. The time has come for WWE to put some time and effort into Eve to make her more of a credible challenger to Beth, as those two could put on some more great matches in the weeks and months to come. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (11 October 2011)

If you’re a women’s wrestling fan living in the western hemisphere, chances are you’ve had your fill of top in-ring action over the last two weeks. In the US, there was SHIMMER (results and thoughts here and here); Canada had nCw Femmes Fatales (detailed results here); and in the UK, Pro Wrestling: EVE collaborated with Ice Ribbon to present three shows over two days (results and photos here and here, and interviews here). While there were big names, such as Cheerleader Melissa, Serena Deeb and LuFisto who achieved or surpassed what fans have grown to expect of them, there have been some wrestlers who have managed to break into that next echelon of success and have opened up a new world of possibilities. In this week’s Roundup, I’ll be having a look at them.

The first to make an impact (lower-case I) was Athena, who turned babyface in SHIMMER as part of a double-turn which saw Mercedes Martinez go heel. In a pretty accurate homage to Steve Austin and Bret Hart flip-flopping sides back in 1997 at WrestleMania 13, Martinez got frustrated by the less experienced Athena refusing to stay down, and used a chair to attack her ankle in full view of the referee, intentionally disqualifying herself. Refusing to be beaten, Athena got on the mic to say she would be back when her leg was 100% again.

I’ve been harping on for a while now that Athena’s athletic, high flying moveset, attitude and look lend themselves to being a flashy yet tough babyface. In most promotions, she is portrayed as a heel, which she does well, but fans still applaud her when she executes some of her aerial moves – such as her springboard attacks, which virtually no other female in America does at the moment, and even fewer do it with such grace and ability. By turning her babyface, those reactions look set to become more passionate cheers, rather than applause of begrudging respect. As long as she keeps calling people hussies, keeps the swagger and tempers the flying to make it mean more when she does it, Athena looks set to be a massive star in SHIMMER. Granted, she is a multi-time American Joshi Champion in Anarchy Championship Wrestling, but the worldwide reach of SHIMMER will see her profile and stock shoot up in 2012. Best of luck to her. (more…)

Jemma Palmer joins sister Faye in Big Brother UK

Rookie wrestler Faye Palmer‘s survived her first Big Brother eviction, and her reward for surviving is the entry of her sister, former Women Of Wrestling Podcast guest Jemma, who was offered a WWE developmental contract before it was removed last year.

20-year old Faye entered the house on day one on September 10, promising to not fall in love – only to form a close relationship with Aaron. She, along with best friend Maisy faced the public vote this week, with Faye being described as “emotionally volatile“, with one of her housemates saying she is unable to handle alcohol – understandable, considering she usually watches her diet due to her intensive training regiment, so she is probably a bit of a lush.

However, she may be kept on track by older sister Jemma, who could act as stabilising post in what is probably a very mentally intensive environment. Having been in the public eye before as Inferno from the recent remake of Gladiators, she has had more time to deal with constant scrutiny. (more…)

Faye Palmer; UK wrestling’s best representative?

Faye Palmer is two days into her Big Brother experience, and the good news is that she is not standing out from the pack. In the early days and weeks, that is undoubtedly a good thing; stay under the radar while the loud and obnoxious arses are made to look stupid by the producers putting the show together, are nominated for eviction and eventually kicked out, and then you can come out from the shadows and make a run for the win. Very seldom does someone come in like a ball of fire and make it to the end, as they burn themselves out too quickly.

She has already attracted the attention of celebrity housemate Pamela Anderson, who invited her and four other of the 14 housemates to join her for some VIP one on one time to impress her, with the winner being given special privileges, though we don’t know what perks they will be yet. Each housemate also had the chance to “speed-date” with Pamela, with Faye managing to make it to the 15 minute allotted time without being dismissed by the former Baywatch star.

I got a brief minute to catch up with Faye’s older sister Jemma after her appearance at New Scene Wrestling, where she discussed what she knew about Faye going into the house. The answer; not much.

So, thumbs-up for first impressions INSIDE the house – but what about the impression that she can create OUTSIDE of it? After all, here is a beautiful, driven, athletic professional wrestler on an established TV show that pulls in millions of viewers every day. If there was ever a chance for a representative to show wrestling in a positive and somewhat glamourous light, this is surely it. (more…)

Faye Palmer enters the UK Big Brother House

Moments ago, rookie UK female wrestler Faye Palmer became the twelfth person to walk through the doors of the Big Brother house to become a housemate on Channel 5′s first series of the long-running TV franchise. Palmer is the sister of the former Gladiator “Inferno”, Jemma Palmer, who is also an active pro-wrestler in the UK – and a former guest on our Women of Wrestling Podcast.

20-year old Faye (not 19 as it has been mentioned in the tabloids), who wrestles as Darcy Steele on the UK indy circuit, debuted professionally on May 27th of this year in Wolverhampton on an event promoted by New Scene Wrestling in a match against her sister Jemma. Ringbelles‘ Lee Burton had a chance to catch up with Jemma (and have a quick natter with Faye) after the event for our Fight Like A Girl audio strand.

Although her career to date may only be a few months old, there’s already YouTube footage of Faye performing. Click after the page break for footage of Faye taking on her sister from UKW Mayhem. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (31 May 2011)

The Big News

In what was a pretty classy move by WWE, not only did they let Kharma go out there and tell the truth, they also left the door open for her return.

Following a week of speculation – started by the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online by saying she would be out of action for nine months – Kharma came clean to the world and revealed her pregnancy on Raw last night.

In a straight promo – much like Edge’s when he revealed he had to retire – she told us about how she had two dreams, the first of which was to be a WWE Superstar (note she said Superstar instead of Diva… telling. Also, she said the word “wrestling” or “wrestler” three times). She talked about applying for Tough Enough 2 back in 2002 – something I’ve documented in the past – and how Jim Ross thought she was too fat to make it. Undeterred, she travelled to Japan, scrubbed floors and earned the right to train and become a star there, as she told to us in the Women of Wrestling Podcast last year.

From there, Kharma also talked about how she had always wanted a family, and officially let us know about her pregnancy – something that received a nice reception from the fans. She described it as a “high risk pregnancy”, which is understandable considering her working environment, thanked the audience for their support and said that she would return in a year.

Of course, with this being WWE, there was an interruption by the Bella Twins who mocked Kharma with some poorly written, and even more poorly delivered, insults. Seriously, if Nikki and Brie were any more wooden, they could have been part of the hull of Noah’s Ark. Perhaps they didn’t fully believe or support the words they were saying, so it came across that way in the promo. Still, Kharma promised that she would be back for them in a year, which makes sure that we haven’t seen the last of her in WWE. (more…)

Fight Like A Girl: Jemma and Faye Palmer

Who’s ready for another piece of exclusive news from Ringbelles?

Older fans of the Women of Wrestling Podcast will remember us producing a show straight after the first Pro Wrestling: EVE event where we spoke to Dann Read and former Gladiator Jemma Palmer. As part of that show, we got an update on Jemma’s agonising wait for a visa so she could report to Florida Championship Wrestling as part of her WWE Development deal. However over the last year, Jemma remained on British soil, wrestling more and more shows.

So, a year after our first meeting, Lee Burton dropped by a show 5 minutes walk from his house to speak to Jemma about what her first year of wrestling has been like, as well as her current status with WWE. As a bonus, Lee also got to talk to Jemma’s younger sister Faye, who’s also made the decision to step into the ring.
Jemma Palmer on Facebook

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WOW Podcast #6 with Jemma Palmer

Episode 6 with Jemma Palmer
The debut show of new European all women’s promotion Pro-Wrestling: EVE is now in the books, and your intrepid hosts Stew & Lee were front and centre. Not only that, but we brought recording equipment for our own post-show episode! We talked about the retirement of Jetta on the last episode, and on this show we grab a word with the woman who made her wrestling debut on the show, former UK Gladiator Inferno, Jemma Palmer. Jemma was kind enough to give us some time, and we had a chance to ask her about her WWE developmental deal, her training, visa issues, ambitions, and her thoughts after having her very first match. We also had unscheduled visits at the recording table by promoter Dann Read, who broke down some of his thoughts on the show, not to mention the evening’s main eventer, Sweet Saraya, fresh off an absolutely brutal hardcore war with Greece’s Blue Nikita.
Jemma Palmer on facebook

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WOW Podcast #5 with Jetta

Episode 5 with Jetta
Stew and Lee of the Women of Wrestling Podcast return following a hiatus with a proposition for you. We’ve got a load of guests lined up, and we’re going to try and make it up to you by delivering six shows in six weeks (or thereabouts). Strap yourselves in for a mad May, beginning with SHIMMER & Pro-Wrestling: EVE star Jetta. “Coventry’s Loudest” recently announced her retirement from wrestling at the age of just 22, and you’ll find out why in her farewell interview. We also talk injuries, Jezebel, ChickFight, SHIMMER, International Home Wrecking Crew shenanigans, the state of women’s wrestling in Britain and this coming weekend’s Pro-Wrestling: EVE show, where she’s scheduled to wrestle new WWE developmental signing Jemma Palmer (aka Gladiator Inferno) in her debut match. Stew and Lee also discuss in-depth the news coming out of last month’s SHIMMER tapings, including who really made an impression.

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