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RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 2

RUSH HOUR with Courtney Rush, Episode 2: w/ Kellie Skater
It’s taken a while to get Episode 2 of RUSH HOUR together, but time zones and various international jet-setting going on since the turn of the year, it’s the best we could do. For this episode, your intrepid host is joined by fellow Spoontopian and Japanese roommate, “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater. Rush & Skater talk their time in Japan together earlier in the year before getting down to the big questions regarding the mystique of wrestling. What’s wrong, what’s right and what’s fake? Courtney asks whether the pro-feminist push in wrestling has become ever so slightly sexist in the other direction, the dynamic duo touch on their respective SHIMMER weekends last month, and finish up with more “Chaos in Japan” talk, including drinking games with Yumi Ohka. As Yumi would say… “No problem!” Oh, and Courtney reads out the best bit of feedback she’s ever received. Get behind the wheel for RUSH HOUR 2, exclusively here on!

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Ringbelles TV Review (6-12 February)

It’s all about the build-up this week on the TV digest, as both WWE & TNA actually put some effort into building up some future matches and programmes. In WWE, the build is towards this coming Monday on Raw, when Eve Torres will defend her Divas title against Natalya, while TNA are promoting their “Against All Odds” PPV this weekend, as Madison Rayne is set to defend her Knockouts Title against Mickie James in a “Last Knockout Standing” encounter.

TV match of the week this week goes to the challenger for the Divas Title, Natalya, who took on Alicia Fox on Superstars this week in a match that was a significant cut above the Melina vs Tamina mess from the previous week.


LuFisto clears up the ‘Japan situation’, wins award

Two days after her trip to Japan was cut short by immigration officials, LuFisto has gone on record to let everyone know exactly what happened.

As many of you already know, I was unable to attend the Union Pro Wrestling event that was taking place on February 3rd in Tokyo.

There are many speculations on what happened so please be respectful by not believing everything you read. I’m very upset that I do now have to address this matter but I have no other choice since some people couldn’t get their mouth shut until I got back home. (more…)

LuFisto denied entry to Japan

Our choice for Woman of the Year 2010, LuFisto, has been forced to cancel her tour of Japan after being denied entry to the country.

The Super Hardcore Anime and NCW: Femmes Fatales International Champion was scheduled to wrestle Ken Ohka in an intergender contest for Union in Tokyo today, but was blocked by customs officials, who asked her what her reason for visiting was.

The Wrestling Observer picks it up from there: (more…)