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Ringbelles Roundup (1 April 2014) – Athena, SHINE, SHIMMER, Lita & more

Athena AIW Champion by Dave MuscarellaGetting injured seems to have had ultra-positive effects on Athena.

It’s not like the Wrestling Goddess was doing badly for herself when she went down with damage to her shoulder last August. She was a day away from challenging for the Women Superstars Uncensored Championship and was a mainstay in SHIMMER, as well as getting into Absolute Intense Wrestling. Things were going well for her – and while getting hurt could have been a huge setback that sent her skidding off the tracks, she has used the time away to her advantage.

Employing a look inspired by Game of Thrones, the 25-year old revamped her image with new gear, altered her character and has worked on her promos, employing the catchphrase of making “art out of war” and doing away with calling her opponents “hussies”. In addition, while the time off to let her shoulder heal may have been a frustrating wait, it has also allowed her body to recover from the constant grind of being on the road and wrestling on a regular basis. It’s likely that when she returned to action at the start of this year, she had no niggling aches and pains, which seems to have given her a new lease of life.

That renewed vigour was evident at WSU’s Mutiny show where she and LuFisto put together an early contender for Match of the Year which saw the Texan defeated – but gaining a lot of new plaudits along the way. That buzz followed her to AIW’s Girls Night Out tapings last weekend where she was such an integral part of the double show that promoter John Thorne skipped out of his own show to go and pick her up from the airport in Cleveland, OH after her flight was affected by inclement weather. The show experienced a long intermission to allow Athena to get to the building and wrestle Mia Yim in their scheduled match – which against received a wealth of thumbs-up reviews. (more…)

Mickie Knuckles returns to IWA Mid-South

Mickie KnucklesWhen Bret Hart made his first appearance on WWE TV since the Montreal Screwjob, he started his promo on the January 10, 2010 Monday Night Raw by saying “Well, I guess hell froze over”. Those words may have been rattling round Mickie Knuckles’ head when she returned to IWA Mid-South on last night’s event in Clarksville, IN.

The Big Ass Christmas Bash show originally had a 3-way women’s match booked featuring Randi West, Thunderkitty and Jordynne Grace, but was changed to become a 4-way with the insertion of Heidi Lovelace into the proceedings. However after the introduction of the four participants, the former Women’s Champion emerged to change the complexion of the match – and her return was a successful one as she emerged as the winner. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Proof – Daffney IS NOT Shark Girl

Ah, Shark Girl. The pink-masked terror from 20,000 leagues under the sea – I believe that’s below the Blue Square Premier, for all you English soccer/football fans out there.

The curvy seafaring beauty first came ashore in November 2007 when she teamed with Mr Wrestling III (Steve Corino) to defeat Allison Danger and Ares in the Carolina Wrestling Association, before resurfacing the following April in SHIMMER, where she defeated Nicole Matthews and Amber O’Neal on volumes 17 and 18 respectively. The Ringbelles team were sitting in the crowd, and we couldn’t help but notice how Shark Girl’s gear was vaguely similar to the outfit of another wrestler on the roster at the time.

Ah yes, it’s the cutouts around the midsection that give it away. It’s Daffney.

There were other points – they were roughly the same size, wrestled the same way, Daffney was not on shows that Shark Girl was on (though they were in separate matches on SHIMMER volume 20, so that raised a few eyebrows). For the most part, the signs pointed to her being Daffney. Apparently, we were wrong.

As it turns out, it could never have been the former WCW Cruiserweight and ACW American Joshi Champion, as Daffney wrestled Shark Girl in the first round of the IWA: Mid South Volcano Girls 2 tournament, held in Joliet, IL on May 4, 2008. After the jump, we have the video proof. And before anyone argues that it’s just someone else in the Shark Girl gear and in all the other matches it was Daffney, I would like to shake some sense into you. Daffney is not, and never was Shark Girl. She wasn’t. Really. It was someone else. Not Daffney. No. (more…)

WOW Podcast #23 with MsChif

Episode 23 with MsChif

When “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif agreed to come on The Women of Wrestling Podcast, she had one request. She didn’t want the “same old questions” she gets asked by every other two-bit interviewer. So… no pressure, then. Join us on a free-ranging discussion taking in her accumulated injuries (including just how she did her current knee injury), brief chat on Daffney‘s lawsuit against TNA, how her debut match almost exactly ten years ago “should never have happened”, working IWA:MS back in the day, international travel ranging from the UK to Japan, and meeting people ranging from The Great Muta to Dustin Diamond, her brief flirtation with TNA, thoughts on ROH going forward and a discussion of some of MsChif’s greatest moments in SHIMMER history. Oh, and smelly bacteria. Well, she *is* a biochemist. Would we be sufficiently entertaining for ‘Chif? Or will this be the final Podcast we ever do? Find out by clicking that link!!

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WOW Podcast #11 with Sara Del Rey

Episode 11 with Sara Del Rey
“Don’t catch her eye… she’ll KILL US ALL!!!” Thankfully, real-life Sara Del Rey isn’t the unstoppable killer she portrays in the ring, so we took the chance to catch up with Del Rey before she steps into the ring this weekend for Chikara to preview Chikarasaurus Rex and her partnership with Daizee Haze. We also talk about how difficult she found wrestling training at the beginning, travelling internationally to Japan & Mexico, early days in IWA:MS, the impact of her work in SHIMMER, the evolution of the “Death Rey” character, being recognised in the street (or not), her amazing fitness regime, working for TNA recently (as part of a deal with JAPW) and whether her future lies in WWE or TNA. Oh, and Golden Girls. Really.
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