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WOW Podcast #40 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part Two

Episode 40 with Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Part Two

A week ago we talked to the lovely Lisa Moretti, aka Ivory – and we left her on the verge of heading off to Los Angeles to attend the LA premiere of GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. A week on, it’s time for another chat to discuss how the premiere went, what she thought of the documentary, and who showed up. From there, it’s time for a headlong dive into the massive second part of Lisa’s wrestling career, as Ivory in WWE. We talk how she got into the promotion, her ho psychology, getting up to speed after so many years away from the business… and just WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT PURPLE SCARF?? We talk working with The Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young, the horrendous Armageddon ’99 Evening Gown Swimming Pool match, Miss Kitty as a locker room poison, the Right to Censor and her program with Chyna, and Steve Austin‘s opinion on their WrestleMania match. Lisa also discusses Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson (and deviating from the script), Fit Finlay and the evolution of the Divas division and the end of her road with the company. Once again, an absolute pleasure and a class act. Enjoy.

May 12th in New York, NY | June 5th in London, England

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Finlay returns to WWE – discusses Natalya’s farting

The Wrestling Observer has reported that Dave Finlay has returned to WWE in an agent/producer role after being let go a year ago following a heat-grabbing snafu involving The Miz and the national anthem which upset the National Guard. In his previous tenure, Finlay was an agent and trainer for the Divas – and you can see how things were in his absence, with the women involved in few strong storylines, and the main one of Pin-Up Strong fizzling out to nothing, when it could have been a big focus point of this weekend’s WrestleMania XXVIII.

However, before his return to WWE, Finlay was interviewed by Power Slam magazine, where he had some choice words for one of the most controversial storylines involving one of the Divas – namely, Natalya‘s flatulence gimmick which was supposed to make her a babyface, but has only served to ruin any credibility that the third generation wrestler has. When interviewer Greg Lambert labelled it as being “extremely distasteful, Finlay replied:

Well, I haven’t seen that, but I’ve been told about it. Yes, I agree… Had that been presented to me [as SmackDown producer], I’d have said… erm… Well, she may be comfortable with it. I don’t know. (more…)

Finlay comments on working with the Divas

37 year veteran and former WWE producer/agent Dave “Fit” Finlay appeared on Right After Wrestling last night with Arda Ocal & Jimmy Korderas. Finlay was famous for being the man responsible for training the Divas during the period when they moved from mostly bra & panties matches to actual competent wrestling matches.

When asked about being the Divas trainer, Finlay admitted “I think it was a bit of a joke”. He noted that “I have a reputation of being very tough and working with the girls is like dealing with a bunch of personalities. And working with these girls to work in ‘lingerie matches’ or ‘Thanksgiving gravy matches’ was a little embarrassing for both me and those girls sometimes. But you make the best of it and it really worked and later took off.”

It’s not the first time that Finlay has spoken with some pride about the work he did with the likes of Trish, Victoria, Mickie James and Lita. Earlier in the year, speaking to Fighting Spirit Magazine (and quoted online by The Sun), he said “I got all the girls together one time, and said, ‘Girls, I’m embarrassed doing this stuff, but what I would like to do is teach you how to wrestle, and bring you higher up the totem pole wrestling-wise.”