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And the 2013 Breakout Star of the Year Is…

Awards 2013
Breakout 2013After yesterday’s announcement of Nikki Storm as our Discovery of the Year for 2013, it’s time to move on to our announcement of our Breakout Star of the Year. This award, as we’ve mentioned before, is given to the wrestler who, in our opinion, took the biggest strides in 2013. The wrestler who became a player during this calendar year and became an integral part of multiple promotions by getting over with the crowd and making herself indispensable. The wrestler who went from just being a promising name on a card to becoming someone you’d actually pay money to see. Someone who “gets it” and someone who expanded their horizons in a major way. As usual, we had a number of potential winners to sort through, but by the time we got down to our final shortlist, we had three top contenders to win. Before we announce our 2013 Breakout Star of the Year, let’s have a quick look at those who came within a hair of winning the award this year.

Mia Yim came ridiculously close. This was the year where Yim really started to excel and fulfil the potential she has undoubtedly had since she started. This year, I’ve heard first-hand from people who really weren’t on the Mia Yim bandwagon tell me that this was the year that she changed their minds. Yim was undoubtedly one of the biggest breakout stars of Fight Season in October, and the SHIMMER weekend in particular, where her matches demonstrated what appeared to be a new confidence in the ring. Likewise in SHINE she’s found herself in more and more important matches as the year progressed, including discovering what might well be her perfect opponent in Ivelisse Velez. Santana Garrett also was amongst the final three shortlisted – having managed to not only debut for WSU and AIW, continue to impress in SHIMMER & SHINE, she managed to appear on TV for both TNA (as part of the Knockouts Knockdown PPV) and WWE (on their NXT brand) in this calendar year. Yes, depending on where you live in the world, those appearances may be either PPV or VOD, but she’s certainly moving in the right circles and making the right connections to get on the radar for the national promotions. Her matches weren’t as high up the card as Yim’s or our eventual winner, but as far as “breaking out” and reaching for the stars, Garrett is a perfect example of someone who has used 2013 as a springboard to bigger and better things.

Our winner though? For our money, our winner stepped up in multiple promotions, gained confidence by the bucketload, delivered quality throughout and… well, she’s going to have to clear a little bit more space on her mantle for her second Ringbelles Award… (more…)

In Video: A few words for Allison Danger…

758235963A week ago, Allison Danger announced her retirement from in-ring competition during the taping of SHIMMER Vol 57 in an emotional moment that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Of course she’s not leaving wrestling for good – she’ll continue in a backstage role at SHIMMER – and while everybody there that weekend was fortunate enough to be able to say their own personal thanks to the woman herself, we kinda figured that Danger deserved something more. So, without her knowledge, we started recording video messages across the weekend with the idea of putting them together as a lasting tribute to someone who has meant so much to so many.

Now that the woman herself has had a chance to see the video, we happily share our video with the Ringbelles readers. Some messages are heartfelt, some are funny… some are, well, you’ll see… (more…)

Flashback 2012: The Year in Podcasts

New WOW logo websiteWe love our podcasts here at Ringbelles. In fact, the entire site you’re looking at right now was initially founded as a new home for our flagship “Women of Wrestling Podcast”, and everything that has been built around it (from the regular website content to you, our ever expanding audience) has been constructed around the basic belief that our podcast is our core business. When we launched our first WOW Podcast over three years ago, we were of the opinion that nobody else was giving the women of the wrestling business a soapbox to tell their stories. Now, standing on the brink of our 50th edition, we can look back at the seventeen podcasts we’ve produced in 2012 (and the addition of three “Rush Hour” Podcasts), and be content that we’re delivering on our promise with quality interviews of the women in the business.

We have new listeners join us all the time, so for their benefit (as well as a nostalgic kick for our regulars), it’s time to look back at our shows in 2012, and maybe pick out a few shows you either get to listen to for the first time (or again). (more…)

WOW Podcast Xmas Special (#49) with SHIMMER’s Dave Prazak, WSU’s Drew Cordeiro & NCW:Femmes Fatales’ Stephane Bruyere

The Women of Wrestling Podcast brings together the minds behind WSU, SHIMMER and nCw Femmes Fatales for the first time...
Episode 49 with SHIMMER’s Dave Prazak, WSU’s Drew Cordeiro & NCW:Femmes Fatales’ Stephane Bruyere

Happy holidays everybody, and we’re celebrating by trying something brand new for us on the WOW Podcast, as we’re visited by the Three Wise Men of women’s wrestling. We’ve had many multiple guest shows before, but never have we had them all on the line at the same time, roundtable style. We welcome SHIMMER’s Dave Prazak, WSU’s Drew Cordeiro & NCW:FF’s Stephane Bruyere to discuss their year in wrestling. How was 2012 for them and their promotion? We discuss the exodus of female talent from the “Big Two” and whether the revolving door at WWE/TNA will have an effect on the independent scene. We talk about opening dialogue between promoters (and this is legitimately the first time Dave Prazak & Drew Cordeiro have *ever* spoken to each other) and thoughts/plans for iPPV going forward with all three companies. All of the Ringbelles picks for our 2012 awards are discussed, along with other performers who either have had a standout year, or are ones to watch going into 2013. Speaking of 2013, we have loads of news on the upcoming shows for all three promotions – Drew gives the lowdown on WSU’s “An Ultraviolent Affair” in February, Stephane unleashes a tasty triple main event for Femmes Fatales XI in March, and Dave makes three new talent announcements for SHIMMER vol 53 at the WrestleCon event on WrestleMania weekend. Oh, not only that, but there’s a tease on a current WSU talent that may well debut in SHIMMER in 2013, and you may want to keep listening after the outro music for a special Christmas song from one of our guests… It’s damn near an hour and a half of Christmas cheer! Enjoy~!

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Fight Like A Girl: Cat Power

As you may well know, Canadian grappler Cat Power recently moved from Windsor, Ontario to Vancouver, BC – and as she’s kinda putting wrestling on the back-burner once again in order to focus on her new life, she requested a chance to come back on the site and talk about some of the people who have helped her in her career to date. A chance to close the book on one chapter of her life, if you like. We’d never turn down a request from Cat Power, so we duly obliged – the only thing is… Cat’s a talkative sort, so what was planned as maybe 20 minutes ended up clocking in at about 45 minutes. So, kick off your shoes, sit back in your comfy chair and let Cat Power update you on what she’s up to and lay out thanks to some of the trainers, bookers, opponents and friends who she’s met along the way.

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New SHIMMER affiliated women’s promotion debuting in Florida; monthly PPVs promised via WWN

Mike Johnson at PWInsider has broken news of a brand new women’s promotion to debut this Summer in Florida which will be a de facto sister promotion to SHIMMER. A key to the new promotion will be that their monthly shows are to be broadcast on iPPV via WWN. We’ve talked to sources involved in the promotion within the last few minutes and are able to confirm some further details. (more…)

WOW Podcast #37 with Mickie Knuckles

Episode 37 with Mickie Knuckles

When we received a message letting us know that Mickie Knuckles was looking to speak to Ringbelles’ Women Of Wrestling Podcast to make a special announcement, we leapt at the chance. After all, the former NWA Midwest/IWA: Mid South and Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Champion, and current Absolute Intense Wrestling Women’s titleholder was someone who we had been looking to speak to for some time now. Before getting to her big news, we were able to discuss the key points of Mickie’s career, including her time in IWA: MS, getting knocked out in her first ever match, and being part of the women’s division that would be the blueprint for SHIMMER. She also covers getting into wrestling death matches, and offers her thoughts on two women who debuted at Queen of the Death Matches tournaments – Rachel Summerlyn and the infamous BB Walls. From there, we look at her frenetic summer of 2008, including appearing on Jerry Springer, TNA, Mike Levy and breaking her leg in two. Finally, Mickie explains how she got back into wrestling, the Izza Belle Smothers character, and also has some very pointed words about OVW and Jessicka Havok before making the announcement that affects Girls Night Out 6 on April 15. This is an edition that you don’t want to miss.

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WOW Podcast #29 with Kc Spinelli & Dave Prazak

Episode 29 with Kc Spinelli & SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak

Time to welcome back friend of the show Dave Prazak for our newest podcast for a look back at the epic SHIMMER tapings from earlier this month. Dave shares his thoughts on the size of the roster (which totalled 49 across the two days), and who really stood out from the pack – both new and old – and how 2012 is shaping up. Dave is, as usual, forthright and honest in his opinions. Then we’re joined by World of Hurt’s Kc Spinelli to talk, yes, the greatness of Kc Spinelli. We also talk about This Wrestling Life, lots of Nicole Matthews mentions, failing to graduate from ECCW’s Academy, and participating on World of Hurt with Lance Storm and Roddy Piper. How fake is reality TV anyway? Thoughts on recent WWE signees Irena Janjic, Tenille Tayla & Taya Valkyrie – and just how much of a gimmick was The French Stallion? Don’t know Spinelli? You will after this show!

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Hamada vs Kurihara made official for SHIMMER this Saturday

As part of an appearance on Dave Lagana‘s “Promote This!” podcast today, Dave Prazak & Allison Danger exclusively announced a match for this weekend’s SHIMMER tapings in Berwyn, IL, and it’s a dream match.

Although Vol 35 on September 12th (which was headlined by a “SHIMvivor Series” elimination match pitting Serena Deeb, Cheerleader Melissa, Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara against the team of Madison Eagles, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa) has yet to be released on DVD, those in attendance will have witnessed the aftermath, when a respectful Kurihara threw out a challenge in broken English to joshi legend Ayako Hamada both for in Japan and back in SHIMMER. Hamada accepted.

WOW Podcast #13 with Dave Prazak

Episode 13 with Dave Prazak
You know how they say 13 is “unlucky for some”? Well, us too. We had intended to bring you our first double-shot show featuring interviews with both Allison Danger (discussing her big announcement) and Dave Prazak (discussing SHIMMER’s upcoming tapings this month), but through circumstances beyond any of our control, Danger’s announcement has been on hold for well over a week. While we wait for that, we’ve taken the decision to split the show and present our interview with Prazak, complete with a newly recorded intro segment where we get a chance to discuss the sad passing of Luna Vachon and we take a cautious look at what WWE have in store for NXT Season 3. Then it’s off to the time machine for the Prazak segment, recorded a week ago, where we discuss upcoming tapings, the success stories in SHIMMER history, the promotion’s business model and the evils of downloading. Oh, we also ask whether a certain bald headed ex WWE star (and SHIMMER alumni) might show up at the Eagles Club…
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