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Jemma Palmer quits the Big Brother UK house

After more than a week of indecision, UK wrestler Jemma Palmer has decided to leave the Big Brother house, just 19 days after entering as a replacement for another contestant who decided to walk.

Here are the details from the Big Brother official Facebook page:

After days of weighing up her options, and many talks with Big Brother in the diary room, Jem decided that her time was up and made the choice to leave the House. She admitted to her fellow housemates that telling Big Brother she wanted to leave was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, but in the end she couldn’t cope with how her presence was affecting Faye’s Big Brother experience and the mood of the House in general.

As expected, Faye took the news particularly hard and was in floods of tears as Jem explained her reasons for leaving to her in the bedroom. Younger sister Faye sobbed that she couldn’t cope with all of this drama and said that she is seriously considering leaving the House herself.

The departure of the former Gladiator has repercussions for this week’s eviction, as she was one of the people being put up for the public vote, with the decision being announced on Friday. Obviously, that has now been scrapped, but click after the jump to see how this changes things. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (13 September 2011)

Pro Wrestling Illustrated sent WWE and TNA and a message last week – sort out your women’s divisions.

They did so by crowning SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles as its number one in the annual Female 50, which marked the first time in its four year history that someone from outside the national promotions had taken the honour – Awesome Kong, Mickie James and Michelle McCool had won previous years. Mickie was the highest-ranked Big Two employee at number three, with WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez taking the runner-up spot. In fact, the women on the independent circuit had a strong showing in the top ten, with Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif and Sara Del Rey making sure that the women who accept their own bookings took up half of the final countdown.

Understandably, the PWI list isn’t perfect – after all, it doesn’t take into account Europe, Asia or South America, and only ranks Australasian talent that has competed in the US. Therefore, it’s a pretty strangled list – had it been opened up further, Britani Knight, Hailey Hatred, Amapola and others would have likely been included – but it’s a vast improvement on previous years, though with the proviso that it still has a long way to go before it can be a comprehensive rundown.

Still, it’s a massive pat on the back to Eagles, who doesn’t even live in the US – though she was residing there for a portion of the year – and has never even had a tryout in WWE or TNA, yet is still recognised by a world-reknowned magazine for being the best female wrestler in the world. When you take into account the fact that PWI still portrays wrestling as being a legitimate, competitive sport and judges the list by wins and losses, it would be hard to deny the 6’1” Australian the top spot, or Mercedes runner-up place either. After all, both had been champion of their respective promotions for the entire year; both had racked up win after win, and had put on incredible matches to justify their desire and will to be the champion. When you consider that the only real competitor for the top spot from WWE was Kelly Kelly or Layla, you can see why they only ranked at 15 and 13 respectively. Pretty much every Diva was booked badly over the last 12 months – and seeing as that is how PWI assesses who goes where, we have to look at the writing over the performances – and nobody has gotten over to the point where you would want to spend money to see them. (more…)