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APW owner passes away

Roland AlexanderRoland Alexander, the owner of California-based All Pro Wrestling, passed away yesterday at the age of 59.

The Wrestling Observer reports that while the cause of death is not known, he has been in poor health in recent years with heart and diabetes issues.

While Alexander – who promoted shows in the state for 22 years – is probably best known for his appearance in 1999 documentary Beyond The Mat, he also has had a profound effect on the women’s wrestling scene, and is partly responsible for getting it to the size that it is today.

APW was where Sara Del Rey began her training back in 2001, and also was one of the main promotions where Cheerleader Melissa worked during the early years of her career, and also was the venue for all-women shows from October 29, 2004 – when the APW Garage in Hayward hosted the first ChickFight tournament which was won by Princesa Sugheit, defeating Candice LeRae, Nikki Roxx and Melissa to take the title. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: Action from ChickFight I

ChickFight 1If it wasn’t for ChickFight, there would be no Ringbelles. Stew and I met at ChickFight VII in Great Yarmouth, England in January 2007, in the first of the series to take place in the UK, as the rest would until cards ceased in 2008. Before that, the first six events (which were all tournaments which would tend to take place over two days) were presented by Californian promotion All Pro Wrestling – and the Retro we have for you today is from the inaugural event, held in Hayward, CA on the 29th and 30th of October in 2004…

Hailey Hatred and Candice LaRae had been eliminated from the proceedings in the first round by Nikki Roxx and Princesa Sugheit respectively. Christie Ricci fell at the semi final at the hands of Cheerleader Melissa after advancing by beating Tiffany (no, not the former ECW General Manager), while Roxx missed out on making to the final when she was defeated by Sugheit – for the record, the luchadora won the tournament by beating Melissa in the final. Because they were at a loose end for the second day, Hatred, LaRae, Ricci and Roxx all met in the ring in what was supposed to be a tag team match. However, one of the participants wasn’t happy with that arrangement, and decided to make some changes… (more…)

Blossom Twins added to EVE roster

Former Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s Champions Hannah and Holly Blossom have been announced as making their Pro Wrestling: EVE debuts when the promotion holds its next card in Sudbury, England on February 18 next year – their 24th birthday.

The identical twins from Manchester have been hopping back and forth across the Atlantic between the UK and Louisville, KY for the last two years – Hannah debuted in OVW as a solo on October 7, defeating Epiphany to win the Women’s Title, with Holly appearing after the contest, revealing that they were double trouble, and the two of them held the title as a unit. Preaching a mantra of cupcakes, the Blossoms were actually heels at the start of their run, using what WWE designated for the Bella Twins to be the “twin magic” gimmick to keep hold of the belt, turning back challenges from Epiphany and Josie (currently known as Lady JoJo), but Hannah (who had the title returned solely to her on a technicality) eventually dropped the belt to the former Sojo Bolt at the end of the year.

In 2010, the Blossoms turned babyface (a more appropriate position for them) by saving Josie from a 3 on 1 beatdown at the hands of CJ Lane, Epiphany and Taryn Shay. Holly ended up following her sister’s lead in July, winning the belt from Shay, but falling a heel Josie a month later. (more…)

Hailey Hatred talks to HONOUR

Hailey Hatred sat down with HONOUR magazine for its latest cover story for an interview which covers topics which we did not have time to get to in our Women Of Wrestling Podcast with her back in July. The JWP Openweight Champion expands on how she got into the wrestling business, her move to Japan, working with Sara Del Rey in Jersey All Pro Wrestling and her opinions on REINA. But that’s not all that this month’s HONOUR is offering…

It covers Gail Kim‘s transition from WWE to TNA as well as a review of her shoot iPPV, a retro review of ChickFight VI, a commentary on how Jackie Moore could help the Knockouts division, lists some of the most controversial exits from WWE, asks a number of wrestlers are thankful for and looks at the fortunes of Extreme Expose.

On top of that, our very own Jennifer Logsdon’s articles on alternatives to the Women Of Honor are reprinted. It’s 40 pages of awesomeness that you can check out by clicking the image.

WOW Podcast #23 with MsChif

Episode 23 with MsChif

When “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif agreed to come on The Women of Wrestling Podcast, she had one request. She didn’t want the “same old questions” she gets asked by every other two-bit interviewer. So… no pressure, then. Join us on a free-ranging discussion taking in her accumulated injuries (including just how she did her current knee injury), brief chat on Daffney‘s lawsuit against TNA, how her debut match almost exactly ten years ago “should never have happened”, working IWA:MS back in the day, international travel ranging from the UK to Japan, and meeting people ranging from The Great Muta to Dustin Diamond, her brief flirtation with TNA, thoughts on ROH going forward and a discussion of some of MsChif’s greatest moments in SHIMMER history. Oh, and smelly bacteria. Well, she *is* a biochemist. Would we be sufficiently entertaining for ‘Chif? Or will this be the final Podcast we ever do? Find out by clicking that link!!

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WOW Podcast #10 with Mercedes Martinez

Episode 10 with Mercedes Martinez
The Women of Wrestling podcast returns with the WSU World Womens Champion, “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez. We preview the upcoming “Icon vs Icon” match at WSU’s Uncensored Rumble III in Union City, NJ on June 26th, and take the opportunity to discuss the career of one of the finest wrestlers in the world today, regardless of gender. Martinez has worked pretty much everywhere of note, so we take a spin around most of those stops, to discuss things like working a SEVENTY minute match against Angel Orsini, putting SHIMMER on the map with Sara Del Rey, interest from WWE, violence in IWA-MS and ChickFight, being knocked literally unconscious in the ring at ROH, constantly dislocating shoulders, taking wrestling’s next step with EVOLVE… and yes, even Wrestlicious.
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WOW Podcast #7 with Amazing Kong

Episode 7 with Amazing Kong
Yes, listeners, it’s not that long since Kong was on Diva Dirt for an interview, but please join us now for “Amazing Kong 2: Electric Boogaloo”, as the Women of Wrestling Podcast delves further into the career of the former multiple time women’s champion Amazing Kong. Yes, we said Amazing Kong. Hear for yourself Kong’s thoughts on the male/female pay discrepancy in the business, the firing of BTLS and the hiring of Betsy Ruth, then travel back for a whistle stop tour of Kong’s career, from a desire to meet her hero to that fateful meeting – via reality TV, the Inoki Dojo, All Japan Women, meeting Hamada, playing Margaret in HUSTLE, visiting the UK (and our fine hospitals), tearing up the SHIMMER ranks and her recent returns to Japan and ROH. This is Amazing Kong as you’ve never heard her before! Over an hour of Kong, plus nearly 30 minutes of news, opinions and reviews to open. You want this. You want it ALLLLLL!
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WOW Podcast #5 with Jetta

Episode 5 with Jetta
Stew and Lee of the Women of Wrestling Podcast return following a hiatus with a proposition for you. We’ve got a load of guests lined up, and we’re going to try and make it up to you by delivering six shows in six weeks (or thereabouts). Strap yourselves in for a mad May, beginning with SHIMMER & Pro-Wrestling: EVE star Jetta. “Coventry’s Loudest” recently announced her retirement from wrestling at the age of just 22, and you’ll find out why in her farewell interview. We also talk injuries, Jezebel, ChickFight, SHIMMER, International Home Wrecking Crew shenanigans, the state of women’s wrestling in Britain and this coming weekend’s Pro-Wrestling: EVE show, where she’s scheduled to wrestle new WWE developmental signing Jemma Palmer (aka Gladiator Inferno) in her debut match. Stew and Lee also discuss in-depth the news coming out of last month’s SHIMMER tapings, including who really made an impression.

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