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Fight Like A Girl: Amber Gertner

We’ve been letting you know about K&S WrestleFest’s A Hot Summer Night since the lineup started to be revealed back in May. Well, the time is upon us, and female wrestlers from the past and present are descending on Philadelphia on Saturday for the show. From recent stars like Candice Michelle, Shelly Martinez, Amber O’Neal and Annie Social to stars of the Monday Night Wars era such as Debra, Stacy “Kat” Carter, Torrie Wilson and Terri Runnels, all the way back to stars of the 80s and early 90s like Wendi Richter, Madusa, Heidi Lee Morgan and Mike McGuirk, they’ll all be there.

Someone else who will be there is SHIMMER‘s resident interviewer Amber Gertner, who granted Ringbelles some of her time before heading off to the Ramada Philadelphia Airport Hotel in Essington, PA to talk to us about the event. She also discusses how she reverts back to being a fan around the stars of yesteryear, how some of the attendees’ appearances are as rare as rocking horse-guano, and also talks about Highspots TV, a new project which Highspots is looking to promote. Listen in to get the opportunity to receive a free two-week trial, so you can see what you think of it…

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Plan B(eth)

Beth Phoenix meets Kelly Kelly with the latter’s WWE Divas Championship on the line this Sunday at SummerSlam, in a match that is more of a feud starter than a feud ender. After all, the pair have only been at each other’s throats for two weeks, so it’s hardly like there is bad blood involved. However, played correctly, this is a storyline that could involve a large number of the women of WWE, and create some longevity for a division that was rudderless and floundering, and had been that way since May.

It was late in that month when WWE’s plans for the Divas went totally awry because of the unexpected pregnancy by Kharma, which scuppered the planned storyline with her ploughing through the competition en route to winning the Divas belt, before coming up against some opposition – most likely from Kelly herself, who would get battered, come back for more, get battered some more and eventually defeat her to win the championship. After all, the storyline was going in the direction that Kharma wanted Kelly, but would let her stew while she demolished through the rest of the division. However, when that could not happen, there was no backup plan put into effect for a while, except to get the belt onto Kelly as soon as possible. She had been looking likely to win the belt since her programme with Vickie Guerrero earlier this year on SmackDown, and successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title for Edge during a mixed tag team match.

In all honesty, WWE was probably a little late in putting the belt on Kelly, as she was white-hot in February, but had cooled slightly by the time that she was drafted to Raw. Still, she was due a run with the belt, and won it from Brie Bella after being chosen by the fans to face her as part of the Power To The People episode of Raw on June 20. A successful (yet terrible) defence at Money In The Bank just highlighted that if Kelly was going to be taken seriously she needed a proper challenge, and for fans to believe her reign was in jeopardy. WWE needed an intimidating wrestler to take on the champion and push her outside of her obvious comfort zone.

Enter Beth Phoenix. (more…)

Ringbelles Retro: It’s called ‘high-risk’ for a reason

Probably more than Trish Stratus, Candice Michelle may tick every box for what WWE looks for in a Diva. She was enthusiastic, sexy, willing to make herself look silly for a segment if that’s what they wanted, had great crossover mainstream appeal with the GoDaddy gimmick, and even elected to disrobe for Playboy. What a company girl.

When she was turned from ringside fluff to a proper wrestler and the top babyface of the Divas division, Candice took the opportunity. At the start, she was still pretty ropey in the ring, but worked hard and applied herself to the point where she wasn’t just competent in the ring – she was becoming pretty good. WWE rewarded this by giving her the Women’s Championship by beating Melina at Night Of Champions, and had her retain it a month later. At this point, Candice was put against a dominant Beth Phoenix – and this is where things got really hot. (more…)