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Fight Like A Girl: Becky Mason

Few women would be happy to allow their husbands to make all the decisions when it comes to her wedding, but Becky Mason is not like many women. The first graduate of Lance Storm‘s Wrestling Academy threw over the responsibilities to her then-fiance Loco Mike Mason as part of the filming of BBC TV show Don’t Tell The Bride last month. Tomorrow, viewers in Britain (and Becky, considering she is still in the dark) will get to see the build up to her special day, so we caught up with her to find out how she’s feeling.

In addition, we also ask her about the two big injuries she’s suffered in her career, wrestling more often in the future, and she offers us an interesting note about Lance what he liked to do with Divas footwear during his time in WWE.

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Ringbelles Roundup (9 October 2012) – the return of Rebecca Knox, WSU and more

“I am so sorry I have not been in touch in a while. I have been in and out of hospital and have not been able to get access to the internet in over a week. I am very upset I have to write this email because I have to cancel all future dates until December. I am not sure if you had heard about the knock to the head I got in Germany a few weeks ago or not, but I got a bad cut above the eye and it was stitched up and all seemed fine. But after a few days I was getting extremely painful headaches, loud buzzing in my left ear and my vision in my left eye is completely blurred. The doctor has told me it may be damage to the 8th cranial nerve and I am waiting for a CT brain scan and have been advised to stop wrestling for the next few months. It could be permanent or it could go away by itself, but until all signs have been alleviated I will not be able to engage in any heavy physical activity.”

That’s the message Rebecca Knox posted on her own website back in October 2006, following her serious injury in a match against Kisu in Dortmund on September 22 of that year. The match finished as normal, and took on Sweet Saraya the following night in Great Yarmouth, England in a match which saw her drop the Queens Of Chaos Championship. After that, she took some time out to get medically checked out, which gave her the bad news about her 8th cranial nerve injury. It also meant that the proposed Iron Woman Match between she and Daizee Haze at SHIMMER Volume 7 had to be scrapped, after the pair had engaged in a heated feud in the promotion’s early days.

As she points out in her post, she was expecting to be out until December 2006. It’s now October 2012, and only now is the 25-year old from Dublin, Ireland seriously thinking of a return. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (25 September 2012) – Beth Phoenix departure rumours, Ice Ribbon issues & more

Following last night’s Monday Night Raw (which we will get to in a minute, be patient), Beth Phoenix was approached by fans outside the Times Union Center in Albany, NY, asking if the rumours about her planning to leave WWE and retire were true. Lords Of Pain reports that she replied she was neither leaving WWE or retiring in the near future.

To paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies – a model involved in one of the biggest scandals of in British 1960s politics, the John Profumo/Christine Keeler affair and discredit of the Conservative Government at the time – “well, she would, wouldn’t she?”

Wrestling Inc was the first website to report that Phoenix was intending to leave WWE. It posted a piece last Thursday saying that they had heard from a source that she would be going in October. This was later picked up by other wrestling news sites, and was given extra weight by the Wrestling Observer, which says it has had it confirmed by other sources within the company. However, Phoenix is a professional, and will likely not be addressing the rumours – if she is leaving, she will do so in the right way, quietly slipping into the shadows, likely putting over remaining talent along the way. (more…)

April Davids wins FutureShock Championship

It’s a case of one down, one to go for April Davids.

Next Saturday, she challenges her Northern Shooters tag team partner Jenny Sjodin for the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship at XWA Goldrush in Morecambe, England, after coming close to claiming the belt last October and injuring her ankle in the process. However, she has set herself up well for her title rematch by becoming the second ever FutureShock Women’s Champion by defeating first female Storm Wrestling Academy graduate The Artiste Formerly Known As Becky James at FutureShock 56 in Stockport this evening.

The Lancashire Terrier claimed the belt after nailing James with three German suplexes and following up with a rear naked choke for the tapout victory.

On her Twitter, Davids exclaimed:

New futureshock women’s champion. Bout fookin time. A belt is only worth as much as the fighter that’s holding it, I make this belt priceless.

April spent a month training with Ice Ribbon in Japan last summer, and is due to return to Saitama again for in June for another stint at the dojo. We spoke to Davids last year after she returned from her first trip, which you can still listen to by clicking here.

Ringbelles Roundup (7 June 2011)

The future of women’s wrestling in Britain was looking bright. In May 2010, Pro Wrestling: EVE debuted with a lot of fanfare, announcing a working relationship with World Association of Wrestling, meaning Sweet Saraya and her daughter Britani Knight would be part of the proceedings, along with other WAW talent Destiny and Amazon (and later, Liberty and Melodi). The partnership seemed to be working well, with training seminars being held with WAW, and EVE making Britani its first Champion two months ago.

Fast forward 13 months, and things are looking much muddier.

Last Saturday, less than two hours before Britani would defend the EVE title against Jenny Sjodin at an XWA Wrestling show in Morecambe, Saraya took to her Facebook to say that the relationship with WAW and EVE was being permanently severed, and would not be healed. In addition, it also said that WAW talent would no longer be on EVE shows.

While our Twitter exploded with requests for information, both from fans and wrestlers themselves, I was sat in the crowd at Morecambe unaware, much like EVE promoter Dann Read and the participants in the match. As it turned out, not even Saraya’s daughter knew that this decision was going to be made, nor that it had been made public and was being discussed.

There was no massive incident that caused the split, but more of a lot of little niggles that eventually became too much. Britani travelled to Morecambe against the wishes of family members as she was ill, with swollen legs and voice gone, presumably still suffering the after-effects of the glandular fever that she wrestled with on the EVE Championship weekend. According to Saraya, she did so because of promises made by Dann Read that he wanted to get her booked all around the country and get a number of successful defences under her belt – thereby increasing EVE’s national exposure. It seems that when Saraya learned that Britani would be dropping the title that night, it went against what they were told would be happening with Britani, and saw it as a betrayal of trust. We must point out that it isn’t down to Britani being upset with the booking decision and refusing to drop the title – it apparently is down to promises being made then then reneged on.

Saraya also went on to say that she would be reviving World Association of Women’s Wrestling – a promotion which promoted a number of cards between 2006 and 2009. (more…)

SHIMMER 35 and EVE DVDs available

Pro Wrestling: EVE has released its latest DVD in its series – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Final Chapter – priced at £9.99 including delivery (that’s about $16 for any Americans without a calculator to hand) and features another new EVE concept.

The Three Minute Warning match does not feature Rosey nor Jamal. Instead, it works like a mix between a Gauntlet Match and a Royal Rumble, with the winner earning a pair of byes in the Championship Tournament taking place on April 8 and 9 in Norwich and Sudbury respectively – tickets for which you can still buy here.

But back to this DVD – as well as the Three Minute Warning contest comprised of Britani Knight, Saraya Knight, ‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna, ‘The Dynamite Princess’ Nikki Storm, Carmel Jacob, Sara-Marie Taylor, Rhia O’Rielly, Becky James, Jane Beatrix Dunn and a Mystery EVE Professional, Alpha Female takes on Destiny, Em Jay meets Sammy Hope, and there’s footage from the EVE potentials show too.

Like with the previous DVD, there’s a shedload of extras including a biopic of Britani Knight, pre-show chats with presenter Chloe Dale, as well as a post-show interview with Nikki Storm, conducted by Ringbelles’ own Lee Burton.

Also today, SHIMMER: Women Athletes has released the 35th volume in its DVD series for pre-order, with shipping expected to take place on March 21.

Among the standout matches on the card, Serena Deeb and Portia Perez battle after Perez accused Deeb of selling out to WWE; Sara Del Rey carries out a very unique attack on Rachel Summerlyn during their match; Kellie Skater’s open challenge run hits another hurdle when it’s answered by Amazing Kong, and former tag team partners Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay fight over the SHIMMER championship in one of the best matches in the promotion’s history.

Show your support for women’s wrestling by picking up these DVDs – every single one that you buy is more valuable income for two promotions that survive on these sales.

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New Pro Wrestling: EVE DVD pre-orders being taken

The latest edition in the Pro Wrestling: EVE DVD series is now available for pre-order (deliveries will begin on March 8).

Check out the match listing for Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back – Final Chapter: (more…)