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Ringbelles Retro: Kacee Carlisle – then and now

Kacee CarlisleKacee Carlisle – who is one hell of a great promo, by the way – defends her NWA World Women’s Championship on Friday evening against former Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Champion Barbi Hayden as part of NWA Houston‘s Shut Up And Wrestle show in Cypress, TX.

More than 200 days into her first run with the title, the 33-year old from Sturgis, SD has been part of the wrestling business for all of her adult life. Debuting as a manager in 1998, she accompanied Shorty Smalls sporadically for the first few years before getting more involved in 2003, and eventually transitioning to becoming a wrestler in 2005. Her first in-ring contest is the match we have for you for today’s Retro.

Looking much different to how she appears in the photo to your right, Carlisle took on SHIMMER Original Krissy Vaine in her first encounter on July 30, 2005 on a show in Olney, VA. Watch it after the jump. (more…)

In Video: Santana Garrett – one to watch

Santana GarrettSantana Garrett‘s been busy.

As well as creating a good impression in SHINE, the 24-year old Floridian has also been solidifying her status in other promotions in the state, such as I Believe In Wrestling, Ring Warriors, Belleview Pro Wrestling and Future Of Wrestling. In addition, she has travelled outside of the state to thrill others, venturing to SHIMMER last October, and last month went to Las Vegas, NV to team with Amber O’Neal and win the Women Of Wrestling Tag Team Championships. Indeed, Garrett’s star is rising, and it’s hard to not notice her.

With her big hair, big smile, shiny gear and high boots, she’s pretty easy to spot – and has a pretty exciting finisher in the form of a standing moonsault preceded by a handspring off the ropes she calls the Shining Star Press. If a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader ever became a wrestler, it would be Santana Garrett.

After the jump, we have posted a couple of her matches under the Battling Bombshells banner, showing off her work both as a babyface and a heel. The first is from Saturday’s Future Of Wrestling show in Deerfield Beach, FL against newcomer Dynamite Didi Cruz, while the second is a 3-way match for the Battling Bombshells title which was also held at FOW back on August 11 last year, with Garrett and Christina Von Eerie challenging La Rosa Negra for the belt. (more…)

Bombshells and Jingle Bells results

Last week, we reported that the main selling point for the Bombshells and Jingle Bells show which took place in Hollywood, FL last night was to be the NWA World Women’s Championship match between titleholder Kacee Carlisle and challenger La Rosa Negra. However, while the match still took place, the title which was on the line changed. For whatever reason, the NWA belt would stay with Carlisle, and the La Rosa Negra’s Battling Bombshells title was the one which would be on the line instead.

It wasn’t the only controversy involving the NWA on the show. After the main event, NWA Ring Warriors announced that it was withdrawing from the Alliance and its name would be reverted to simply Ring Warriors, and may partly stem from the decision to change the title match.

You can see the show results courtesy of Hit The Ropes by clicking the jump. (more…)

NWA World Women’s Title match headlines Bombshells & Jingle Bells

Christmas time usually brings around the wrestling shows with puns in their names – Season’s Beatings being the most popular one, though I wonder why nobody ever picks Violent Night – and next Saturday’s show presented by NWA Ring Warriors and its all-female off-shoot Battling Bombshells has one of its own, entitled Bombshells & Jingle Bells. However with hindsight, adding the ‘e’ to Bells would have made it even stronger, but that’s just one writer’s opinion.

Emanating from Hollywood, FL, the promotions are getting into the Christmas spirit by donating 100% of the profits to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, so the organisers are no doubt hoping for a large crowd for the event, which is headlined by an NWA World Women’s Championship rematch.

On November 17, La Rosa Negra challenged Kacee Carlisle for the belt at NWA Coastal‘s event in Bayville, NJ, though was unsuccessful in wresting the gold away. However, the match was deemed a critical success, and La Rosa Negra was granted a second crack at the title at Bombshells and Jingle Bells. Click the jump to see Carlisle offering her thoughts on the match (honestly, it’s a top promo which sells the match really well), as well as footage of some of the other matches announced for the show… (more…)