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Hogan and Flair are big news in 2012? Really?

The names Hogan and Flair have been inextricably linked in the wrestling business for years – whether that be as the main men in 80s era World Wrestling Federation and Jim Crockett Promotions respectively to the latterday geriatric double act which more often than not sees Ric Flair as Hogan’s opponent of choice when he needs someone to look good (and make him look good) as the Hulkamania juggernaut rumbles on – that it’s faintly curious that yesterday saw the names Hogan and Flair flash across wrestling news sites once again, as we heard “Flair to WWE!” and “TNA sign Hogan!” news. However, we’re talking Ashley Flair and Brooke Hogan – so let’s not get overexcited. Here’s what we know…

We brought you word in the Roundup a couple of weeks ago that Ric Flair’s daughter Ashley was training in Charlotte, NC for pro-wrestling. An accomplished volleyball player in high school, Ashley has been working as a personal trainer before deciding to take up the “family business”, and has apparently being signed to a developmental deal based entirely on her surname (there’s a lot of that in wrestling). What is interesting is the fact that Ashley has opted to sign up with WWE and relocate to Florida to train at FCW rather than sign with TNA and learn her craft in OVW in Louisville. Interesting also that it comes at a time when nobody is quite sure what’s up with Ric himself. He no-showed some advertised TNA house shows last weekend in Louisiana and took no part in this past week’s TV tapings – but both sides are staying quiet as to exactly what is going on. This coming less than two months after Flair appeared on WWE TV and was inducted into their Hall of Fame for the second time? It’s circumstantial at best, but certainly makes Ashley’s choice interesting. (more…)