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WOW Podcast #66 with Amazon Ayesha Ray

WOW Ayesha

Episode 66 with “The Female Predator” Amazon, Ayesha Ray
Almost two years after doing her very first wrestling interview on our My Name Is show here at Ringbelles, the UK’s “Female Predator” Amazon steps up to a full Women of Wrestling Podcast appearance – and why not? She’s international news these days, fresh off a three month tour of Japan which saw her win the Artist of STARDOM Trios Titles at Korakuen Hall, and wrestle on shows promoted by legends such as Meiko Satomura and Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta. That was her second tour of Japan in 2013, in fact. Not bad going for someone we first clocked as a trainee with potential about six years ago. Apart from discussing Japan, the language, the loneliness and spending Christmas in Japan, Ayesha discusses her hidden talents, breaking into wrestling under Justin Richards in the UK, her early association with London Inc, spreading her wings in WAW, the tag team match that got four women legitimately suspended from Premier Promotions, the “Amazon” character, her real-life friendship turned in-ring tag team with Rhia O’Reilly, working with Alpha Female (and a car door) at Pro-Wrestling: EVE, wrestling in Australia and we try to get some scoops about her plans for 2014. Oooh, there’s even a creepy clown story. What more could you want?

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episode66 "episode66"

In Video: A brawl worthy of four suspensions

Of course, you’ve already listened to the latest episode of My Name Is featuring The Female Predator, Amazon. As part of the interview, she discussed her relationship with Saraya Knight, and how she was intimidated of the veteran when they met, and didn’t start training under her tutelage for some time afterwards. The pair eventually started working together, before facing each other on shows. One of those matches is featured here…

Amazon is part of the London Inc. team, featuring Jet Logan and DKJ, and also had a fellow female member called Ananya. In this contest from Premier Promotions in 2009, they took on Saraya and daughter Britani (who, by the way, is now going under the name of Paige in Florida Championship Wrestling) in a match that saw all four receive 3 month suspensions from the promotion. No joke, no storyline – they were banned from wrestling in Premier for 90 days for fighting after the bell. Click after the jump to see what went down… (more…)