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Ringbelles Roundup (15 April 2014) – SHIMMER, SHINE, Femmes Fatales and a new writer

SHIMMER rosterI have experienced the buzz you feel after a SHIMMER weekend on a number of occasions, though recently I have been following the enthusiasm from fans in a more remote sense. While the festivities were ongoing in Berwyn, IL on Saturday and Sunday, I was at home in the UK keeping up with results and reaction, and for the most part, everyone was buzzing so much that Chicago could have experienced a very unlikely earthquake.

With volume 63 being called one of the best shows in the promotion’s history and the Tag Team Championship match on the following volume being described as one of the greatest in the company’s seven and a half years. So many wrestlers – be they new faces or long-running stars – impressed and improved their standing that it’s tough to start.

Stew was there to watch the shows and is writing up thoughts for each taping – he’s still got two to do but is in the process of flying home and has been struck down with the dreaded SHIMvirus so we may have to wait a little longer for reactions to volumes 65 and 66 (though you can see the results and thoughts for 63-64 here), but he sent through some overall thoughts on who did well: (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (19 March 2013) – TNA One Night Only tapings, Bellatrix, GLOW documentary & more

tna-one-night-onlyWARNING: Spoilers lay within.

TNA Wrestling is saying goodbye to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL by hosting a series of One Night Only pay-per-views. In last week’s Roundup, we discussed the Knockouts Knockdown all-women show which saw a number of former Knockouts turn down the offer of being there. At the time, Traci Brooks was one of the women who had declined the offer, but it was not because she was holding a grudge of any description, tweeting “I had to say no to TNA for the KO ppv as I couldn’t make it that day. No other reason”.

Payton Banks (Rain) and Winter (Katarina Leigh) pointed out last week that they had also been asked but said no, while Salinas (Shelly Martinez) vlogged that she wasn’t asked. However, it was the former Roxxi who came out and explained in detail why she didn’t go back for Sunday’s show.

Nikki Roxx (who was messed around during her two stints in the promotion) spoke to the Greg DeMarco show about her turning down the offer, saying, “You can only get kicked so many times… I think that I had finally had enough. They had trouble treating me very well to begin with and I felt like I was being a glutton for punishment every time I went back… I felt like it was the right time to tell them no. It was like one of those bad relationships where you keep trying to get away from it… You can’t treat people badly and then hope that they’ll come back and hang out.” (more…)

Amapola loses hair following loss to Estrellita

Amapola. Photo by Javier CardosoIt’s a big sacrifice to make, but Amapola had her head shaved as part of CMLL‘s Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show last night.

Both she and Estrellita had put their locks on the line for the match at Arena Mexico in Mexico City. The excellent Luchablog provided live results for the show, and reported that Estrellita won the match by 2 falls to 1 – Estrellita took the first and third with a casita (La Magistral) and arm submission respectively.

Despite being the longest reigning CMLL World Women’s Champion for a massive 1,442 days between 2007 and 2011 (by far the longest reign in the the title’s 20+ year history) Amapola’s Luchas de Apuestas record hasn’t been great. The 36-year old lost her mask back in 2006 after falling to Dark Angel, but beat Diana La Cazadora in a hair v hair outing the following year. However, she had her head shaved in 2008 after she lost to Lady Apache, meaning last night’s scalping is the second time she has gone bald. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (27 November 2012) – Eve Torres, Tsukasa Fujimoto wins ANOTHER title, plus more

In a recent interview with Edge, he was asked why so many women are voluntarily choosing to leave WWE. His reply: “I don’t think they get a shot and that’s why most leave. No incentive.”

Now, I was all set to expand on this, but there is the flip side – what about the fortunate ones who do get a shot? Do they seize the opportunity with both hands? Well, one is certainly doing so at the moment, and she seems to be the only one on the main roster taking the her role as a wrestler deadly seriously.

Consider what WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres has been up to in the last week. She was featured in a profile video for American Latino which focuses a large amount of time on the self defence for women programme she offers – something that she believes very passionately about. She teamed up with the Gracie Academy for the Women Empowered DVD set, and has worked hard promoting women being able to take care of themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

The interview also saw Torres justifying her heel character in WWE by saying she is a woman who gets what she wants, and her holding the WWE Divas belt is proof of that. It’s weird logic, but she has a point – it gets around the fact that she is a heel too, even though she is purporting herself to be on the side of the good girls. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (13 November 2012) – EVE’s iPPV, WAWW free show, Amazing Kong & more

In a move that nobody anticipated, Emi Sakura left Pro Wrestling: EVE’s second iPPV as the promotion’s Champion, after successfully defending her JWP Openweight Title earlier in the night, then challenging new EVE titleholder Nikki Storm in an impromptu match which saw the founder of Gatoh Move hit a quick 450 splash for the pin.

Now, I get the reasoning for putting the belt on Sakura. On an immediate level, it offers a happy ending for the show, and the visual of the JWP and EVE titles together is pretty striking. Longer term, it means that the belt is now associated with the oldest active women’s title in Japan, and considering how good Sakura is at garnering publicity, there is a lot of opportunity for joshi fans to find out about Pro Wrestling: EVE because people will inevitably ask about this other belt that she’s holding. In turn, it could lead to more international recognition and possibly more DVD sales and iPPV buys from Japan in the future.

However, the circumstances in which she won the title seems to be a big sticking point among some fans who both attended the show and watched online. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (16 October 2012) – honouring bookings, WSU’s return & more

“SOOO who’s ready for EVEN MORE changes to Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling ? Well heck it wouldn’t be a 24 hour day without some now would it!

“Stay tuned as we’re sure to serve up even more random stuff from the wacky world of Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling in the morning. Perhaps we should start doing contests like Guess The Next Girl To Drop Off ? Gotta love it.

“PS – not one single change to the loaded PWS lineup on Friday.”

That was one of the posts which Pro Wrestling Syndicate posted on its official Facebook page last week ahead of the debut Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling show on Thursday. As it happened, the show managed to fulfil its promise of presenting 8 opening round matches for its Sweet Sixteen tournament, though the lineup was a million miles away from the card which it originally posted. Reports from the show say it was a lot of fun, so it appears the fans went home from the Rahway Recreation Center in New Jersey happy, and by the sounds of the post above, the promoters of PWS breathed a sigh of relief. (more…)

In Video: Ten Woman Cage Match! ‘Nuff Said!

Several weeks ago, the luchadoras of CMLL competed in an Infierno en el Ring match – what’s that? A high stakes “escape the cage” match with ten competitors with the absolute biggest price to pay for the loser. Last one out loses their mask or their hair! The competitors for the match include tecnicas (babyfaces) Dark Angel (aka TNA‘s Sarita – not that you’d know), Estrellita, Goya Kong, Dalis La Caribena and CMLL World Womens Champion Marcela and rudas (heels) Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany, La Seductora & Lady Apache.

Goya Kong and La Seductora (who are the only two women in the cage with masks) started the issue that directly built to the match several weeks prior, but the interconnected rivalries grew to include almost all the regular luchadoras. Estrellita has been one of the stronger pushed luchadoras, feuding with Amapola and Tiffany. Lady Apache has recently turned to the ruda side – and is feuding with Dark Angel, while Blanca is recently feuding with Dalis. The match is historic as it is the first time ever that a women’s match has headlined a major show in Arena Mexico… (more…)

Ayumi Kurihara wins CMLL World Women’s Title

It’s been a pretty successful couple of months for Ayumi Kurihara. At the start of October, she won the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship with Ayako Hamada, and successfully defended it through to the end of that batch of tapings. At the end of last month, she and partner Kana won the Dual Shock WAVE Tag League to claim the promotion’s doubles straps, and today, the 27-year old won arguably the most prestigious title in her career to date by becoming the CMLL World Women’s Champion, defeating Marcela by coming from behind to win by two falls to one – the outgoing champ had only won the belt at the end of last month on her thirteenth attempt.

The previous champion, Amapola, held the title for a whopping 1,442 days. Marcela’s latest reign lasted just 29 – the shortest in the title’s history. This victory makes Kurihara the fourth Japanese woman to hold the championship.

This isn’t the first singles title that Ayumi has held. She has also been the Xtreme Latin American Wrestling Extreme Champion, as well as being the final NEO/NWA Pacific Champion before the promotion closed down at the end of last year. However, this World Championship (a title that has been in existence for close to 20 years) is undoubtedly the biggest shot in the arm for Kurihara, who won the belt in the main event of her 6th Anniversary celebration show in Tokyo, made even sweeter in that she had the belt presented to her by the first titleholder, Bull Nakano, who – as you can tell from the photo – is still piling on the weight ahead of her retirement show in January. (more…)

Marcela ends Amapola’s 4-year Women’s Title reign

One of the longest women’s title reigns in wrestling came to a halt on Friday night when Marcela defeated Amapola to win the CMLL Women’s Championship, ending a reign that began on November 16, 2007 – that’s a staggering 1,442 days.

This was far from the first bite of the cherry for the 40 year old Marcela, who won the CMLL World Women’s Championship at the thirteenth time of asking. It’s estimated that Marcela and Amapola have contested in excess of 25 singles matches against each other in the last six years, and it’s easy to see why – the two have tremendous chemistry and have been the cornerstone of the CMLL women’s division ever since the company decided to bring back regular female wrestling in 2004. Marcela was actually the surprise first CMLL World Women’s Champion following the belt’s re-activation in 2005 (most expected Lady Apache to get the title before she decided to jump to AAA), so it was quite the vote of confidence in the technically sound Marcela that she had the entire success or failure of the new women’s division foisted on her shoulders. It was sink or swim time, and luckily for her, the promotion and the burgeoning division, Marcela swam – and picked up plaudits from observers based on her technical ability. (more…)

Ringbelles TV review (6 – 12 March)

TNA are in the middle of their “let’s give Madison Rayne some credibility” phase, which they seem to do maybe twice a year, and I was a fan of her match a couple of weeks ago with the returning (apparently for one night only) ODB, and having heard that tonight features another one night return (this time of Roxxi aka Nikki Roxx), I was quite looking forward to this.


Ringbelles TV Review (30 January – 5 February)

Big news for TV wrestling this week, as females actually get to headline one of WWE’s two top branded shows, battling over the World Heavyweight Title (albeit in mixed tag action), the Knockouts go for knockouts, and someone, somewhere thinks that Tamina vs Melina would be a good match…

TV match of the week is an easy one, with the Smackdown main event of Edge & Kelly Kelly vs Dolph Ziggler & Laycool (in a handicap mixed tag match with Edge’s World Title on the line) taking top honours, thanks in large part to the performance of one Kelly Kelly…