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Cherry Bomb wins Girls Grand Prix 2 – now updated with thoughts

Cherry Bomb Girls Grand Prix 2cw FancastAfter a successful first outing last year, it seemed inevitable that Squared Circle Wrestling would hold another Girls Grand Prix. Last night in Binghamton, NY, 2CW held Girls Grand Prix 2, with the lineup being a who’s who of established and promising stars from the women’s wrestling world.

Rachel Summerlyn won the first tournament last year – last night, Cherry Bomb, who was beaten in the first round last year by Portia Perez, won the whole thing by taking out Courtney Rush, Nikki Roxx and Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok in the final match which became a triple threat affair with no DQ and no count out stipulations after the Havok Death Machine inserted herself into the contest.

We have the results, but Dave Muscarella - who attended the show – described it as “great” and insists the there was not a single bad match on the card, which is certainly encouraging. Click after the jump to see how Cherry Bomb earned the trophy… (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (7 May 2013) – the European scene, Mickie James & more

22 Kay Lee RayI’m still buzzing after Insane Championship Wrestling’s Fierce Females show on Saturday, which culminated with Kay Lee Ray winning her first ever championship when she won the tournament to become the inaugural Scottish titleholder. Beating Rhia O’Reilly and Viper in two very different contests, she proved that she is versatile and dependable as a main event talent. However, it was more than just KLR who impressed, with her defeated opponents also impressing, along with Carmel Jacob, Bete Noire, Erin Angel and Blue Nikita putting together great outings, and North American talent like Leah Von Dutch and Crazy Mary Dobson also entertaining. In fact, those two elements got me thinking…

First off, women’s wrestling fans are doing themselves a disservice by ignoring Europe. While places like America, Canada, Japan and Mexico are places which get a lot of attention, there are now three major all-women’s indie promotions to speak of in the UK alone, and plenty of skilled women from all over the continent looking to make their mark, and they can make it in the likes of Fierce Females, Pro Wrestling: EVE and Bellatrix because of their differing standpoints. (more…)

A good half year for… Allysin Kay

“AK-47. The very best there is.
When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.”
(Ordell Robbie, Jackie Brown, 1997)

Spotlighting wrestlers for this “good half year” series isn’t easy – everybody has an opinion and everybody has different criteria when choosing. For me, one of my biggest criteria was to choose people who are in a better position now than they were in January – and on that basis alone, Allysin Kay was right at the top of my list. Surely an early contender for our year-end breakout star of the year award, Kay has been riding a major wave of upward momentum this year, collecting title belts and plaudits wherever she has gone. Make no mistake, 2012 has seen the woman nicknamed “AK-47” go from a supporting role to a burgeoning star in her own right. (more…)

Review: 2CW Girls’ Grand Prix (24 February 2012)

Eight wrestlers from the US and Canada compete at the American Legion Post 80 in Binghampton, New York for Squared Circle Wrestling‘s first ever Girls’ Grand Prix tournament.

1. Girls Grand Prix Quarter Final: Portia Perez pinned Cherry Bomb with a tights-assisted rollup.
2. Girls Grand Prix Quarter Final: Rachel Summerlyn defeated Veda Scott with the Best Of Both Worlds (swinging neckbreaker).
3. Girls Grand Prix Quarter Final: Sara Del Rey made Allysin Kay tap out to a Cross Armbreaker.
4. Girls Grand Prix Quarter Final: Mercedes Martinez pinned Mia Yim with a Fisherman Buster.
5. Girls Grand Prix Semi Final: Rachel Summerlyn made Portia Perez give up to the Texas Cloverleaf.
6. Jay Freddie defeated Jason Axe, Eddie Edwards and Brodie Lee to retain the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. Freddie made Axe tap out with a Sharpshooter.
7. Girls Grand Prix Semi Final: Sara Del Rey beat Mercedes Martinez with a Royal Butterfly.
8. Kevin Graham, Punisher Van Slyke & ZS3 beat Loca Vida, Steve McKenzie & Kage. Graham pinned Kage with a sunset flip.
9. Carlito pinned Sean Carr with a roll up.
10. Girls Grand Prix Final: Rachel Summerlyn defeated Sara Del Rey via submission with a Texas Cloverleaf.

• This was 2CW’s first attempt at running a show with the primary focus on the women. The promotion had held two Grand Prix tournaments for men in the past.
• The run-up to the show was somewhat of a shaky one. Half of the announced women in the tournament were unable to attend for various reasons, meaning that Serena Deeb, Courtney Rush, Nikki Roxx and Alexxis Nevaeh all missed the show – they were replaced by Scott, Yim, Kay and Martinez.
• Del Rey and Martinez squared off in a the semi-finals, rekindling their series of matches which helped put SHIMMER on the map in the promotion’s early days.
• Speaking of Martinez, this was her first high-profile show since suffering a concussion the previous November. She spoke about it during the Christmas episode of the Women Of Wrestling Podcast.
• Rachel Summerlyn added to the ACW American Joshi Queen of Queens honour that she won last June by taking the first ever Girls Grand Prix trophy. (more…)

2CW Girls Grand Prix – Live Results

Tonight at the American Legion Post 80 in Binghampton, New York, Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) are presenting the Girls Grand Prix – an eight woman, one night tournament featuring an intriguing mix of established indy stars and up and comers. Despite losing half of the originally announced competitors (Nikki Roxx, Courtney Rush, Lexxus and Serena Deeb have all at one point been booked on the show), we’ve still got an eight woman, one night tournament featuring 2CW regulars like Sara Del Rey & Portia Perez, mixed with a potent mix of talents including Mia Yim and Allysin Kay (following their nose-breaking endeavours at AIW’s Girls Night Out 5), ACW‘s Rachel Summerlyn making an irregular East Coast appearance, Mercedes Martinez having her biggest profile match (or matches) since her concussion issues and recent co-Podcast guests Cherry Bomb & Veda Scott.

Click after the jump for relevant live results from the show via our correspondant David Muscarella. (more…)

WOW Podcast #35 with Veda Scott & Cherry Bomb

Episode 35 with Veda Scott & Cherry Bomb

It’s the return of the two-guest special as we welcome two of the competitors in the upcoming 2CW Girls Grand Prix, Veda Scott & Cherry Bomb. Still in her rookie year, Veda talks her short but impressive time in wrestling so far, and how she juggles wrestling with being a law student. We also talk about her training at the ROH/SHIMMER School, her outings at AIW, Beyond Wrestling & SHIMMER, her T-shirt on and her new gig as ROH’s new locker room correspondent. Then we welcome Ontario’s Cherry Bomb (on the back of a successful campaign, no less) to talk how she got involved in pro-wrestling, coming back from a nasty injury, her WWE dream and tryout, nearly committing homicide on Veda at AIW, touring Japan, playing an evil version of herself in forthcoming movie “Beat Down”, and dressing up Hulk Hogan in a Godzilla hoodie. No, really.

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Ringbelles Roundup (17 January 2012)

When I looked at the card for the Bull Nakano EMPRESS retirement show, I was surprised at what I saw. Not the card itself, which looked very appealing, but the order in which the matches would take place. Unlike American shows which have a card, but barring the main event, you probably won’t know the exact order of the matches. When it comes to Japan, the match listing is usually the order in which those contests would take place. Surprisingly, the singles match featuring veterans and legends Ayako Hamada and Aja Kong would OPEN the show, while the final match on the card would be between two women with comparatively little experience – one had just three years under her belt, while the other had debuted just 15 months ago.

Having said that, the match between Ice Ribbon’s ICEx60 and International Ribbon Tag Team Champion Hikaru Shida and Wonder Of Stardom and one half of the Goddesses Of Stardom Yuzuki Aikawa put forth a hell of a contest, and proved that they were worthy of headlining the card. Even more surprisingly, 28-year old Aikawa won the match in front of 3000 fans at the Tokyo Dome City Hall – though that could be indicative of the potential influence that she could have on joshi in the future…

Despite being trained in taekwondo for ten years, Aikawa made her living before becoming a wrestler as a bikini model and a singer in a girl group, selling picture books, DVDs and CDs, mostly down to her beauty and curvy figure. However, she packed it all in just over two years ago to make the transition to becoming a professional wrestler – funny, in the western world, it usually works the other way around. A year after making the switch, she debuted on October 31, 2010 as part of her own card which she produced, taking on Nanae Takahashi. You would imagine that considering that it was her own card, it was her first match and that she is a pretty woman, she would be eased into the situation by a veteran of the business.

No such luck. Takahashi defeated her, and as part of the deal, beat the shit out of her. (more…)

Ringbelles Roundup (3 January 2012)

This Sunday sees Bull Nakano issue her official goodbye to pro wrestling as part of her EMPRESS retirement show on her 44th birthday at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. So far, only two matches have been announced, though the former WWF Women’s Champion has spent the last few months visiting numerous joshi promotions, offering blue envelopes to wrestlers, ostensibly inviting them to be part of the show.

As well as handing out invitations like she’s on an episode of My Super Sweet 16, Nakano has also been preparing herself, putting on weight and growing her hair so she can become the image that she was when she was wrestling – 230lb with hair spiking straight up, and blue veins etched onto her face. It is a big change from a couple of years ago, when as a professional golfer, Keiko Nakano’s weight had dropped weight all the way down to 130lb – partly to ease the pressure on her injured knees that had taken a battering during her hard-hitting 14-year career between 1983 and 1997 (though she returned for one more match in 2001). For that reason, it is unclear if Nakano will wrestle on the event, though nothing should be ruled out. (more…)

Girls Grand Prix: opening matches announced

Two weeks ago, we reported about Squared Circle Wrestling setting up a new tournament called Girls Grand Prix, to be held in Binghamton, NY on February 24. At the time, the names which had been announced were Rachel Summerlyn, Sara Del Rey, Portia Perez and Serena Deeb (should she be fit to wrestle following her concussion). Today, 2CW has announced the other four participants in the tourney, as well as the opening round matches.

Joining the announced quartet will be former World Women’s Wrestling Champions Nikki Roxx and Alexxis Nevaeh (AKA Lexxus in Women Superstars Uncensored), as well as Canadians (and potential smash hits for 2012) Cherry Bomb and Courtney Rush. Having the experience and East Coast history of Roxx and Navaeh as well as the youth and added international flavour of Rush and Cherry Bomb (to go with fellow Canuck Perez) makes for an interesting dynamic. It could have been the same local faces for the most part, but those additions mean that it has a unique edge to it all. (more…)

Another all-woman tournament to add to the calendar

Women’s wrestling has had some great tournaments over the last few years. ChickFight held nine of them between 2004 and 2007 both in the US and later in the UK, with Mariko Yoshida and Cheerleader Melissa winning two tourneys each, and being the home of wild brawls as well as top in-ring action. Also in 2004, Dave Prazak put together the excellent IWA: MS Volcano Girls show, which crowned the first NWA Midwest/IWA: MS Women’s Champion in Lacey. SHIMMER‘s two night, 16 woman title tournament in 2007 saw Sara Del Rey become the inaugural champion. More recently, the Anarchy Championship Wrestling American Joshi Queen of Queens has become a mainstay of the summer, with Daizee Haze, Portia Perez and Rachel Summerlyn taking the crown over the years.

Tournaments are great – they can tell a number of stories over one evening or weekend, integrating a number of characters into the mix and giving a satisfying payoff, as you can tell the struggle someone has gone through, wrestling multiple matches in rapid succession to emerge victorious at the top of the heap. Of course, done badly, you end up with King of the Ring 1995 but that’s beside the point… (more…)

In Video: Sara Del Rey destroys the ring!

“In Video” this week comes to you from 2CW’s “Living On The Edge 6″, featuring Portia Perez taking on Sara Del Rey in a match that features bottom-rope breakage due to the unstoppable force of Del Rey’s (admittedly missed) Koppo Kick. 2CW is becoming a bit of a promotion to watch for fans of female wrestling, as not only will they present their first all-female show on February 24th with their “Girls Grand Prix” tournament (more on that later today), but on last night’s show (“Hot Action on a cold December Night”, held in Syracuse, NY), Jason Axe and his partner Portia Perez became the NEW 2CW Tag Team Champions, defeating Jimmy & Colin Olsen. We’ll be following and reporting on the upcoming GGP right here at Ringbelles, but you can follow general 2CW info on their website.