Episode 55 with Leah Von Dutch

Ontario’s Leah Von Dutch is less than two years into her wrestling career, but having already worked in Canada, US and Japan, she’s now coming over to the UK for a month to expand her wrestling horizons. She’s on WWE‘s radar already, she’s got the backing of WWE Hall of Famer Edge and she’s got her sights set on making it to the big time – and there’s a great chance she’s going to make it. So, on this edition of the Women of Wrestling Podcast, we cast the spotlight on one of wrestling’s fastest rising stars and find out just what makes this young woman tick. We talk about her upcoming UK tour, which includes dates for Pro-Wrestling: EVE and ICW: Fierce Females, working with Sara Del Rey in Chikara, experiences in Japan and working heel in SHINE. We find out the origins of the ‘Leah Von Dutch’ name, find out about how much an influence Cody Deaner has been for her, and how she got her start in the business first through helping out and then through the Edge scholarship for training – and find out how much the Rated R Superstar still guides her career. Plus before we chat to Leah, Stew and a SHIMvirus ravaged Lee discuss some thoughts on SHIMMER this past weekend – including Allison Danger‘s retirement, the returns of Madison Eagles & Serena Deeb, elevation for new stars, some excellent debuts and the impressive work of one Melanie Cruise. All here on your WOW Podcast. Happy downloading!

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Wes IA says:

Terrific show. I’ve just been a listener for the last 6 months or so, but have caught up with the archives. Thank you for that. I’ve wondered what the theme song is. Thats the one critique I would have about your show. Not a real fan of that song.

Stew says:

Thanks Wes – only just noticed this message. The show’s theme tune is “Chick Habit” by April March. It’s a 90s track, but was featured in the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof… which is where we got the inspiration. It plays over the end credits.