Time certainly flies. Scotland’s Kay Lee Ray competed in her first match in Japan earlier today as part of Emi Sakura‘s Gatoh Move promotion, a little over two weeks since it was announced that she was going to be heading over there. However, when you’re flying by the seat of your pants, things tend to be more exciting, so you can only imagine how she’s feeling right now.

Her debut on the show in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan was not a victory, as she and former Ice Ribbon starlet Riho were beaten by the Queens Revolution – namely former JWP and Daily Sports Tag Team Champions Hailey Hatred and Kaori Yoneyama, marking the first time the pair have linked up in more than a year. However, the defeat did not involve Ray’s shoulders being pinned to the mat, as it was Riho who took the fall when Yoneyama rolled her up while the 20-year old gaijin was on the arena floor.

From here, the 20-year old moves on to the famed Korukuen Hall to wrestle on JWP’s Christmas Eve card, teaming with fellow high-flier Leon against DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko, which sounds like a mouth-watering encounter.

Elsewhere on the Gatoh Move card, Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Emi Sakura put the title on the line against Hiroyo Matsumoto in a match which saw them exchange technical holds, hard strikes, power moves and attacks from the top rope. Notable moments include Matsumoto catching Sakura as she went for her corner crossbody, Sakura scoring with a top rope rana and moonsault, and Hiroyo executing a Vader Bomb. In the end, the contest went to a 20 minute draw, which means Sakura retains the title due to the championship advantage, though it appears to have been a belting encounter.

– Lee Burton ((Photos provided by Hiroshi Arai)