Back in December of 2008, Sara Del Rey took a trip to Australia where she competed in a few matches for the Professional Wrestling Alliance, including a six way match which saw precious little of her as the match didn’t go very long. However, during the tour she also participated in the match we’re bringing to you today – a singles contest from December 20 against the “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater.

The timing of the match is quite interesting, as it was before Skater debuted for SHIMMER, and you can see how she has changed over the last four years. The Rate Tank we see today is just as cocky, but has matured both physically and emotionally into a top quality grappler – one who has arrived in Japan in the last few hours to start her second tour, which includes a tag match for Stardom on Christmas Eve. Incidentally, after this retro match, Skater made her debut on the subsequent SHIMMER tapings the following May. Coincidence?