It’s time to Shine once again with SHINE 4, live and direct from The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL.

With big sister promotion SHIMMER Women Athletes running next weekend in Berwyn, IL, SHINE 4 kicks off what looks like a busy few weeks for SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight, who debuts on this show, making her first defence of the SHIMMER Title against former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz. If she gets past Jazz, she will defend against MsChif at next Friday’s AAW show in Berwyn before arriving at SHIMMER next Saturday and Sunday. Saraya can’t afford to look past Jazz, who is headlining her fourth straight SHINE show.

Also on the show, the maniacal Jessicka Havok takes on Leva Bates, Made in Sin reform to take on the debuting team of Davina Rose & Shazza McKenzie, while Reby Sky returns to SHINE to take on the challenge of Australia’s “Rate Tank” Kellie Skater.

In addition, Mercedes Martinez takes on future SHIMMER debutante Santana Garrett, Rain battles Christina Von Eerie, Kimberly *promises* to get her first win over veteran Brandi Wine, and it’s a SHINE debut for “The Fighting Irish” Rhia O’Reilly as she takes on Su Yung.

Click through to after the cut for ongoing results as they come in, and later, opinions and pictures.

-. The show started with a ten bell salute to Mike Graham
1. Su Yung pinned Rhia O’Reilly.
2. Brandi Wine pinned Kimberly with a schoolgirl rollup.
3. Reby Sky pinned Kellie Skater with a Twist of Fate in an excellent back and forth match.
4. Rain pinned Christina Von Eerie after a low-blow and DDT. Post match, Made In Sin attacked Von Eerie.
5. Made In Sin (Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) bt Davina Rose & Shazza McKenzie when Kay pinned McKenzie after Made in Sin delivered Seven Deadlys.
6. Mercedes Martinez pinned Santana Garrett with a Fisherwoman’s Buster.
7. Jessicka Havok pinned Leva Bates following an Air Raid Crash. Reby Sky saved Leva Bates from further punishment post match.
8. SHIMMER Championship: Saraya Knight pinned Jazz after Jazz was KO’d by Rain. Mercedes Martinez was out, distracting the official, allowing Rain to run in.

– Acknowledging the tragic death of Mike Graham with a ten bell salute (who was a friend to the folks at WWN) was not only a nice touch, but it was entirely right and proper. However, it had the unfortunate side-effect of starting the show on a muted note – and I’m not sure whether this hung over during the show or not, but the crowd seemed quite quiet during much of the show. Disappointingly, only a few wrestlers took any significant time to work the crowd too.
- Rhia O’Reilly vs Su Yung was a solid, if cold, opener. They worked well together, although the final series of reversals into the finishing move was a bit forced.
– On a purely personal level, I like Kimberly, and I am enjoying her slow descent into madness as her W/L record racks up loss after loss – she’s also clearly becoming a heel, so the match with Brandi Wine was kind of a heel/heel affair. Slightly weird dynamic aside (are we *supposed* to be wanting Kimberly to beat Brandi or not?), this was good.
– Reby Sky vs Kellie Skater was my initial choice for MOTN on first viewing. It’s easy to say that Reby is eminently carryable, but that’s also a bit disingenuous because she’s clearly got more than just an ability to be led. After having really good matches on previous Shine shows against people she’s very familiar with (Jayme Jameson & Jessicka Havok), here she had possibly her best showing yet. Skater looked strong in defeat. Sky going over was the only finish that made sense as she’ll be back next month (presumably looking for revenge against Jessicka Havok) and Skater won’t.
- Rain vs Christina Von Eerie felt like it was all Rain. She was in control for most of the match and was pulling the strings – and the match benefitted from her steady hand.
– Made In Sin vs Davina Rose & Shazza McKenzie was, as usual for a Made In Sin match, good. Allysin Kay continues to be the charismatic leader of the team, and Taylor Made does a good job holding up her end. I don’t see what April Hunter adds to the dynamic – but maybe that’s just me. There were a couple of fluffs, but nothing serious. Good stuff.
– Havok vs Bates was very good. Arguably both women’s best performances in Shine yet. Not a lot to say about it other than that.
- The main event was pretty much the walkabout, knockabout venue-wide brawl I expected it to be – shame, therefore, that the cameras weren’t able to bring it to us better… so for much of the body of the match it was a case of picking out the violence against the dark background. The finish made sense for Shine more than it did for SHIMMER, as it continues the Jazz vs Martinez feud and puts heat back on Jazz vs Rain too – but it did nothing for the SHIMMER champion one week out from the tapings. With Shine 5 next month, then December off before returning in January, it seems likely that Shine 5 on November 16th will be headlined by Jazz/Martinez II.