In Video: The future of the WWE Divas?

With WWE Divas seemingly planning their exits from the company at alarming speed – such as Kelly Kelly yesterday and Beth Phoenix reportedly going next month – eyes are naturally drawn to what’s going on in Florida with the women in developmental – although things aren’t exactly going swimmingly there either, and haven’t been for the last couple of months.

However, two hot prospects who are seemingly keeping their heads down are England’s Paige who arrived at developmental in January, and Australian Emma, who arrived in June following her clearance from some pretty heavy shoulder surgery. While Paige has been cutting her teeth there for a while and is set to receive a push on the NXT show, Emma is still waiting for a TV break. While she does that, she has also been keeping busy by wrestling on the house shows in the state, and we’ve got a match between the two which took place just last night.

This fancam footage is from the live event at Winter Haven – and beware, as despite it being in a WWE ring and featuring two women, it has actual wrestling, a story, and is given more time than the “dream match” between Phoenix and Natalya did on SmackDown last night. We felt we should inform you ahead of time so you’re not shocked…