SHIMMER Women Athletes announced today the next joshi talent to be added to the Vols 49-52 tapings in Berwyn, IL on the weekend of October 27th & 28th – and it’s the return of the enigmatic Kana.

Since debuting at Vol 41, Kana has walked her own path in SHIMMER, initially refusing to respect any of her opponents on her first weekend (opponents which included SHIMMER ever-presents such as Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa) until her match with LuFisto on Vol 44 finally caused her to reach out her hand as a sign of respect. Splitting her time on her following SHIMMER tour between singles and her newly founded tag team with LuFisto, Kana competed in some memorable bouts, including against Mercedes Martinez, and a tag encounter with Hailey Hatred & Kalamity.

In Japan, Kana has been competing primarily for Wrestling New Classic (which grew out of the death of SMASH) and Wave, where she’s had plenty of success in both promotions. Elsewhere this year, Kana has held DDT‘s Heavymetalweight Ironman Title on more than one occasion, defeated ICEx60 Champion Hikaru Shida in the non-title main event of ICE Ribbon‘s Korakuen Hall show on May 5th, travelled to Mexico where she took part in Toryumon Mexico‘s DragonMania VII (where she defeated Syuri) on May 12th, before becoming even more “World Famous” by competing at the Japan Expo in Paris, France in July, alongside Mio Shirai.

Possessor of some of the most lethal kicks and submissions in the sport, Kana also has a grace and technique that remains unmatched by any of her peers. Whether she continues to split her time between singles and tag team, or devotes herself fully to either – Kana *will* drop jaws in Berwyn once again in just a few weeks. Get your tickets now.

— Stew Allen