The funny thing is that the title above can refer to both MsChif‘s past AND the future. Why? Well, it was announced earlier today that the former SHIMMER Champion will return to the Far East for the first time in more than six years next month as part of the Joshi4Hope IV show taking place at the Tokyo Cinema Club on October 7.

MsChif’s last time in Japan saw her wrestle at NEO and take part at the Wrestle Expo 2006 weekend on August 19/20. We asked her about her trip there during her appearance on the Women Of Wrestling Podcast last year, and she was very open with how much she enjoyed it, despite the heat and humidity:

It was a really really cool experience – one I will remember forever, that’s for sure… the temperature was really hot, and you’re talking about nineties, which is fine – however the humidty was like 172%… but it didn’t matter, and it did not even bother me because it’s frickin’ Japan! That was the first time I’d ever been out of the country, and my first time out of the country is frickin’ Japan.

With that, this week’s Retro is from her time there. As mentioned, MsChif took part in the Wrestle Expo WWWC Tournament, making it to the final by defeating Kyoko Kimura. In the main event, she took ok NWA Pacific Women’s/NEO Singles Champion Yoshiko Tamura with the titles on the line. As well as being the inaugural champ, by this time, Tamura was well into her sixth reign which started at the tail end of 2005. Tamura had already claimed one victory over MsChif in the US two months before this match, but could MsChif claim the title in such stifling weather conditions? Let’s see…