It is strange to call someone a veteran when they are just 15 years old, but that moniker holds true for Riho. Having debuted on Ice Ribbon‘s third ever show at the age of 8, she has been a mainstay in the promotion for its entire existence. However, real-life and loyalties to her trainer will see her bid farewell to Ice Ribbon and seek new challenges elsewhere…

Open The Puroresu Gate reports that at the roundtable which usually concludes Ice Ribbon cards, the former ICEx60 Champion – who won the belt when she was 12 from Miyako Matsumoto, was the youngest person to main event a Korukuen Hall show, and was the first person to win the promotion’s Triple Crown of ICEx60, Triangle Ribbon and International Ribbon Tag Team Titles – announced that she would leave the promotion to focus on her upcoming high-school exams, similar to fellow former champ Hikari Minami (though Minami is planning to return), and is also looking to rejoin the side of her trainer Emi Sakura in Thailand – possibly as part of her growing Gatoh Move outfit at some point in the future.

Following her announcement, Aoi Kizuki requested to be Riho’s final Ice Ribbon opponent at the Korukuen Hall show on September 23, which was accepted. Tsukasa Fujimoto then described Riho as “the sun of Ice Ribbon”, saying she was Ice Ribbon and vice versa.

As part of our In Video treatment this weekend, we bring you a recent Riho match from Ice Ribbon March back on March 20 at Korukuen in Tokyo, with her teaming up with Minami against Toshie Uematsu & Maki Narumiya.

03. Uematsu & Narumiya vs Hikari & Riho – (Ice… by SenorLARIATO