A pretty quick turnaround for this little slice of history from a fortnight ago, as it represents the first time a one-on-one match between two women has headlined a CMLL lucha card in Arena Mexico in the 50+ year history of wrestling in the building. Buoyed by the surprisingly good turnout for the recent 10 woman cage match (where the loser of the fall lost her mask or her hair), which headlined the Arena, CMLL World Women’s Champion Marcela and challenger Tiffany were selected to go and main event opposite AAA‘s TripleMania XX show elsewhere in Mexico City. It was a poisoned chalice, and consequently, the show didn’t draw particularly well, but Marcela and Tiffany ended up putting on a really dramatic and dynamic two-out-of-three falls match with a shaved head being the prize for the loser. Well worth a watch.