KC Cassidy has recently returned from three months training with the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and has offered some thoughts on her experience living abroad.

The former self-professed PWWA Champion – who claims she hails from Bitchville, Australia – wrote a blog for Australian women’s wrestling site NHB Girls about her time. You can click here to read the whole blog, but below are a couple of excerpts:

Lance [Storm] cares so much about his students and that shows when guys who have never trained before are able to walk away with three months of training and are able to confidently wrestle a match. Best decision I could have ever made for my career at this point was definitely going to Calgary to get trained by Lance.

I was able to prove to myself that hard work pays off and for me it paid off in a fantastic way.

Cassidy also points out that not everyone who started the course completed it – 12 wrestlers from three different countries completed the camp – but both she and fellow Australian female grappler Nikita Naridian made it all the way through, so that is something to be celebrated.

She also points out that she also managed to enjoy herself during some of the down time too. Of course, it can’t all be work, work, work:

I was able to make a weekend of West Edmonton Mall. The largest mall in the world… or something along those lines. We initially had planned on just having a look around on the Saturday but realized it was way too big to see all of it in one day. We were able to do a bit of shopping and take advantage of the theme park- yep, inside the mall! Anyway, we found a place to stay that night and went back to spend Sunday enjoying the incredible water park… that’s in the mall too!

Cassidy and Naridian join a group of other women who have gone through the Storm Wrestling Academy, including their fellow countrywomen Irina Janjic (now Alex Lee, who actually went through two camps) and Tenille Tayla, as well as Taya Valkyrie, Becky James and Rhia O’Reilly.

It will be interesting to see how KC and Nikita’s three months training has helped to sharpen and improve their skills. Perhaps we will find out when PWWA holds its next card in Casula, NSW on October 6.

– Lee Burton