Having worked in every major American promotion, lucha libre legend and Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer Konnan (who currently works in the booking department of Mexico’s AAA promotion) is a man who has seen most everybody come and go, and someone who recognises genuine talent when he sees it. In a typically candid interview with Bryan Alvarez & Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio this week (July 26th), Konnan ended up getting onto the topic of Karen Jarrett‘s run in AAA (alongside her husband Jeff, who currently holds the AAA Mega Unified Heavyweight Championship), where she has been known as “La Bruja” (The Witch) Karen – going so far as to compare Jarrett to the late Sensational Sherri.

She’s incredible man. The best valet I ever worked with, or against, or whatever, was Sherri Martel. And you know, Sherri Martel, man… she brought it. You know, when she was in Mexico she fuckin’ partied hard and she worked even harder. And she had no fear. I mean, I remember her one time climbing to the top of a cage, you know, and just fuckin’ took off her shoes and just jumped off on Jake The Snake. Just didn’t give a shit. And you know, one time she fuckin’ slapped the shit outta me in a promo, and she hit me so hard that I kinda blacked out for a couple of seconds – and I thought it was Jake. And I got really hot, and I went after him and he goes “Nah, man… it was her”, and I was looking at her like “God damn, you can *punch*”. But she was just great, and I don’t have to tell you about her work. And Karen? Karen reminds me a lot of her. Karen doesn’t care. She goes out there, she agitates the crowd. If she has to show ass, she will. We had this one thing where we dressed her up as a witch and everybody was calling her a witch, and she was selling it great. You know, she just has this affinity for knowing what to do and when do to it. And she just loves to perform. You know, for somebody who really wasn’t even in the business, she’s incredible man.

I even told her, I said “I don’t know why you’re so good” and she’s, well, “I’ve always been a fan”. And I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, a lot of people are a fan, but that doesn’t mean they can get into the ring and do what you do.” I don’t care how much wrestling you watch, or how easy you think it is, there’s a big difference between watching it on TV and saying “Oh, I can do that” and going out there and remembering your spots, and making sure that when you do something, it looks realistic and you don’t hurt the person and how to sell and you know, she does a lot of little things that, you know, she she just gets, and she understands and she knows it. I mean, you either have it or you don’t have it sometimes and she just has it, you know. I know that’s not just stuff that Jeff’s sat down and said “Hey, Karen, you have to do this, this and this”. You know, she goes out there and she feels the crowd and you know, she does an incredible job, man. Really, really good job for us.

Later in the show, when discussing his thoughts on TNA, Konnan was significantly less than complimentary about one of TNA’s prominent female leads at the minute – Claire Lynch.

I don’t know where they found that bitch, but she’s gotta be one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen, and when she first came into the ring and she started to cry, I was like “come on, give me a break.” And then we’re supposed to care about her why? Oh, because they met her at some party and she had some fuckin’ problems and they decided to help her? Awww, how nice Dixie and AJ are. And you know, its like they’re trying to get over how nice Dixie and AJ were where they just met her at a party and they decided to help her? Like, who does that?

For those keeping score at home, apparent recovering alcoholic Claire Lynch is pregnant – allegedly by AJ Styles. He refuses to acknowledge this, even in the face of apparent pictures of he and Lynch in bed together. Frankie Kazarian may have something to do with it. Chris Daniels is almost certainly drinking an Appletini.

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Matthew says:

Despite his at times dodgy reputation
Kdawg is one of those who won’t feed
you stories or blow smoke when ask so
I can respect his disposition on subjects
here and there.