Keep an eye on Europe for some great action that most of the time, seems to be overlooked because of everything that goes on in places like North America and Japan. Reasons why you should check out the European women is demonstrated in this weekend’s match which comes from France’s Europe Catch Tour Association‘s card in May featuring Germany’s Lady Lory against rising British grappler Penelope.

It’s no secret how much of a fan I am of these two women. Lady Lory caught my attention in her WAWW debut in March against Chanelle at Bellatrix where she made a great first impression with fans (and also comes out to Roxette, which fits her attitude perfectly), while Penelope, who only debuted a year ago, continues to improve with every contest, and was most impressive at Bellatrix 2 where she fell to Destiny in an exciting contest – so exciting, that Sweet Saraya declared it her favourite match of the night.

Putting these two together was a great move by ECTA, as Lory’s heel character bounces perfectly off Penelope’s inherent likeability and improving high-flying arsenal. With a simple and effective story, this match is a great advertisement for what the women of Europe can do.