There was been a lot of talk about SHINE Wrestling in the lead up to the first Internet PPV on Friday night, and plenty more afterward, with plenty of comments from both people who where there, as well as fans who watched online.

For that reason, we asked Joe Vitale – who was at the Oprheum in Ybor City, FL – what he thought of the show, as he got to experience the atmosphere first hand. Below are some of his reactions:

“I like the setup for the show; it felt like a good introduction to the characters and styles of the workers and it was nice that almost all of the ladies came off like individuals to be interested in rather than “Brunette girl 1″… I really like how well the heels interacted with the crowd, Jayme Jamison and Allyson Kay/Taylor Made made fans out of my non-wrestling friends.”

Overall, one can view the show as being a big success, which built to a tremendous crescendo with Sara Del Rey falling to Jazz in the main event. Nikki Roxx and Rain may only wrestle on a limited basis these days but had a good outing which shows that they have a lot to offer both in in-ring activities but also knowledge that they can impart onto younger talent. Mercedes Martinez and Leva Bates had a tidy outing that set Martinez up for an apparent match against Jazz on SHINE 2 on August 17, and Bates proved that despite wearing a Spider-Man outfit, slinging webs and hanging upside down, there is a wrestler in there who can work, and is ready to get serious.

The standout of the undercard was Allysin Kay, who along with her Made In Sin team-mate Taylor Made defeated Tracy Taylor and Su Yung in what was more of a way to introduce their tandem to the world more than making immediate stars of Su and Tracy. Working the crowd, taking the lead in the match and holding things together when the match started to fall apart at the end, Kay could be a real success story in SHINE, and should hold her in good stead for when she debuts in SHIMMER in October, as revealed on Friday’s show.

The real surprise for many would have been Reby Sky’s win over Jayme Jameson, which opened a lot of eyes to Jameson, who was probably the most unknown commodity on the show, and also went some way to disproving that Sky is only in wrestling because of her looks and romantic interests. She is here to contribute and work hard, and their match really livened up the crowd, who were somewhat apathetic at the start but reacted big to the near falls at the end. Sure, they have probably had that match plenty of times back in North Carolina, but on the biggest stage for them, they did not disappoint. Hopefully that momentum can continue for both of them in the future, as they both put on a great showing and should be very proud of themselves.

Said Vitale: “Jayme Jameson came off like a star. While my friends sucked at remembering names (new faces, of course), they were all really into “Boots” and more than just for her looks.

“While it feels like they out-shined (pun semi-intended) their opponents; the tag team of Allysin Kay/Taylor Made (Heaven-Sin Made?) controlled the crowd with their charisma and style. I’d love more tag teams to take them on, because in just one show they felt like a team to notice.

“Most of all, personally though, I liked what Leva and Mercedes brought to the table. Mercedes looks like a top dog and the next one to target Jazz, while Leva’s slightly more serious side as the match was really cool. I’d like to see where she goes next, while in defeat it came off like if she took it more seriously she could have beaten Martinez.”

Obviously, not everything went smoothly, as the opening match between Veda Scott and Kimberly could have been better, and the contest between Cherry Bomb and Christina Von Eerie was clumsy. In addition, many fans who watched live missed the bulk of Santana Garrett v Tina San Antonio when the iPPV feed fell over. Vitale also pointed out that there were too many missile dropkicks on the show, so maybe something can be done so we avoid repetition of moves. In addition, there were last minute panics, which brings us to another batch of thoughts, this time from the commentator.

We asked Lenny Leonard for his feelings on the opening show, which he called solo. He provided insightful details – which he later admitted were partially taken from the Scouting Report that Stew produced last week – and added drama to the contest. We were disappointed at some of the extra noises the microphones were picking up like big breaths and smacking of lips, but that is being put down to the sensitivity and should be ironed out for SHINE 2.

However, we offer Leonard’s thoughts in his own words:

“First of all I can’t begin to tell you what an honor I felt it was to be asked to handle the play by play for SHINE.

“I think Dave Prazak has done wonderful things for women’s wrestling in this country and to be able to take part in a new promotion that is looking to mimic what he has accomplished in the nearly 7 years that SHIMMER has been running means a lot to me as Dave is someone I look up to in the wrestling business and is someone for whom I have a great deal of respect. For Sal [Hamaoui] and Lexie [Fyfe] to have faith in me to be the voice for this company is a huge compliment and one I take great pride in.

“I was very happy with how the show went overall. I thought the ladies really did a wonderful job in making the show a special event, and setting the stage for something that has the potential to be really great.

“The crowd was wonderful. Larger than the one for EVOLVE 14 in the same building just last month, and they reacted great all night long. I felt the show was timed perfectly, as the crowd never had a chance to burn out even without an intermission. It flowed really well and the ladies did a great job at making sure there wasn’t a lot of dead time.

“As far as performances, obviously the main event speaks for itself. Two of the best women athletes in the world doing what they’ve done better than just about anyone in this country over the last decade.

“I think Rain and Nikki Roxx deserve a HUGE amount of praise for their match. These are 2 women who don’t wrestle a full time schedule any more for a variety of reasons, but still went out and had a long, hard hitting match that told a wonderful story. Two total pros that set a tremendous example for a young locker room.

“I LOVED Leva’s match with Mercedes Martinez. Perfect change of pace and let both ladies do what they do best. They have great chemistry together.

“Reby Sky I think went a LONG way in silencing some of her critics this weekend. She is someone who gets a lot of criticism, but she (and Jayme) proved that she has worked very hard at improving in the ring, to not be known as just a pretty face, or Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, but someone who will succeed or fail on her own in this business, and takes it very seriously. I am super proud of her.
I think Allysin Kay has UNLIMITED potential as a heel, and her team with Taylor Made was great as well. They stepped up big time and got a lot of people’s attention I think after their match. I thought Su Yung was wonderful as the babyface in peril as well. I see lots of potential with her and also with Santana Garrett.

“Overall I see a lot of similarities as to when DGUSA and EVOLVE got started. We have a great mix of veteran performers and young up and coming potential stars getting an opportunity to show a larger audience than may have seen them in the past, just what they have to offer. It’s really exciting to be a part of it and I can’t wait for SHINE 2 and all the new talent coming in for that one as well.
I was thinking the other day about how I felt when EVOLVE started and how similar this weekend felt to that one, and I remembered a blog post I wrote about a line from the 1st episode of the Sopranos back then. Tony was in his first session with Dr. Melfi and he was reflecting on his time in the mob and his place in its history. He said, ‘It’s good to be in something from the ground floor. I came too late for that, I know, but lately I’m getting the feeling that I came in at the end, that the best is over.’

“I think I am lucky in this case, just as I was with DGUSA and EVOLVE, because unlike Tony Soprano, I am getting in on the ground floor of something, and the best is yet to come.”

SHINE 2 will introduce some new names including SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Portia Perez, former SHIMMER Champion MsChif, Kay’s Midwest Milita partners Sassy Stephie (with whom Kay holds the Women Superstars Uncensored Tag Team Championship), WSU Champion Jessicka Havok, OVW Women’s Champion and newest TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix, Heidi Lovelace & Josie, though she may also end up coming in under one of her other names like Lady JoJo, Sojo Bolt, or even under her real name of Josette Bynum, which she has been using in OVW recently.

The biggest question mark will be what Stephie and Havok do. You could imagine that the Militia will be formed in SHINE, but WSU accomplishments of the wrestlers on the first show weren’t given much of a mention, and to put Kay in with Stephie and Havok could threaten to leave Taylor Made out in the cold through no fault of her own. However, a promo video has already been released for SHINE 2 where Made In Sin promise to team up again, so it could be that the Militia won’t be a trio. It could even lead to a head-scratching conflict on interests for Allysin – does she go with her new tag partner in Taylor, or head over to her Militia teammates?

Having said that, there is no rule that the three HAVE to be a team. They could be kept separate for all we know. We will know more on August 17.


PWWA announced its next card earlier today, with it taking place on October 6 at the Powerhouse in Casula, Australia. We have also been assured that both this show and the compilation of the Interim Title Tournament matches – which culminates on August 25 with Evie v Jessie McKay – will be available at SHIMMER later that month, much like the last PWWA card was last year, which featured the brilliant triple threat match with Madison Eagles defending the SHIMMER belt overseas for the first time against McKay and Nicole Matthews. Before you ask – no, Eagles will not be wrestling on this card, as her knee injury is still not fully recovered, but we wish her all the best for her health.

No matches announced as of press time, but it does mean that October is becoming like March and April, where there were women’s wrestling cards everywhere, so we won’t be short of action no matter where you are in the world.

For example, on October 6, there is PWWA; on the 27th and 28th, there is SHIMMER; a week later on November 3, nCw Femmes Fatales X takes place; seven days after that, Pro Wrestling: EVE has its next card, and interspersed in there will be October and November SHINE iPPVs. Don’t be complaining about there not being enough wrestling to watch, as you can really fill your boots in October and November.


Like most weddings in wrestling, the one between AJ and Daniel Bryan on Raw 1000 went anything but smoothly. In this case, AJ cancelled the proceedings herself when she announced that she had accepted another proposal, which was to become the new General Manager. She skipped away while leaving Bryan raging in the ring.

Now, this is a massive opportunity for AJ, and is a big reward for months of hard work, and she should view this as a huge compliment for her work to become one of the most intriguing, complex and interesting characters in WWE in many a year. However, AJ has polarised opinions, so this could drive some fans away, as in her role of GM, her fingerprints will be everywhere. Also, there needs to be some sort of indication of where she hangs her hat. Is she a face or a heel? It is difficult to know whether to cheer or boo her, so her actions are met with a certain level of confusion. For example – she messes around heel Daniel Bryan, so that would indicate that she is a face, but she did it by aligning herself with Vince McMahon, who is often a heel himself, so does that make her a heel by proxy? Also, the GM role is a position of power, and WWE fans have been conditioned to be suspicious of any authority figure. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see, but WWE needs to be careful of overkill in the case of AJ – she’s been pushed hard already, but it could be a case of her being pushed too far. Also, this doesn’t help the Divas division in any way, but that’s been said a million times.

Elsewhere on the show, Layla was featured backstage trying to reason with AJ to no avail, but that was the only Diva action on the show. In a 3 hour programme, there was no place for an angle, a development or match. So much for celebrating WWE. Instead, the only women action on the card was 37-year old Lita defeating Heath Slater. Sure, she looked good, but it helps nothing in the long run. Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus and Mae Young were also there, but it didn’t contribute to the Divas or put anyone over.

Chyna was not invited to be part of the D-Generation X reunion at the start of the 3 hour show, but she tweeted that she was proud to have been part of that group. The former Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Webb) was backstage as she had been doing charity work in the St Louis area that day. Former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly was reportedly there, but was not used anywhere on the programme.


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The best of the rest

Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter to answer questions from fans. When asked about her feelings on Jerry Lawler making jokes about Vickie Guerrero’s weight, she replied “Vickie Guerrero is a strong character who stands up for herself”. Talk about dodging the question… Trish Stratus declared her personal highlight on Raw was her and Lita main eventing for the Women’s Championship on December 6, 2004… In an interview with Mark Madden, AJ pointed out that she’s been getting tutelage and tips from John Cena and CM Punk… The former Bella Twins are featured in the latest Maxim magazine, and when asked what they had been up to since leaving WWE, they admitted they “look forward to going back”.

Footage of the lead-up to Gail Kim’s wedding to chef Robert Irvine back in May is going to be featured on a Food Network show called Wedding: Impossible on August 18th… ODB revealed on Twitter that she has signed a new deal with TNA. She’s still one half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions with Eric Young, and appeared on last week’s Impact in a skit to explain why they’ve not been on TV for a month. Apparently, ODB sent him out to get beer and fried chicken and didn’t come home – he said her as offered the job of presenting a fishing show for Animal Planet, which is true. Hey, at least it’s an explanation… It will be Mickie James & Tara v Gail Kim & Madison Rayne on this Thursday’s episode. James hasn’t been on TV since June 21 when she was beaten in a challenge for Miss Tessmacher’s Knockouts Title, and was heading towards a heel turn. In that time, she has only wrestled two matches since then… There’s talk that Velvet Sky’s tenure with TNA is coming to an end as contract extension talks aren’t going too well, according to PWInsider. She tweeted recently about doing a Beautiful People reunion tour with Angel Williams in the future.

North America
Tina San Antonio almost came a cropper on Thursday as she made her way to Florida for SHINE. She actually went to the wrong New York airport and needed a speedy taxi driver to get her to the right one… A relief for LuFisto – she thought her foot was broken at Femmes Fatales IX earlier this month, but it’s just badly bruised… Congratulations to Ariel and her husband Brandon Michael Thomas, who are now the proud parents of twins. They were born earlier this month. Also, similar congrats to Jackie and Charlie Haas, whose fourth child arrived yesterday, named Charles D Haas III… Maria Kanellis was backstage at Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s show in Reseda, CA on Saturday night. While we’re on the subject of Maria, she will team with her beau Mike Bennett against Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards at ROH Boiling Point on iPPV on August 11… A quick piece on Del Rey – she challenges Eddie Kingston for CHIKARA’s Grand Championship this weekend… Jessie Belle tried to make Mickie James her tag partner in their match last week but the video she made to encourage her to do so just creeped Mickie out. Jessie tried to be friendly to Taeler Hendrix at OVW a couple of weeks ago by offering her chocolates, but neglected to mention that they were chocolate covered larvae, which caused Hendrix to run off while gagging… Aleida Ortiz is taking some time away from the ring, partially due to injuries as well as some other issues… Cherry Bomb became the first IWIW Champion in Ohio on Sunday, beating Jessicka Havok in the tournament finals… Barbi Hayden won the ACW American Joshi Championship in a 4-way match at the promotion’s 100th show on Sunday… Rosita meets Jazz this Saturday to determine who will advance to the final four match to crown the first ArenaChicks Champion. Also on the card, Amber O’Neal will face Reby Sky.

Miyako Matsumoto earned her way onto the JRIBBON show by beating KAZUKI & Nasa Kawase in a 3-way on JWP’s Friday show… Aki Shizuku is into the final of the 19 Pro number one contender’s tournament. She defeated Hamuko Hoshi to advance… Yuusaku, Saki Kashima, Miho Wakizawa & Io Shirai all qualified for the Stardom 5STAR Grad Prix by winning matches on Sunday. Also on the same card, Yoshiko stole Nanae Takahashi’s World Of Stardom title belt… Noriko Matsumoto made her JWP debut on Sunday. She passed the promotion’s tryout at the end of last month.

As well as wrestling Kay Lee Ray during her visit to Scotland during the Pro Wrestling Elite weekender in September, Mickie James is set to take on Carmel Jacob… Pro Wrestling: EVE’s DVD production has been moved out of house to make for faster editing and reproduction of DVDs. Hopefully this means that the shows which are yet to have been released will be on their way soon… Shanna returned to wrestling on Saturday, defeating Carmel Jacob in ABC Catch in France. She had pioneering new surgery on an ACL injury back in early May – that means she was out for two and a half months… Kat “Winter” Waters capped off her return to the UK by beating Alpha Female.

Lady Apache retained the Pro Wrestling Revolution title against former 4-year long CMLL World Women’s Champion Amapola in FMLL.

Savannah Summers is gaining momentum as the Riot City Wrestling Women’s Champion. She got the pinfall in a tag match on Saturday seeing her and Miami beat Eliza Sway and Harley Wonderland. Summers got the fall on Harley… JPE’s new promotion Maniacs United debuted on Saturday in Auckland, New Zealand. She tapped out to Nurse Payne in the main event.



July 15: FMLL (Guatamala, Mexico) – Lady Apache b Amapola

July 18: Big Japan Wrestling/Union (Tokyo, Japan) – Great Kojika & Cherry b Masashi Otani & Hiroshi Fukuda

July 19: New York Wrestling Connection (Deer Park, NY) – Nikki Addams b Brittney Savage & Marti Belle in a 3-way; Eddie Kingston & Mia Yim b Brian E. Pollo & Raven

July 20: 19 Pro (Saitama, Japan) – Aki Shizuku b Hamuko Hoshi

July 20: JWP (Itabashi, Japan) – Kayoko Haruyama & Command Bolshoi v Tsubasa Kuragaki & Arisa Nakajima went to a limit draw; Miyako Matsumoto b KAZUKI & Nana Kawase in a 3-way; Leon & Hanako Nakamori b Sachie Abe & Morley; Kaori Yoneyama & Emi Sakura b Rabbit Mito & Manami Katsu; Kayoko Haruyama, KAZUKI, Sachie Abe & Morley b Tsubasa Kuragaki, Leon, Hanako Nakamori & Nana Kawase

July 20: SHINE Wrestling (Ybor City, FL) – Veda Scott b Kimberly; Santana Garrett b Tina San Antonio; Allysin Kay & Taylor Made b Tracy Taylor & Su Yung; Christina Von Eerie b Cherry Bomb; Reby Sky b Jayme Jameson; Mercedes Martinez b Leva Bates; Rain b Nikki Roxx; Jazz b Sara Del Rey

July 20: CMLL (Mexico City, Mexico) – Goya Kong, Luna Mágica & Marcela b La Comandante, Lady Apache & Tiffany

July 20: TNA (Aberdeen, MD) – Gail Kim b Rosita

July 20: WWE (Jackson, MS) – Layla b Beth Phoenix

July 20: Chaotic Wrestling (Woburn, MA) – Mercedes KV b Aida Marie

July 20: Diana (Kitazawa, Japan) – Jaguar Yokota b Rosa Bonita; Kyoko Inoue & Piyota Mask b Kaoru Ito b Mask De Saint; Kuro & Yumiko Hotta & Keijo Aono & Sareee; Kyoko Inoue won a battle royale

July 21: Riot City Wrestling (North Adelaide, Australia) – Savannah Summers & Miami b Eliza Sway & Harley Wonderland

July 21: Southern Championship Wrestling (Altamonte Springs, FL) – Santana Garrett b Leva Bates to win the SCW Women’s Championship

July 21: American Championship Wrestling (Floyd, VA) – Mickie James b Jessie Belle

July 21: AAW (Merrionette Park, IL) – Danny Daniels b MsChif

July 21: TNA (Brooklyn, NY) – Rosita b Gail Kim

July 21: Maniacs United (Auckland, New Zealand) – Angel b Krystal Kayne; Nurse Payne b JPE

July 21: WWE (Sioux City, IA) – Natalya b Kaitlyn

July 21: Ice Ribbon (Saitama, Japan) – Hamuko Hoshi & Kurumi b Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hikari Minami; Masa Takanashi b Satoshi Endo; Akito b Miyako Matsumoto; Hikaru Shida & Arisa Nakajima b Leon & Maki Narumiya

July 21: Pro Wrestling Alliance Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) – Storm b Kandi Luv

July 21: ABC Catch (Beziers, France) – Shanna b Carmel Jacob

July 21: Sendai Girls (Kurihara City, Japan) – Hiroyo Matsumoto b Miyako Morino; Ray b Sakura Hirota; Sendai Sachiko b Sareee; Manami Toyota b DASH Chisako; Meiko Satomura & Kagetsu b Carlos Amano & Tomoka Nakagawa

July 21: NWA Top Rope (Lebanon, TN) – Tasha Simone b Johnny Pavement

July 22: Independent Women’s Internet Wrestling (Massillon, OH) – Jessicka Havok b Leah Von Dutch; Sassy Stephie b Sera Feeny; Cherry Bomb b Allysin Kay; Rio Princesa b Nevaeh; Cherry Bomb b Sassy Stephie; Jessicka Havok b Rio Princesa; Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie b Rio Princesa & Sera Feeny; Cherry Bomb b Jessicka Havok to win the IWIW Championship

July 22: WWE (Omaha, NE) – Natalya b Kaitlyn

July 22: WWE (Springfield, MO) – Layla b Beth Phoenix

July 22: Sendai Girls (Sendai, Japan) – Kagetsu v Tomoka Nakagawa went to a time limit draw; DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko b Ray & Sakura Hirota; Meiko Satomura & Manami Toyota b Carlos Amano & Miyako Morino

July 22: CMLL (Monterrey, Mexico) – Estrellita b Princesa Sugheit

July 22: Dramatic Dream Team (Tokyo, Japan) – Tsukasa Fujimoto & Mio Shirai b Hiroshi Fukuda & Choun-Shiryu

July 22: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Yuusaku b Yuuri Haruka; Saki Kashima b Kairi Hojo; Miho Wakizawa b Natsumi Showzuki; 
Io Shirai b Mayu Iwatani; Yoshiko & Kyoko Kimura b Natsuki*Taiyo & Act Yasukawa; Nanae Takahashi & Yuzuki Aikawa v Yoko Bito & Hiroyo Matsumoto went to a time limit draw

July 22: JWP (Tokyo, Japan) – Morley v Noriko Matsumoto went to a time limit draw; Kaori Yoneyama b Rabbit Mito; Sachie Abe & KAZUKI b Kayoko Haruyama & Nana Kawase; Leon, Hanako Nakamori, Manami Katsu & Jaguar Yokota b Command Bolshoi, Tsubasa Kuragaki, Morley & Arisa Nakajima

July 22: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX) – Barbi Hayden b Athena, Portia Perez & Angel Blue to win the ACW American Joshi Championship

July 22: New Generation Wrestling (Hull, England) – Winter b Alpha Female

July 23: WWE Raw (St Louis, MO) – Lita b Heath Slater



July 27: Big Time Wrestling (Newark, CA) – Davina Rose v Kc Spinelli

July 28: Vendetta Pro Wrestling (Lompoc, CA) – Davina Rose v Kc Spinelli

July 28: CWF Mid-Atlantic (Gibsonville, NC) – Amber O’Neal v Reby Sky; Rosita v Jazz

July 28: Family Wrestling Entertainment (New York, NY) – Winter v Maria Kanellis

July 28: CHIKARA (South Portland, ME) – Eddie Kingston v Sara Del Rey

July 29: CHIKARA (Everett, PA) – Sara Del Rey v Icarus

August 4: Crossfire Entertainment (Nashville, TN) – Jillian Hall v Jessicka Havok

August 4: River City Wrestling (San Antonio, TX) – Rachel Summerlyn v Alissa Flash

August 4: Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out 7 (Cleveland, OH) – Allysin Kay v Mia Yim; Cherry Bomb v Athena; Veda Scott v Courtney Rush; Sara Del Rey v Hailey Hatred; Crazy Mary Dobson v Lil Naughty; Melanie Cruise v Kimber Lee; Sassy Stephie v Leah Von Dutch; Angel Dust & Miss Heidi v Annie Social & Nikki St John

August 5: Remix Pro Wrestling (Marietta, OH) – Sara Del Rey v Sassy Stephie

August 5: Stardom (Tokyo, Japan) – Io Shirai v Natsuki*Taiyo; Eri Susa & Yuuri Haruka v Mayu Iwatani & Natsumi Showzuki; 
Kairi Hojo & Yuusaku v Act Yasukawa & Saki Kashima; Miho Wakizawa v Hiroyo Matsumoto
; Natsuki*Taiyo v Kyoko Kimura; Nanae Takahashi v Yoshiko; Yuzuki Aikawa v Yoko Bito

August 5: AAA TripleMania XX (Mexico City, Mexico) – Fenix, Fabi Apache, Octagoncito & Pimpinela Escarlata v Dark Dragon, Sexy Star, Mini Charly Manson & Yuriko

August 5: Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Live Oak, TX) – Rachel Summerlyn v Jaykus Plisken

August 11: PROWL (Cleveland, Australia) – Michelle K Hasluck v Storm

August 11: Ring Of Honor (Providence, RI) – Maria Kanellis & Mike Bennett v Sara Del Rey & Eddie Edwards

August 11: New Focus Wrestling (Evansville, IN) – Aleida Ortiz v Epiphany

August 17: Preston City Wrestling (Preston, England) – CJ Banks v Kay Lee Ray

August 17: SHINE 2 (Ybor City, FL)

August 18: Impact Pro Wrestling (Lynfield, New Zealand) – Britenay v Evie

August 19: OZ Academy (Tokyo, Japan) – Chikayo Nagashima v Hiroyo Matsumoto

August 25: American States Wrestling Alliance (Mansfield, OH) – Nevaeh v Sassy Stephie

August 25: Pro Wrestling Australia (Casula, Australia) – Jessie McKay v Evie

August 25: FutureShock (Manchester, England) – April Davids v Jenny Sjodin

September 1: Swiss Championship Wrestling (Bern, Switzerland) – Laura Wellings v Shanna

September 15: Pro Wrestling Elite (Ayr, Scotland) – Mickie James v Carmel Jacob

September 16: Pro Wrestling Elite (Ayr, Scotland) – Mickie James v Kay Lee Ray

September 16: World Association of Women’s Wrestling (Norwich, England)

September 30: Insane Championship Wrestling: Fierce Females (Glasgow, Scotland)

September 30: Squared Circle Wrestling (Vaughan, ONT, Canada) – Cherry Bomb v Gabriella Vanderpool

October 6: Pro Women’s Wrestling Alliance (Casula, Australia)

October 27-28: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

November 3: nCw Femmes Fatales (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – LuFisto v Mercedes Martinez; Pink Flash Kira v Portia Perez; Sweet Cherrie v Cherry Bomb

November 10: Pro Wrestling: EVE (Sudbury, England) – Alpha Female v Nikki Storm

April 6: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Secaucus, NJ)

April 13-14: SHIMMER: Women Athletes (Berwyn, IL)

– Lee Burton

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