Earlier today, we ran down a list of all the wrestlers who would be taking part on the debut SHINE Wrestling iPPV on Friday. However, there is one person missing from that list – someone who isn’t wrestling, but will be a happy addition to the show. That person is the hostess of the event, Daffney.

Her troubles over the last year and a half or so have been well documented here on the website. Her departure from TNA and the Workers’ Compensation lawsuit which she filed was the top story in one of our earliest Roundups, and last month, we found out that she was owed around $26,000 by the company for medical bills stemming from a number of concussions which she suffered (and you can read more about that by clicking here). However, she is set to return to wrestling for the first time in 18 months – barring the odd appearance like at ACW’s American Joshi Queen Of Queens last year – at SHINE, which is shaping up to be the biggest event in women’s wrestling this summer.

Even though Daff won’t be wrestling on the card, let’s remind herself of one of her TNA contests – a match on Xplosion from November 8, 2010 against then-Knockouts Tag Team Champion Ayako Hamada.