Ahead of the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match at the pay-per-view with the same name, we are offered an unadvertised six-Diva tag team match featuring Divas Champion Layla aligning with Tamina Snuka and Kaitlyn against Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

The Background:
• None. I’m serious. There is no build-up to this match, as none of these women have really had much TV time in the last month. Eve has been off filming another TV show until recently; Layla has barely been seen except to help forward the AJ angle; Beth and Natalya are ghosts when it comes to the main two shows and even then, they are often on the losing end; Kaitlyn is barely on the radar and Tamina is seen even more rarely than the rest.
• If you wanted to try and salvage some sort of reason, Kaitlyn pinned Phoenix in a tag match on Superstars this week which also featured Natalya and Alicia Fox, though that’s stretching it, and it was never acknowledged by the commentators anyway.

The Match:
• Unlike some multi-woman tag matches on Raw, at least everyone got in the ring at some point. Tamina started with a flurry against Natalya before she desperately tagged out to Phoenix, who immediately passed the baton to Eve. I guess Phoenix is still supposed to be intimidated following their match in February at Elimination Chamber.
• Eve took over on Kaitlyn with a kick in the corner, but a running jump by Beth missed the NXT Season 3 winner and Phoenix ended up crotching herself on the ropes, allowing her to tag out to the Divas Champ.
• We get a quick flurry by Layla, including that double springboard crossbody from the second rope, but Beth cuts her off and goes for a gorilla press, which is countered into a sunset flip for two. And this is where it turns into a Pier Six brawl.
• All the women are deposited to the outside except Snuka, Phoenix and Layla – Tamina hits a sweet superkick on Beth, who stumbles into Layla’s Lay-Out for the pinfall.

• Not much you can say for a filler match that only went three and a half minutes – at two and a half minutes long, the entrances took almost as long as the match.
• Congratulations to Kaitlyn though, who made her pay-per-view debut, so that’s another notch on her belt. It’s just a pity that it wasn’t advertised.
• Speaking of which, because it wasn’t advertised, it did not generate a single buy for the show. Why not take a moment out of last week’s Raw or SmackDown to run a one minute backstage angle to at least generate some interest?
• Layla’s pinned Beth Phoenix on PPV three times this year. Phoenix’s star has certainly fallen, and Layla’s hasn’t risen much either, so it has been for naught.
• Just as a side thought, you could have had one of the heels pin Layla to set up for a title match on TV or at PPV next month. This result leads to nothing.
• Overall, this was a pointless affair that helped nobody in the long run, devalued Beth some more and made me wonder just what the hell is going on with the Divas division. These women need a storyline fast, or some new blood needs to be injected, as the crowd couldn’t have cared less about this match.

– Lee Burton