“AK-47. The very best there is.
When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.”
(Ordell Robbie, Jackie Brown, 1997)

Spotlighting wrestlers for this “good half year” series isn’t easy – everybody has an opinion and everybody has different criteria when choosing. For me, one of my biggest criteria was to choose people who are in a better position now than they were in January – and on that basis alone, Allysin Kay was right at the top of my list. Surely an early contender for our year-end breakout star of the year award, Kay has been riding a major wave of upward momentum this year, collecting title belts and plaudits wherever she has gone. Make no mistake, 2012 has seen the woman nicknamed “AK-47” go from a supporting role to a burgeoning star in her own right.

At the turn of the year, Allysin was one third of the Midwest Militia along with Jessicka Havok & Sassy Stephie. The group already had notoriety on their side, especially following the events of War Games last November – and it was clear that team leader Jessicka Havok was on the way to becoming WSU Champion. Kay, whilst she was doubtlessly an integral part of the trio, was nevertheless the least experienced, least well travelled and least well known member of the group. If she needed something to make herself stand out, it came in the first month of the year, when her nose exploded across her own face thanks to a kick from Mia Yim at AIW’s Girls Night Out 5 on January 29th. Social media being social media, pictures of the injury were everywhere in seconds – and in some ways, those pictures were the start of the Kay buzz. In the aftermath, Kay tweeted “My nose is broken in 3 places. I’ll never slap @MiaYim again, that’s for sure. Because next time I’m taking her entire fucking head off”

Back in the ring less than a month later, (at 2CW’s Girls Grand Prix on February 24th in Binghampton, NY), Kay stepped in the ring with Sara Del Rey, and duly had what we thought was match of the night. Not bad going, and as we summed up in our DVD review, “Wake up world and look busy – Allysin Kay has arrived”. Indeed.

From there, it was back into the Midwest Militia for WSU’s Fifth Anniversary iPPV on March 3rd, where she teamed with co-revolutionary Sassy Stephie in a show-stealing double-shot – defeating Brittney Savage & Alicia to become the #1 contenders for the WSU Tag Team Champions, and then goading new champions Jana & Latasha (“The Soul Sistas”) into putting their titles on the line just after winning them. For all intents and purposes, it was the wrestling equivalent of a mob hit… but it gave Kay her first championship belt – and while that iPPV will be remembered as the night Havok beat Martinez to win the WSU Title (bringing all the gold into the Militia), Kay and Stephie were the class act on the undercard – no doubt about it.

Back at AIW on April 15th for Girls Night Out 6, AK-47 got her revenge match against Mia Yim – and it was a hell of a match – violent and a bit unsettling, just as it should have been. What I really loved about the match was the poise and experience (beyond their years) that both women had in working the match. They didn’t succumb to early crowd unrest at the perceived lack of weapons usage – they worked it up to where the hardcore moments actually meant something – and the standoff with Yim’s light-tube vs Kay’s machete was great. The match saw Kay win the AIW Absolute Womens Title to add to her WSU Tag belt, and proved that she had the ability to headline a show and had the veteran instincts to deliver a smart and well worked match. Kay went on to defend the belt successfully in a well received match with “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake at the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament weekend on May 12th, further establishing herself as AIW’s top female.

Most recently seen pulling double duty on WSU again on June 16th’s Uncensored Rumble iPPV (defeating Terra Calaway and then working the Rumble itself), Kay has a solid looking next six months where she will look to further establish AK-47 as “the very best there is”. This weekend she hooks up with her Midwest Militia sisters to invade NCW:Femmes Fatales (they take on Courtney Rush’s “Rush Revolution” in trios action), then we’ll see her on the iPPV debut for the new SHINE Wrestling promotion in Florida on July 20th (I expect/hope that she’ll become a regular in both promotions), and she’ll have new challenges in both WSU (relaunching under new management soon) and AIW (where she’ll defend her title against Mia Yim in a cage match at Girls Night Out 7) on August 4th.

The future is looking bright for somebody who started the year as “the third member of the Midwest Militia” – and she’s successfully stepped out of her partner’s shadows by adding her own twists and letting her own personality shine through. While she and her best buddy Jessicka Havok both share the same “don’t fuck with me” mentality, where Havok is all fiery rage and murderous threats, Kay is cool. She’ll hate you too, but she’ll give zero fucks whilst doing it. Where Havok might ram a machete in your stomach, I believe Kay would rather slice you slowly, and let you feel every cut. In many ways, that’s far more frightening.

All in all, the Allysin Kay bandwagon is rolling and it’s probably better for you to get on now than try to resist. Besides, how can you not support somebody who proclaims on her twitter bio that she enjoys “Salvador Dali, vulgarity and kittens”?

— Stew Allen